hazy conditions

Read To Me
I love it when someone reads to me. I don’t know why, but it seems to happen often lately. It’s soothing, and sets a mood, creating a sense of peace and the feeling that I don’t have to feel pressured to get perfectly composed pictures in a flash because something crazy is about to go down in Skid Row. Somewhat surreal at times, at others, intensely surreal. It was intense at 4th and Crocker, a relatively quiet spot near the edges of Skid Row, Little Tokyo and The Arts District. On this day, Christine was very caught up in the loss of a pet, a little white cat that she had kept in a tent that she shared with an on again off again boyfriend. Both people are characterized by the brittle physical frailty that I see in heroin users, a quality that I find to be endearingly delicate and beautiful. There is something about this kind of physical vulnerability that makes me feel protective, even though from experience I understand that many people are tougher and far more capable of causing physical harm to others than they look. Christine read aloud to me on the silent street, occasional traffic sounds punctuating the austerity of the mood she created with her tone of voice and understated intensity as she read aloud. Her friend busied himself, slowly and deliberately moving about sorting through nameless piles of belongings, occasionally casting a gentle smile in our direction. The altered state of reality as she read and the oddly hazy daylight atmospheric conditions made me less than able to concentrate on my pictures, and instead of trying to force the best images I could, I found myself just hanging out and listening.

First American Action of the War

A depiction of the Mongolia at sea.

April 19 1917, Beachy Head–Although Wilson’s drive for armed neutrality had failed to keep the United States out of the war, those newly-armed merchant ships were now crossing the Atlantic to resupply America’s new allies.  With America now in the war, the gun crews on these ships no longer had to worry about sparking an international incident, either.

On April 19, the SS Mongolia, in hazy conditions, spotted a submarine off its port bow.  The submarine was too close to fire with its torpedoes, and submerged to approach the Mongolia from a better angle.  The Mongolia turned sharply towards where the submarine had been, however, and when the submarine emerged two minutes the Mongolia’s stern gun was able to hit it immediately, shattering the periscope.  The submarine quickly submerged; it is possible it was sunk, but more likely it thought better of the action and retreated from the Mongolia.

These were not strictly the first American shots of the war; warning shots had been fired at interned German vessels in Guam on April 7, before the Germans there had even realized they were at war with the United States.

Today in 1916: Wilson Addresses Congress on Submarines, Threatens to Sever Relations with Germany
Today in 1915: Massacres of Armenians in Van


Monorail Monday - Grand Beams by Christian Lambert
Via Flickr:
Here we see Monorail Yellow arriving at the Grand Floridian monorail station under the morning sun. You can see how hazy it was by looking at the Grand Floridian’s upper turret, located just under the monorail’s beam. The warm Florida sun along with hazy conditions is always a welcoming sight to me! Thanks for lookin’ and have a magical day!

MALAYSIA, Hulu Langat : Malaysian youths cool off in a river as schools remain closed due to hazy conditions in Hulu Langat on October 6, 2015. Malaysia, Singapore and large expanses of Indonesia have suffered for weeks from acrid smoke billowing from fires on Indonesian plantations and peatlands that are being illegally cleared by burning. The regional environmental crisis has caused flights and major events to be cancelled, and forced tens of thousands of people in the region to seek medical treatment for respiratory problems. AFP PHOTO / MOHD RASFAN