hazzas eyes


To my cupcake,
You have no idea how happy you make me and so many other people.
You aren’t afraid to be yourself and I love that. You have the best personality I’ve ever seen. From the jokes you make to the dumb ass dances you do I just AGH. You’ve helped so many people and you truly are so inspiring. You’re so nice to everyone you meet even if they don’t like you. When you smile I melt like a damn piece of ice that’s been sitting on the kitchen floor for 2 hours. When I hear you laugh , talk , or sing I want to kill myself. You’re such a beautiful man inside and out and fuck anyone that disagrees. I’m so proud with how far you’ve come with your career and yourself. I love you happy 23rd ❤️❤️


Unseens of Harry (Styles) and Anne (mom) ft Gemma (older sister)
Creds: @unseenstyles on Instagram.