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I just read "we'll play hide and seek" and I absolutely loved it! The development of their relationship was so sweet and real, it gave me a wonderful ache in my heart. thank you for sharing such a beautiful story

aw aw aAww thank u so much for your sweet message cos it gave me a wonderful ache in my heart tOO. THaNK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ILY AND I HOPE U HAVE A GOOD DAY:)xxx

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Once you receive this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to your 10 favorite followers! ~(^◇^)/

I GOT THIS AGES AGO (a couple of days ago) and I haven’t answered it because I’ve had a friend staying with me for a week or so, so I’ve only been on here sporadically. 

So here it goes.

1. I guess I have nice lips and eyes. People have told me this, so I guess it’s true?

2. I care a lot about people and I’ll always try to help people I see in need. Like, if someone is crying I’ll talk to them and cheer them up, or if I see a homeless person, I’ll buy them lunch or a load of food from tescos for them to have and chat to them. 

3. I’m kind of creative? I suppose? I do an arts degree on which I have to be creative so that’s nice.

4. I’m good at video games. Sometimes. Depending on the game.

5. My empathy level is through the fucking roof, hence number 2. I also make good curry.

I’m really bad at this. Sorry guys. 

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IT'S (gonna be) MAY - and you should rate my 1d blog sumethingreat <333

Okie dokie!! :)

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