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In L.A. I’ve done a couple movie auditions. There was one that I went to, that was probably my second audition, and I don’t think I ever got the email that was supposed to have the script in it, so I got the idea of what the movie was about. I showed up, no script, I didn’t know anything about the movie, I just showed up like I’m Tom Cruise. Just like: “Alright guys you wanna see me? You gonna put me in a movie?” They were like: “Do you have the script?” I was like: “I didn’t get one!” So they gave me one on the spot, I read through a couple pages, and I just read it like cold read. It was so bad! I went so cold it was brutal! There were comedic points in the film, but it was supposed to be a horror movie. But it was just bad. It was bad. I was really bad! 

Brendon Urie talks about that one time he auditioned for a horror movie via GoMN

YO its Asagao day, and I mean, I cant even info-dump but here’s what i know.

A super long time ago, after the kick-starter but before the game was released, I heard about it, was relatively semi interested (Oddly enough I think I was ready to sign up over Jon and Ian cameo) but I started trying out different youtubers from the game, just to see what their channels were like.

I fucking forgot about the game, m8.

I don’t even remember how I got reintroduced to it,(i think I had managed to catch a post or a reblog from the official tumblr) but I started to play it! Ofc my first route was hb bc I was a hb f o o l but then I got Satch!! And while I havent gotten all the endings (I have no intention or making myself get a bad ending) I really enjoyed the game!!

I also started watching some other youtbers play it, I think mainly Jirard/Alex, Jared/Heidi, pbg did it for a tiny bit, and I watched GT too, as well peeking out some of Continue’s run, and not only did I get to finally see people enjoy a game I personally had and enjoyed, I ended up meeting alot of rad people along the way!! The discord jung noots got me to speak up, and really treat myself every once in a while, what with self inserts and stuff, and most importantly to me, I got to write again.

I began writing, online in particular, back in 2006 I think?? And writing was all I can do- it was my escape. And though up until recently, I had been rping, that had been on a steady decline, and it wasn’t the same as writing something for someone, or getting feedback on what you wrote. Asagao single-handedly got me back into writing things for my enjoyment, whether it was self-insert, angsting to hell and back, or actually shipping satch with everyone, ironically or no.

Ive felt very welcomed in this fandom-type party and I don’t know what I would have done without asagao, tbh. Not having this much fun for sure. I love working on aus, getting asks, doing requests, all that junk, and I met some people that really helped me find stuff about myself that I honestly didnt know or hadnt thought about, and I super appreciate that.

I love u guys, seriously. Happy asagao day


Hello!! Sorry for this being so last minute!


This is a tumblr-only auction, i won’t be advertising it on deviantart.

This is important, please read!


i’ll be emailing the winning bidders shortly : )

you can bid on up to 2 designs MAX.

THE STARTING BID on ALL designs are: $15
& the minimum increase is: $5.00

The auction ends today, 11pm EST - 1/28/14

please email me the following at bbbreakfast@live.com

your name:
tumblr url:
design #: (ex: “#1”)
bid amount:


i’ll be keeping up with this post all day, so make sure you check back to this original post, to see what the highest bids currently are. the updates won’t carry over in the reblogs.

all auction winners will get a non watermarked, full resolution version of the design + a batch of swatches :D

#1: HB $50 - A
#2: HB $20 - L
#3: HB $40 - N
#4: HB $25 - S
#5: HB $45 - S

thank you!