when you follow a webcomic for six years and get no mention of your favorite characters in the end whatsoever and dd, hb, and cd havent been seen in almost two real years and even jack wasn’t there even tho he was. y’know. a major villain for a large section of the comic 


You know those right-wingers on TV defending anti-LGBT and anti-choice laws? This is the horrifying true story of how they wield influence not just across America, but across the globe.


Happy 27th birthday,  Eliza Jane Taylor! (October 24, 1989)  “The thing that I really adore about playing Clarke and that I’m so grateful for is actually getting to depict a strong female character. For 15 years now, I’ve played the dumb one; the slutty one; the one who dies first in the horror film; actually being able to play a strong female character and be the lead of a show is just amazing and it doesn’t change season to season, I’m so grateful. And also being able to have a normal body on screen and not being told to be super skinny… being able to look strong and feminine to me is hopefully affecting young women out there and that’s always been my dream.”