1am RANT.

in my eyes, i am a king, not a queenand i live my life that way. i personally don’t care what anyone thinks about me minus my actual friends and my family. they are literally the only ones i’ll even consider listening to. i’m a strong woman who has been through so much in my life. i do what i want and live my life with very little boundaries. i may come off as rude but i’m actually a super nice, hard working, dedicated, and caring person. if i’m rude to you trust that there’s a reason behind it. when i’m in the wrong, i ALWAYS apologize. i can be your best friend or a complete bitch towards you if you break my trust and piss me off. i will never ever allow anyone to tell me who i am or talk down to me so if that makes me “dramatic” then fuck that shit, so be it. call me whatever the fuck you want, you will not change my personality.. EVER and that is a guarantee. i love myself too much for that. i’m blessed to have the friends and family that i do have, even though i’m a handful to them they still support me and back me up 100% on everything. i’m just at the point where i’m satisfied and happy with how my life is going. sure things get tough, but having a good support system is what helps me get through the tough times. to all the bitches who’ve been dismissed from my life, you can stay there.. in the past. there’s no room for you in my future. rant over. <3

my birthday is next tuesday.. my tumblr bday wishes are
  • a drama free day
  • a phone call or voicemail from my bff becke @ hazydazee
  • a simple theme made by my bby megan @ beacheddd
  • a fansign from my wifey jess @ sexandglitterxo
  • and uhm.. birthday wishes from all of my beautiful/kind followers
I hope everyone had a great vday. I love all my followers and appreciate them so much. You're all beautiful and deserve to be smiling!

I’m peacing out to Mexico on Saturday. My parents and I are staying in Puerto Vallarta and we are planning to go to the hidden beach! I saw it on tumblr and when I found out it was near where we were staying, I just had to convince the rents.