Happy Birthday Kim Jonghyun! [900408 - 130408]

Though you’re still in the hospital (maybe cringing in pain because of the surgery), I hope you still have a nice birthday with SHINee and your family beside you. 

As SHINee’s dino pup, you’ve brought many ups and downs in the SHINee World’s lives. From Taemin’s SWC duo performance to crying and breaking down on stage, I think you’ve shown every side of yourself that there is. We’re grateful for that. Please stay the happy, energetic person you are, and keep smiling. But don’t smile because you have to smile, because you don’t want to worry us, because you don’t want to disappoint us. Smile when your heart tells you to, but most importantly smile for yourself. For you’ll always stay in our hearts. This is only chapter 24 of your story.