hb 462

I am so pissed off at Virginia legislation right now.

The passing my house bill 462 is completely and utterly disgusting to me. We might as  well repeal the nineteenth amendment now. NO ONE should be forced to undergo a costly and unnecessary medical procedure. They’re taking our right as CITIZENS to decide what happens to our bodies; freedom of speech, religion, to protest all is getting thrown out the window here. Apparently the thousands of petition signatures and multiple protests weren’t enough for McDonnell to realize that women DON’t WANT THIS PASSED. Whoopsie.

If a women decides to have an abortion that is her decision. The government shouldn’t shove it’s right-winged religion tendencies (literally) up any women’s uterus who makes this decision. I understand abortion is against a lot of people’s religious views, but here’s the thing; NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES THE SAME THINGS YOU DO. America is supposed to be a “melting pot” of cultures, so why are we forming our laws on beliefs off one religion? Abortion may be wrong for you but to someone else it may be okay in their mind. The choice should be OURS as women. We deserve to choose whether or not something happens IN our bodies.

However, Virginia legislation has taken away that freedom of deciding what we will/won’t do with our bodies. That is just wrong.

Virginia, our governor has blatantly ignored us.