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25 Things To Love About Joe Sugg

in honor of this precious bean’s 25th birthday

  1. his snapchat characters
  2. his not-so-daily vlogs
  3. the way he wiggles his eyebrows when he’s being cheeky 
  4. his sense of fashion and style
  5. his impressions
  6. his singing voice
  7. his fucking blue eyes
  8. his legs
  9. his laughter
  10. his smile
  11. the way he always tries to put others first
  12. the way he can go from being supermegafoxyawesome hot to cutest little blueberry ever 
  13. his pranks and how well he is at pulling them off
  14. his kindness and generosity 
  15. his willingness to put others needs before his own 
  16. his Sugg Sunday specials 
  17. his obsession with making everything just the right way 
  18. his little looks of mock disgust
  19. his dimples that only appear when he’s really really happy
  20. the way he doesn’t let who he’s related to or where he comes from define who he is
  21. his uncanny ability to make everyone seem like the most important person in this world 
  22. his compassion 
  23. his passion for making videos and creating cool shit (to pull a quote from troye aha) 
  24. his dedication to his work
  25. his overall concern for us as his fans and our well-being, despite any drama that may arise 

i could continue listing, but i’m sure you’d get bored aha 

Watch on omegalow.tumblr.com


Haappy Birthday Patrick! You are an amazing person, singer, songwriter, artist, father, husband, and friend to so many people! I hope I will get a chance to meet you one day, keep on being originally punk. You and FOB save many lives each day and make everyday a tiny bit more tolerable!

04. 27. 15