Harry Gets Jealous

You had never been the majorly jealous type, but you knew right away when you started dating Harry, that he was. He wasn’t the type pf person to get angry or jealous over nothing, but he wasn’t about to share his girl with anybody.
One night, you were out at a club in London with Harry and a few of the boys. After you all had had a few drinks, you made your way out onto the dance floor. You danced around everyone and not necessarily just Harry. You were all dancing together, laughing and having a good time.
You tried to get close to Harry and dance with him but he moved away every time you got close. Finally you got close enough to grab his hand and make him look at you,
“Harry whats going on, why are you avoiding me?”
“Y/N, you’re being clingy. Just give it up okay? Let me have some fun on my own.” It was then that you knew he had had a few too many drinks. He never wanted you to back off, you came to this club with him for crying out loud. Hurt filled your eyes as your stared at him for a few seconds before turning away and losing yourself in the crowd.
Eventually, with a couple more drinks, you forgot all about Harry being mean and found new people to dance with. It wasn’t too long before other people began to notice and take a little advantage of your slightly-drunken state. A guy grabbed your hips and began to force you to move along to the music against him. You didn’t like his aggressive behavior and so you successfully tried to get away. Little did you know, Harry saw this entire thing play out from afar. He saw things go downhill as he stood in the corner with Liam and Zayn, biting his lip like he always does when he’s mad and jealous. That’s all it took for him to storm through the crowd and grab your hand.
“It’s time to go Y/N.” He pulled you along by your hand down the street towards his car. You pulled back against him weakly,
“Haaaarry you didn’t want to dance with meeee, so don’t be jealous just because some men doooo.” He stopped with those words and turned to look at you.
“Y/N, I’m sorry I said those things. I can’t believe I brought you here and then tried to avoid you. Please forgive me? I know being drunk is a terrible excuse, but it’s all I have except to say that I’m so sorry.” You giggled and through your head back, which would have caused your tipsy body to lose balance completely if you hadn’t been wrapped up in Harry’s arms.
“You’re lucky you’ve got hella good looks Harry Styles. You better not bring me places and try to lose me again if you want keep me around, okay?” He smiled,
“Yes ma'am.” He kissed your alcohol flavored lips lightly before continuing to pull you towards the car,
“I think it’s time to get you to bed, love.”