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Hazy Mountains: You

I’m not sure if I’ve heard anything soar as far and as free as the guitars in ’You’. Set against a liquorice, glo-fi backdrop of stop-start synths and harsh drum patterns, you’re lulled and fooled into believing that Germany's Hazy Mountains are about to unleash the rehashed, tiring sound of today - only they don’t. The reality is one of guitar experimentation, placed right at the forefront of this genuine, frantic adrenaline rush. 

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Germany’s Hazy Mountains (a.k.a. Julian Prott) just released his second track “Regret” under the moniker, and it’s just as breathtaking as the first. You may recognize Julian from his other project Shoreline Is, a dreamy indie-pop project consisting of two other members.

“Regret” is yet another heavenly opus, one that builds to subtly lift you into its blissful aural mass, leaving you there in serene suspension as its expansive soundscapes gently envelop you in all its incandescent warmth. Be sure to grab this gorgeous new track down below or via Bandcamp and disappear into its invigorating sonic space.

MP3: Hazy Mountains - Regret


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