hazzy wedding

“You don’t understand, Izzy,’ I told her. ‘I’m going to marry you one day.’ I was nineteen, I’d known her for a week, but already I was sure. From that day to this, we’ve barely spent a day apart. Izzy is even more important to me than McFly. I wouldn’t even want to comtemplate life without her.”  

Harry, I know that you will never see this but I just need to write how proud i am of you being one of the most perfect human beings on earth. You have no idea how much I love you and how happy I am of seeing you getting married with THE one. Because there’s no one like Izzy, you guys are perfect for each other. Hazzy is the definition of true love.  You guys have been together since i can recall and I couldn’t imagine seeing you with someone who isn’t her. The way you smile at her, that’s true love, that’s it. You are the reason why I believe that love exists. What you feel for each other is unique and inspiring. We all now that Pudd is forever, but Hazzy is the best couple ever. Izzy thank you so much for making the most awesome drummer really happy and I know that he’ll always be there for you, always. I love you, Harry, and on your wedding day I wish all the good things on Earth for both of you.  Today it’s all about Mr. and Mrs. Judd.

Okay but just imagine marrying Harry.
You would be walking down the asile in that beautiful white dress, he would look up from looking down at his feet nervously, and his eyes would meet you. He would start to tear up at the sight of how gorgeous you look in your dress, with your hair did all nice and sweet. Once you got up to him he would grabs your hands and kiss them. He would keep whispering “i love you so much” over and over again. And once the wedding was over you would go to the after party and he would dance his little heart out. He would slow dance with you and keep you close to him all night. Then once you get home you would have the best wedding sex ever.
Damn Harry needs to stop being so damn cute.