hazza and loubear

Remember when harry used to talk about louis , using their pets ???? All you had to do was replace dusty styles with Harry Styles and ted tomlinson with Louis Tomlinson 💙💚💙💚


I’ve been watching this gif over and over again.Look at the last picture when Louis has blown the kiss to Harry what he’s saying.
Can you see it? Look at his lips and the way he moves his mouth..
You still can’t see it? What if I say that he’s saying “I love you”?
Can you see it now?

Lewie Goes Home to Harrie: A Hedgehog Oddessy

Lewie is missing Harrie sososo many. Lewie is in Idaho, doing work for the new album. Harry is in California. Lewie can’t take it anymore, he must go home.

Lewie up early a.m. in the hotel. Couldn’t sleep without his Froge. Its like waking up to only half a blue sky.

Lewie checking his hair, making himself Perfect to see his Hubby tonight!

Lewie having breakfast. But there is no Yorkshire Tea…….


Begin road trip. Must have morning cigarette. Enjoying his Froge’s favourite treat. It makes him Strong. If He Could Fly his way Home to Harrie he would. But alas, he must drive.

Lewie enjoying the open road. Much excite. But he hasn’t forgotten Where He Belongs.

Lewie misses Harrie too much. His phone with his loves face on it makes this feel like Home when the miles feel like Infinity.

Lewie Lunchtime. Even his favourite things are Never Enough without Harrie to share them with.

Lewie in California!! He is so close. 

“Hey Angel!” he texts to Harrie. “I’ll be home soon!!”

Lewie making a matchie matchie snow elk like his tattoo! He’s not very good.

Lewie wistfully staring to Home. Only 2 hours left!! 

Nobody can Drag Him Down. (NOBODY, NOBODY)

Lewie listening to David Bowie.

Because he is the Bowie to Harrie’s Jagger.


He sees the smiles as it starts to creep in, cuz its there he sees it in his eyes.

Hedgefroge Tea Party

A wonderous day it has been. Finally reunited with his Yorkshire Tea…..and his Hubby of course.

WE’RE SO SORRY. What do you get when you mix a mother-daughter Dark Larrie duo and 850 miles? ..

You get this. 


Even if the new fans see him as problematic and old fans are forgetting who he is ….there will always be this one harry edward styles who knows and admires the real louis william tomlinson ❤❤❤❤


Louis Tomlinson in Grease..

Just listen and enjoy


Ok so. Things about marriage being mentioned in Brazil interview and harry getting it TATTOOED and pulling his bloody trousers down to showcase (tad out of character, we still dont know what his thigh blob is) the Larriness at Christ the Redeemer (in Brazil obvi), and the fact that they at first only leaked “Home” to Brazil…its fishy. And where it gets tin hatty. On OCTOBER 25TH 2013 This Is Us was released in Brazil. I mean….it just…if youve been paying attention to Rbbs twitter youd know about the countdown. The 5 fingered hand, and the calculator date equalling four. That means when it reaches zero, it will be October 25th 2015. Two things, that somehow tie together involving Brazil. Idk. Im reaching BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED IN BRAZIL, STAY WOKE FAM, THE 25TH MIGHT BE WILD. (Not another 25th :‘0)

So basically when harry styles doesn’t like something he turns and complains to his boyfriend louis Tomlinson ❤❤❤❤ cutest larry proof ever!!!

Why does it make sense for Louis, who officially has a newborn child, to fly to London and only he and and Liam go to the Brits. While Harry and Niall who are just kinda chilling and both in London as well, don’t go?


Their mirroring fucks me up on an emotional level. They are one person, in two perfect vessels. Destined by fate to cross paths, and they saved my life by doing so. Their voices compliment the fuck out of each other, the crinkles by their eyes when they smile, and dont get this bitch started on their tattoos. Theyll be the death of me but IT IS WHAT IT IS. LONG LIVE LARRY STYLINSON