Me gustaría morir en mi cumpleaños, morir el mismo día que nací, para no vivir días de más, ni lamentar haber vivido días menos. No me gustaría morir en navidad, o un día antes del cumpleaños de mi hermano o el día de las madres o el día que nació mi pequeña prima, porque todos lo sentirían todos los años y ya no tendrían deseos de festejar, no quiero morir con culpa, no sería justo. Pero en mi cumpleaños estaría bien, festejarían todos, festejarían un cumpleaños de alguien que alguna vez vivió y el aniversario de la misma persona que ya no está. Si, suena bien. Me gustaría ir a dormir un día antes, y al despertar a otro maldito cumpleaños, pueda levantarme y verme ahí, durmiendo... Sería un lindo regalo, odio mi cumpleaños pero ese último valdría la pena. Además ellos tendrían que festejar, ¿no? después de todo, era mi cumpleaños... mi último cumpleaños.

did ksoo just stab him 😂😂😂 JM why r your babies brutal!! #exo #hbd #giftVOD

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i’ve originally planned of posting this exactly on his birthday but university works piled up and that got me busy so i wasn’t able to do something for and about him. but now i’m on break, i’m lost as to what to do… so i just did this simple edit and (possibly) tell everyone how much he means to me in a way.

it might be true yoongi is not someone who shines mostly, but he is definitely something. i am still a new fan of him so i am really not the one to tell who exactly he is (no one can actually) and within these months of being an army, i know that i’m in deep to him. as i was doing this, i’m thinking of reasons why i love him. because i want to collect my thoughts as many as possible. i don’t want this message to turn into a mess. but i’m a sucker on explaining the things i love, cherish, adore, etc. because i just do. even though it is as cheesy and old as the quote, “you don’t need any reason to love someone,” it is true.

indeed, i love yoongi. not the love-as-in-love but love-adore, the i-idolize-you-and-you-give-me-happiness kind of love. yoongi is very special to me. “ah, such a relatable idol,” i’d always say. because who can ‘not’ relate to someone who loves lying down the most? who can ‘not’ relate to someone who wants to be rock in his next life? who can ‘not’ relate to someone who’ve slept for 22 hours straight? who can ‘not’ relate to someone who looks like he’s tired all the time? but, however, we all know why yoongi is like this. we all know it’s because he’s working hard. working hard for a new song. working hard for their performances. working hard for the fans. working hard for his family. working hard for his dreams. working hard for himself. we all know it is not because yoongi is the lazy member of that crazy ass and noisy group. we all know it is not because he’s done of idol life. we all know how amazing he is and does his best to everything.

also, i absolutely love how he speaks his mind but with careful words. i’ve never met an idol who is as open as him (maybe there are before him). open like he doesn’t discriminate, doesn’t pick any favourites whatnot. in fansigns, when fans ask him what are his ideal type he’d check all of the choices. it seems like he views everyone on the same level whatever gender it is. it’s so so obvious that he doesn’t care that you have to have preferences, choices, ideals whatnot and that’s what i mostly like about him.

i could tell another things why i love him:

  • his passion for music is something rare to encounter. you can feel his aura telling, “yes, i’m on stage. yes, hear me. hear my songs because this is why i live. i live for music and to chase my dreams.”
  • although he rarely talked about his family, it’s obvious that he cares for them. there might be history but only them could tell exactly what happened.
  • he’s not a show-off. he’s not overrated. he’s just what he is.
  • it might look like sometimes he’s not the closest to the other members, he cares for them. of course he cares for them. especially those people who works too damn hard that it’s getting out of hand.
  • he posts the longest stuff ever. he put lots of thoughts to his tweet (even the idea comes up when he’s sitting in the toilet) and fancafe posts.
  • very very talented person. musically inclined.
  • has interesting personality. he looks like nothing bothers him but he’s worried about first times; he’d try bragging correct things about him. when he doesn’t like something, you’d know by his actions.

he’s just amazing really. and i really really really love him. 他是我见过的最美丽的风景。

我以前一直觉得我这样的人是没可能得到自己真正想要的生活的。喜欢你之后就好像与你们一起在攀爬一座山,你觉不觉得,山那头的景色一定比我们看过的任何都要美。我想我知道你的抱负,也许还不够了解,但会一直走在你身后追随着你的。别忘了答应自己要做的事情,别忘了答应自己要去的地方,无论有多难,有多远。第一个生。啊,想长长久久的走下去对我来说2015年最幸福的事情就是能够认识你喜欢你有时候总懊恼。啊为什么这么迟才遇见你其实应该知足的还好还是遇见了不是吗一切的一切就让时间来验证吧陪你过的第一个生日。。。either way, i still love you and i’ll be just always here.

Today marks the 99th birthday of President John F. Kennedy, born May 29, 1917. Pictured here with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy during his inaugural Ball in 1961. (Paul Schutzer—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #LIFElegends #JFK #HBD

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