hb travels


spring break day one:

I woke up at 3 am after a good two hour power nap and Kandi and I had a fun 5 hour road trip to Atlanta which was mainly just a girl power jam fest

then I hop through security at the Atlanta and fly off to Chicago, which wasn’t a bad flight at all and I spent the whole time listening to sufjan and staring dramatically out the window as usual

so I get here and Oscar pics me up which was rad as hell because he literally drove all the way here just to hang for a few hours when he didn’t even know me at all! but we went to a really cool vegan restaurant and I had peppermint hot coco and there was snow on the ground and I didn’t even get frostbite!!!

then afterwards I went to the union station in chicago which is supposed to be pretty but is actually mostly spooky, and i was scared because i had never been on amtrak before and the station was HUGE and i got lost and then my train was delayed a whole hour and i almost died and i started to literally fall asleep on the amtrak station floor when my train FINALLY CAME

so here i am, all cozy for the next three hours. i lost my headphones though……… what is a girl to do

i’ll be okay though and in three hours im gonna be with kyle which is TOO SURREAL and im very pleased with myself and the wild adventure ive had today and i cant wait to see what happens next!

So there’s this rare flower that grows in the mountains of Austria called an Edelweiss and it’s illegal to pick it and stuff because its endangered, but there’s this tradition that you buy one on a necklace or whatever and give it to the person you love to symbolize your love for them and all. So here I was running around and feeling sorry for myself because no one is gonna buy me an Edelweiss when suddenly I land in an antique market and they have this beautiful antique Edelweiss pin and it hits me: I love myself and I can symbolize that love if I damn well please because I do NOT need to depend on someone else’s love. So I bought the pin and stuck it right on my bag and I will keep it there forever as a reminder that love comes in many different forms and that all sorts of love are important! Here’s a daily reminder that you rule. Go buy yourself some flowers and some cute panties. Goodnight.