hb travels


How can the world be such a beautiful & exciting place to live?? Today is my 21st birthday, and I’m with the best group of friends in the world, in Boulder Colorado, after spending the last 3 weeks traveling all over America and seeing a lot of incredible places! I’m feeling very optimistic about the future. Being a person is hard and being alive all 21 of these years has been sometimes terrible, but at least it’s almost always exciting ! Anyway, I’m happy and I love the whole wide world!


~california update~

today was!! really crazy! I flew from south florida to LA, checked in to the cutest lil loft in venice beach that we’re renting, and then drove EVERYWHERE! I drove all around Santa Monica, then up (down?) to Beverly hills, all over those neighborhoods (WILD) and into hollywood, which, if you didn’t know, is awful and disgusting and full of people trying to sell you things. I saw a bunch of famous signatures + stars (not actual celebrities, but their stars on the sidewalk of course.) 

THEN i drove back to our loft and headed onto the beach to watch the sunset! It was honestly very surreal and beautiful and now it is only 5:30 pm and i’m gonna head out for dinner soon. 

california is really cool - i’ve never been to southern california, only northern, and…. well tbh i like northern california A MILLION times more and it’s my dream to move there some day, but southern california isn’t like anywhere else I’ve been and I’m loving seeing it all and it was definitely on my ~too be seen before i die~ list, although i could NEVER live here ever ahhhh it’s so crazy 

okay well this has been an update i know that no one cares but im updating you anyway deal with it 


I’m so sad my time on the west coast is already coming to an end! Tomorrow I’m flying from Portland to Denver for the 2nd part of my traveling! But the west coast has been so beautiful I’ve seen some of the best nature of my life and now I wanna live in Portland tbh