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Lately I have beem obsessed with stationery and been going through  “what’s in my pencil case?” tag quite a lot. I was sorting out my pencil case and thought that making one myself would be interesting, so here you go.

And yes, I’m one of these people who carry about 1000 pens with me.

Pencil case

  • Glittery blue one I got from the stationery aisle at local store.


  • Sky glory (Also from local store. Pretty cheap but AMAZING ones)


  • Stabilo tropikana 338 ball point pens (Black, Purple and Pink)
  • Schneider Tops 505 F ball point (Black, Blue and Red)
  • Maped dark - recycled ball point pens (Black, Red, Blue and Green)
  • Pilot Super Grip <F> (Blue and Red)
  • Uni pin fine line 0.5 (Black)
  • Sky Glory gel ink pens 0.5 (Black and Blue)


  • 2 Stabilo 307 pencils , HB = 2 ½
  • Pilot Super Grip 0.5 Mechanical pencil


  • Plastic 15cm ruler
  • Maped Sharpener
  • Maped Technic 600 eraser (aka the best eraser I ever used)
  • Faber-Castell 0.5 2B Leads
  • White out
  • Sticky notes, page flags and paperclips (not in the pictures :( sorry)

I don’t carry any highlighters because I usually highlight at home, if I know I’ll have free period/s I’ll carry extra pencil case with all my highlighters/or I just use markers for that lmao


in this issue: muji mechanical drafting pencil 05, pilot frixion slim 038, pigma micron fineliners

hey fam so like idk i’ve recieved a lot of chill stationery lately so i thought i’d start a series of stationery reviews where in each post i’ll share my opinion on different stationery items [runon sentence? ya.]. and i’ll tell u some of the worst stationery i’ve gotten so you guys don’t waste the $$. letz go! 

muji low center of gravity mechanical pencil [0.5mm]

ok so i’ve had this pencil for around a month now and gosh i really like it! it’s a drafting pencil but i just use it for writing & stuff at school. it feels super high quality and has a super fine needle point. the lead that comes with it is hb and super smooth. but i think i’m going to switch it out for #2 lead since i prefer darker lines. before i got this pencil i was worried about the grip and i thought i would hurt my fingers, but!!! it’s actually great and i can write with this pencil for dayz. a con for this pencil is the eraser. the cap on the end can be taken off to reveal the eraser. the eraser is sooooooo small and lasts about an hour which is probably just because it’s a drafting pencil so thats okay, i just always have an eraser with me so it doesn’t matter that much to me : )

4.5 omgs out of 5!

pilot frixion ball slim [0.38mm]

i’ve heard alot about this pen and i was so excited for it to arrive in the mail. i don’t usually use erasable pens so i was a bit skeptical. if you were thinking about buying this pen, i advise you not to. it was such a big let down! the pen feels cheap and it skips a lot! the ink is also not close to black and is more of a medium-dark gray. also the pen feels as if it is scratching the paper you’re writing on and it isn’t a pleasant experience. i tried writing with these but after a little while i got fed up with the light ink and skipping i buried it at the bottom of my pencil case lol. now, all of the ink and other problems aside, the eraser actually works pretty well. it completely clears away the ink and that’s pretty much the only great feature on this pen. it smudges a little and doesn’t bleed too much but this pen was a lil sad.

1 omg out of 5!

pigma micron fineliner [01, 03, 05]

i bought this set of pens from michaels for like a fortune bc yes stationery but you can get them for much less on amazon + other places! so i know these pens are generally used for art and i line some of my sketches with them from time to time but usually i use them at school. the ‘archival ink’ is so so so high quality like you can actually tell. the nibs are smooth and glide along paper well. i’m really scared of flattening the nibs so i press lightly but the only nib that has started to flatten a bit is the 01 size [which may i add, is incredibly thin!]. i’m more of a fan of the 01 and 03 sizes but for headers/titles the 05 size comes in handy! they are comfortable to hold and a good writing experience! they’re about a step up from my staedtler fineliners but don’t come in the pretty staedtler colours. the 03 and 05 sizes do bleed but i’m okay with that. if you let them dry they don’t smudge under most highlighters.

4 omgs out of 5!

conclusion -

i would definitely rebuy the muji pencil and the pigma micron fineliners! i hope you guys enjoyed this and want to see more? i’ve got a ton of stationery in the mail and some cool stuff has arrived already so yea! i hope i didn’t ramble too much lol xx hope u have a chill day!