Hi ,I know this is very late but i just want to say thank you to those who made me feel loved here on tumblr, thank you so much for making me laugh, for making my dash look perfect and funny. Thank you for everything. I’m spending my days with the people i love and care, so the reason that i’m still on tumblr is because of you! If there is anything you want to say or need, please know that my ask is always open for you. I know i’ve never talked to some of you, but your blog is just perfect and fabulous :) The best thing about you guys is that i can tell people that you are all my followers, so thank you for following me. 
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I am so sorry if i forgot you, or didn’t add you. There are a lot more blogs that are one of my fave. Know that i love ALL my followers! i love you guys all so much <3
Happy Hollidays xx - Melissa