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Okay, well, I see that's your opinion. I'm sad that it involves you seeing my point of view as awful, but I guess it's a good thing I know that now. Election's bring out an interesting side in people. I wish you all the best (p.s.- I think Obama will be re-elected), and hope you don't see me as trying to antagonize you. I just wanted to see what you thought of me and my opinion, considering I like your blog so much. Have a good night.

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THANK YOU! Oh my God, I can't take it anymore. They make everyone else look stupid and are a constant annoyance to the boys. It's actually getting pathetic.

wow i actually am ashamed to be a one direction fan

man i’m just here cause i wanna fuck them all and i like to write about harry styles and i want the d like no one’s business 

i didn’t ask for all this larry bullshit 

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I'm a follower that really loves your writing. And I support Romney. Should I just shut up because my ideas are wrong according to you? I respect Obama because he is our president, and I respect Democrats who disagree with me. And it's sad that I see the opposite on this blog.

My blog, my opinion.