why the signs are crying
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zenlikejen asked:

I started thinking about how confident Harry is now, and how that's partially due to his loud, supportive boyfriend and I'm all emotional about it. Can we talk about how much Harry has evolved?

Okay, so I’ve been WAITING TO REPLY TO THIS until I’m on my laptop so I can show the receipts.

When we first met Harold he was such a sweet little baby frog.

LOOK AT THAT FACE. I wanna pinch those cheeks.

In case anyone forgot.

Lest we never forget his face when he thought his time at TXF was over.

But then he met someone at the toilets, didn’t he?

And then the most pivotal of moments. The moment that is the reason we’re all here.

And people tell me there’s no such thing as love at first sight. Psh. Please.

This heartbreaking interview clip sums up for me where Harry started:

Especially nowadays, it’s easy to mislabel Harry as aloof or disinterested. But that Harry (^^^^) still very much exists. 

Somewhere along the way, though, things started to shift.

“Harry, don’t put yourself down!”

“Did somebody kiss you there?” BOOM. Eyes right to each other. Bonus: Liam’s “Oh shit” face and Captain Niall’s smug face.

I mean… everyone needs someone to reassure them and help them along.

-eye roll- Sorry, but that’s disgusting. I used to do that to my fiance. Ick.

For his part, Harry’s done pleeeenty of gloating about his boyfriend.

Yes, Harry, I’m sure you sit and admire what Louis’ like allll the time.

Somewhere along the line, it was kind of gradual and then all at once, Harry just lost all the fucks he had to give.

Case in point:

Note the blase air quotes and miniscule eye roll. AKA, Harry Styles has had enough of your shit, lady. 

Hey, about that, Harry… how do you feel about your significant other being female? Just curious.

Ohhhh. Okay then. I see. Maybe a bit of a personal question, but how do you feel about doing the dirty with a dude?

RIGHT THEN. (Bonus: Everyone else’s “He fucking did not just say that” faces)

I’m convinced it was a combination of three things. The first is that he just realized somewhere down the line that he was never going to make everyone happy, someone would always have something negative to say or print. So he decided to do him and be happy for himself.

Cheeky little shits. The family that sasses together, stays together. Period. Bonus: Niall’s face. As usual.

He just stopped caring, and he stopped playing along with the bullshit interview questions. 

Second, it’s easy when you’ve got your man out there reppin’ for you, when you know he’s got your back.

If that.

And third, I swear to God his confidence has grown right along with his hair. I mean.

That really about sums it up, doesn’t it?

I think I need to sleep.