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“Whenever I wear makeup and stand in front of the camera, I don’t know to what extent I should be honest. That’s the hardest part for me. We need to find ways to overcome this and I’m trying different things. I study, I read books. I need time to be fully me, the original me that I know. Being an idol, you have no choice but to have two identities. I invest a lot in my identity as BTS and RM, and this is really a dilemma. If we have to talk about these sad parts and guidelines, it’s very hard. How much can I share to not look weak to my fans and still remain faithful to them? How much truth can I get off my chest?”

happy birthday, kim namjoon 
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happy birthday to our leader, kim namjoon!

we will always be grateful for all the effort, and work you’ve put into bangtan. we know it is not an easy or simple task, but you’ve handled all the pressures and the hardships beautifully, and with elegance. thank you for everything!

a list of beautiful things:

  • namjoon’s smile
  • namjoon’s legs
  • namjoon’s eyes
  • namjoon’s lyrics
  • namjoon’s heart
  • namjoon’s mind
  • namjoon’s dimples
  • namjoon’s lips
  • namjoon singing
  • namjoon’s selfies
  • namjoon dancing
  • namjoon’s laugh
  • namjoon rapping
  • namjoon’s shoulders
  • namjoon’s arms
  • namjoon’s tummy
  • namjoon
birthday boy (m.)

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pairing ⇢ park jimin x reader

genre/warnings ⇢ literally just a blowjob

words ⇢ 1.1k

summary ⇢ you’re the best present jimin could have asked for


⇢ this is later than I wanted to post but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMIN ILY

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its the day

the day the great being above us gifted us with glory


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haha jk

(i still love the dimples though)

it was the day, 23 years ago, the world was gifted with this lovely, genius, amazing man that no one can get enough of

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yes, it was a glorious day. a monday people would’ve been actually happy to see (yeah, it was a monday, im sure) if they had know it was the day kim namjoon was brought into this world

to all those armys here, i hope you all know how much you should be appreciating him.

to all those people to ‘accidentally’ overlook him, i hope you know he’s started that amazing group you’re all so proud and appreciative for

to namjoon, who is most definitely not going to read this (obviously), i hope you know how much you are appreciated and loved by all of us.

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(as always, none of these gifs are mine [the task of creating gifs needs certain things i do not have/are not willing to give up; example, time, energy, coordination, skill, creativity, etc], credits to owners, always.)

i hope our joonie gets all the love and appreciation (ik ive been using the same word over an over again) he deserves.


joonie appreciation gifs

this man who helped make bts how it is now [feat. hobi (i think)]

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this man who spends his long days working so hard to please armys all over the world [feat. jin]

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this man who got dem dIMPLES [’again with the dimples, zouchu?’ hell fucking yeS AGAIN WITH THE DIMPLES]

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this hard working genius that is kim namjoon [feat. jin] (so much namjin in these studios… wonder what happens without those cameras, hmm? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

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this man who convinced his parents to letting him become an idol in the most intellectual way possible

[dunno what gif i could put, but in case you didn’t know, our joonie had always been a genius and his parents expected him to get a regular office job so he can have a good living, but he had other plans - wanted to become an idol. his parents disagreed with the idea at first, and they had stuck with it until he put out this statement: that is he became any regular office worker, he’d only be probably the 300th best, while he was convinced he could be the best rapper. he asked them if they’d rather have their son be 300th or 1st, and well… the rest is history :D]

this man who has make-up brush hair for a certain amount of time [feat. jeongguk, deep-throating since the gothic ages lol no jkjkjk]

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god of destruction

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this just turned into bashing the joon and making fun of his meme moments.

oh well

you know that i love you…



Happy Birthday Kim Namjoon ❤

To the best leader and a smol dimple beanie baby we love you to the moon and back RM

Hope you spent your time with your loved ones and stay happy

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