hbd yixing!


edit!ZYX » for my dearest Xing on his special day ♡

There are a million things to love about you, Lay - your passion, your sheer amount of talent, your drive, your dedication - but what I love most is your overwhelmingly kind heart. Although you’re known to be quite absent-minded sometimes, you never forget to look after your members and always make sure to comfort them when they need it. You are like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds on a stormy day. Thank you for being such an amazing role model for everyone. You are truly beautiful inside and out, and I am honoured to call myself a Xing Mi. Happy birthday, Little Pride!


happy birthday to my precious little bunny, Zhang Yixing.

you have grown so much as an individual over these years on the stage from star academy to being with your brothers. although i have not known you from the beginning, i am happy that i have gotten to know a little bit about you. i may never see you in real life and i may go my separate way from you, but you have made an impact on my life; you have inspired me to be a better person. i hope many years will come for you and a happy,content life will follow after you.