and guess what her twitter is filled with

let’s take a closer look at that now

(i want to punch her in the face wtf is wrong with her)

(this girl needs to get checked i swear get a fcking life)

oh and here’s another picture

so Louis blocked this girl cuz she was hating on Harry and there’s the pic above too. make of it what u want but we could all agree Louis did a damn well job of showing that girl wut she deserved. Way to go Lou!


Whoever made this I fucking love you.

But just imagine

They just had a romantic dinner and Louis’s nervous as hell. He’s fidgety and Harry can tell something’s up but knows not to mention it. Harry’s jaw drops as Louis starts singing.

“….be my baby, and I’ll look after you”

He finishes the song, looks at his love with tears in his eyes, smiles, and opens the small velvet box.

“Hazza, will you marry me?”

Wow what did I just do to myself brb gotta stop crying