hbd art

Well, I was working on this and put it off when the new Sonic Mania trailer came out. But, since it was a special someone’s birthday today, I’ve decided that I’m going to finish and post this now.

Happy birthday Sonic! Glad you’ve been sticking with us for so long. Can’t wait for Sonic Forces and (especially) Sonic Mania!


100% ♡

Happy Birthday Mob ! !


Balding Victor VictuuriWeek Comic #8

Day 8: Happy Valentine’s Day! (Does this count) 

Hahaha AND YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE. So did I. But I couldn’t finish the actual Valentine’s Day Victuuri post in time so I gave you a substitute. Had this one floating around in my head for a week, but it didn’t fit any of the themes (and I really wanted to do the hat one) so I decided to draw this real quick for Valentine’s Day before it’s over. Even though it technically has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. But it’s Victuuri and it’s on Valentine’s Day AND IN MY HEAD THAT’S WHAT COUNTS? Will post the -actual- thing tomorrow!

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