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Caffeine Challenge #22

Starts tomorrow, June 23rd at 1 pm CT!

A Caffeine Challenge is a writing warm up! Choose one or more of the prompts listed below, write on it for one hour and then post your story with the tag Caffeine Challenge So that I and other writers/readers can find it and fangirl over it! Ill read, comment on, and even reblog as many as I can :)

Tomorrow’s prompts:

1) First line: The wind bites at their skin as they climb higher and higher.

2) Dialogue: “People want to draw a line between need and want all the time. Doesn’t mean they’re separate.”

3) Song: Missio - Everybody gets high (X)

4) Picture: [woman sits at the end of a wooden dock. the water is smooth in front of her. In the background are hazy mountains and a blue sky]


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Fandom: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: smut, smut, Narcissa and Lucius, and smut

Word count: 1,418

Song: Your favorite song

Requested by anon: Please write a Draco smut about trying to be quiet as his parents are there

You sat across the room from your boyfriend, Draco. You two were going back to Draco’s house tonight as it was the last day of term at Hogwarts. You twisted your hair round your finger as you knew you and Draco had his house to yourselves for a bit. This made you smile and bite your lip slightly. You kicked Draco under the table, you were in Potions Class. He looked at you and you were still biting your lip. He knew exactly what was on your mind and you knew it was on his, as well. You winked to him.

As soon as your lesson was over you jumped off your seat and stood in the hallway, waiting for Draco. When he got to you, you leaned him against the wall and discreetly began messing with his boxers, after untucking his shirt. He gulped.

“Hey, Malfoy…” you smirked and you had complete power over him at this point.

“Yes, b-babe” he stuttered as he felt you messing with the beginning of his boxers, your chest resting on his.

“We have the place to ourselves, right?” you whispered in his ear. He nodded, breathing heavy and you messing with his downstairs.

“Good!” you smiled and walked off. Draco looked down at his bulge. He now understood you were just teasing and weren’t very happy about it.

“Wait… Babe…” you heard him call, but you were already skipping to your next lesson. The rest of your day couldn’t have gone slower. You were patiently waiting. Patiently waiting, for you and Draco to have some real alone time.  Most time alone was at school in the dorms and hoping no one had noticed you slip into Draco. You knew you two were going to have a great night together and was just really happy.

Later, school had finished and you waited for Draco to come out to meet you. He was in a mood with you when he walked out of the school. He had his arms crossed and didn’t look at you. You laughed as you knew it was because of your teasing scheme. You just kissed his cheek and blushed.

“I’ve had an awkward boner for an hour, Y/N, this isn’t a joke” he hissed, not maliciously though. You laughed and wrapped your arms around him and he gave up on the mood and repeated your actions. You smiled into his chest.
“Come on then” he said, and you both started to walk to get the train back to Draco’s. You were both flirting with each other all the way home and it was getting very heated, but you were both saving yourselves for the Malfoy household.

You arrived at Draco’s and he put the key in the door and he turned around and kissed you deeply, picking you up and wrapping your legs round his waist. He opened the door and you continued to kiss. When the pair of you got in the house, you heard noise. Draco propped you down on the floor and grabbed his wand. Draco walked through and into the living room. Before Draco and you could say anything, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy walk round the corner. Your eyes widened and you sighed heavily.

“Hello darling!” Narcissa smiled at her son leaning forward to look into his blue oceans. Draco’s face dropped, you and him no longer had alone time. Now you had “family” time. The Malfoy’s loved you and you loved them, but you wanted your alone time with Draco and they were in the way. You greeted both parents and they greeted you. They told you they would cook you dinner and then you and Draco would not be disturbed.

You sunk into the chair at dinner, wanting the time to hurry up because, even though you and Draco couldn’t have “fun”, you still had free time without school to worry about. You both knew you should embrace not being at the excellent but dragging Hogwarts. You wiggled in your chair anticipating and rushed your food down. Draco, also, ate very fast. Once the pair of you had eaten, you both ran upstairs with Lucius and Narcissa remaining downstairs.

You sat on Draco’s bed and he sat next to you in silence. The silence was painful and you cut the tension in the room with a knife. You don’t understand why there was so much tension though. You looked at Draco and he was breathing slightly heavier than usual.

“Dra—“you were going to say before you were cut off by Draco’s lips on yours. He kissed you passionately and snaked his hands round your body and pulling you more into the kiss. You wrapped your arms round his neck. He picked you up and placed you on top of him not breaking the kiss. You were straddling Draco and he broke the kiss. You were both breathing heavily trying to catch your breaths. Draco began to kiss down your neck and nibble on your jaw line. You breathed out heavily, clutching some of Draco’s hair and pulling it playfully. He sucked onto your sweet spot on your neck causing you to slightly grind on him. He groaned slightly. You could feel he was already hard under you.

“Draco, we can’t, your parents are downstairs…” you trailed off while he was kissing you and you were breathing kind of heavy. He began to undo your shirt and kiss down your chest and you sighed, giving in, because you knew how bad you wanted Draco. You undid his shirt while he was massaging your breasts, causing you to moan. He bit down on your nipple gently. You covered your mouth and bit down on your hand trying not to moan.

“I want you now, Y/N…” Draco purred down your ear and you shivered in response. He lay you down on the bed and you began to take your bottoms off so you were only in your underwear. Draco put your favorite song on, quite, loud and took his trousers off so he was left in his boxers. He, then, sat between your open legs. He bit one side of your panties and pulled them down and you were instantly impressed. He licked up your core, instantly, and your legs closed around his head. You began to moan but you put your face in Draco’s pillow. He looked up and laughed slightly. You pushed your fingers through his hair as he went down on you. He kitten licked your clit before pushing his two fingers into you. You bit his pillow hard but a moan still came from your throat. He pumped his fingers into you, fastly, hitting your g-spot. You bit your lip hard trying to contain your moans and you were almost at your climax when Draco pulled out. You looked up at him, slightly mad.

“That’ll teach you not to tease me” he hissed, seductively, hovering over you. You pulled his boxers down, knowing he wanted to have sex and you, also, did. Without warning you, Draco thrusted into you and you moaned into his neck whilst he slightly chuckled. He waited a second, whilst you got used to him and then began to thrust into you hard. You moaned out trying to be as quiet as you possibly could but failing, unfortunately. Draco was moaning in your ear, silently, you didn’t know how he moaned so quiet. The bed was slightly creaking as Draco went into you hard and deep. You both whispered each other’s names and a few profanities, along with muffled moans.

“Shhhhh…” Draco hushed you in your ear, causing you to groan a little. He kissed you deeply, before carrying on with his work.

Draco had picked up a good rhythm going and was hitting your g-spot perfectly. You were moaning so loud and your sweaty bodies were pressed against each others. You dug your nails into Draco’s back and your face was in his chest, causing your moans to be muffled.  

“Draco, I’m going to—“before you could carry on, the pair of you hit climax and Draco carried on through both of your highs. You were both panting and sweaty when you’d finished up. You looked at Draco, who had collapsed next to you and you lay in his arms.

“You are so good at that…” you whispered to Draco, smiling at him. Blue, hazy eyes met your Y/E/C, dreamy eyes.

“And you really suck at being quiet” Draco mused, tiredly. You both laughed.

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anonymous asked:

hc: dan and phil are best friends who are both sexually frustrated so they just have sex w each other

hope you all like it, i wanted to come back with a bang ;)

- they’re kissing, scratchy and restless, in the foyer before phil can cut any of the lights on. the windows upstairs spill fuzzy hexagons of light down into the room but dan ignores the glow. phil fists a hand into dan’s shirt, crowding him into a wall, his spare hand pinning dan’s wrist to the surface. phil presses his mouth over dan’s throat, licking at the tendons, following the heat of dan’s scandalized moan when they carefully grind against each other.

- they’re purposely not thinking. phil is somewhere between a no and a breathy yes while dan gasps in his ear. fumbling fingers work at his shirt, his jacket crumpled at the door. he toes off his shoes and dan whines pitifully when phil removes his mouth to look down at where their hips meet.

- this is the sort of thing they’ve never really thought of. dan’s never once thought of how phil’s cock would look, hot and stiff, stretching his trousers, the outline of phil’s dick resting on his thigh. and phil’s never considered how red dan’s lips would look when bitten, or the way the veins in his neck stand out when he tips his head back, but it feels like it’s supposed to be this way in their haze of lust and desperation.

- alright? phil asks, panting roughly. dan cards a hand through phil’s hair, squeezes his at a narrow hip. somehow, phil’s loosened a few of his own buttons so that his shirt is mostly off. yeah, dan exhales, because he can’t process anything. he doesn’t want to process anything or doubt it or anything, he just stops thinking again.

- there’s this slow, crucial pressure when they kiss this time. a bit affectionate, if dan really thinks about. he doesn’t. he can’t. their kisses get a little desperate, phil curling his tongue into dan’s mouth, their noses brushing to change the angle. fuck, dan gasps, knocking their hips together. phil giggles above him, hitching a leg up, grinding back, tongue flicking over dan’s throat.

- dan growls softly, burying his face in the crook of phil’s neck. he palms at his hips, and phil grins at the needy keens dan keeps releasing. phil’s fingers scratch like fluid down dan’s back, along his spine. his lips, gently, suck a pretty bruise to dan’s shoulder, licking away the swelling, hands cradling his hips npw.

- somewhere else? he offers, his breath lost in his throat. a bit more appropriate, dan suggests, slouching down the wall until their lips meet again. they kiss playfully and dan doesn’t think he wants to move, ever. it’s daunting, is what it is. kissing a lad. kissing your best friend. grinding against a hard cock and sneaking fingers under a waistband and considering, constantly, the thought of phil gently opening him up with his fingers.

- phil snorts when dan trips up the stairs and reaches out to pinch dan’s ass, chasing him down a dark hall, colliding with another wall, a contagious warmth transferring back and forth between them with fickle kisses through their apartment. they sway in their madness and desperation, kisses halted by short bursts of laughter, fumbling teeth. phil yanks at dan’s skintight jeans, snapping them open, struggling with the material when it’s around dan’s strong thighs. dan groans but they find a mild rhythm of coordination to help each other out of their trousers, kicking them away.

- the angle of the moon through the curtains backlights their naked skin a hazy blue. phil’s fingers keep chasing the colors on dan’s neck and all of the shapes between his torso and the width of his shoulders leaves phil a bit dizzy. he likes the way dan arches his spine slightly between touches, his ass brushing against phil’s plump cock. his mouth is a raw red like under the skin of a sugary plum, from his own teeth biting at it.

- they’re hovering over the edge of the bed, dan’s knees pressed to the mattress, phil fit against his spine. the lube is staining the sheets and the pillows are spread out all over, but that doesn’t quite matter. dan’s mouth tilts into a crooked grin – he’s giving phil permission and that, on its own, ruins phil.

- dan exhales gently, eyelashes sitting heavy on his cheeks as phil carefully pushes at the rim with a slick finger. it doesn’t take much pressure to slide in and dan squirms immediately. phil twists for a better angle, two knuckles deep, wiggling before drawing back. dan gasps, biting at his lip. keep going, dan whispers, lips staying parted after the words.

- phil hums, easing in deeper. he curls his finger, shifts to pull it out, glides back in with two fingers. a noise catches breathily in dan’s chest and his cock slaps up against his stomach when phil grinds his fingers in with purpose. phil keeps the thrusts shallow, letting dan adjust, tempering dan’s rough grunts with taunting kisses up his jaw. it’s such a tight fit – fuck. phil can’t imagine how he’ll slide his cock inside and the thought makes him shove his clean hand between them, stroke off a few times, dribbling the precum along the soft hairs on the back of dan’s thigh.

- dan mewls, phil turns his fingers, coils his ring finger up against dan’s prostate. dan thumps his head against the sheets, a breathy sort of keen leaving his throat. he fucks down onto phil’s thick fingers, chewing on his lip. phil grinds his fingers in faster, smiling at the soft clutch of dan’s hole. fuck, dan moans, mouth slack. his eyes are glazed and clouded over and really, it’s inappropriate, phil thinks. because dan is his best friend and it wasn’t ever meant to be like this, or perhaps it was, given how it feels.

- phil reaches out, tearing open a condom, pulling his fingers out to roll on the condom. his free hand curls around the middle of his dick, inching forward, rubbing the tip between dan’s cheeks. it almost catches on dan’s clenching hole and phil groans at the way dan tenses his whole body.  

- the rough gasp dan gives when the head slides in startles phil. the clench is incredible, really, but it burns. they stay close like that for a bit, while dan adjusts. dan breathes out something vague and quiet, nodding. phil drags his lips over dan’s shoulder, biting at it, as he drags his hips back, slamming forward. dan stutters, moans, shakes for a quick breath as phil carefully starts to thrust in him.

- he keeps his motions shallow, letting dan loosen around him. it only takes minutes – lazy kisses on dan’s jaw and their breaths synchronized and their bodies unable to find an equal rhythm that makes it – it’s even better like that. they’re out of sync, a bit awkward, and that’s always been them. oh fuck, dan exhales, squeezing around phil.

-  phil leans back, straightens his spine to find a good angle, fucking up into dan. he feels dan’s knees pressing into the mattress, legs sliding apart so he can slide deeper. 

- his hand slips on dan’s waist, crawls over his thigh, over to his cock. a wet drop of precum splatters on his skin and phil smears it over dan’s tip. pride swells white hot through phil’s chest as dan’s cock blurts thick drops of precum, leaving the head slick, dotting the sheets a darker color.

- dan yelps, shivering when phil nudges all over his prostate. wait, wait, dan pleads, scrambling for something to grab, you’re gonna. oh phil, wait. gonna make me cum. i can’t, his cock twitches, spitting slick drops from the slit. yeah? gonna cum for me? phil growls into dan’s shoulder.

- dan’s words shiver out, die off into an abandoned wail as he falls apart. phil feels dan suck in a deep breath, the noise shuddering out in this almost falsetto moan that phil’s never heard before. dan tightens around him, cums over the sheets. thick, sticky ropes and phil’s never seen something quite as amazing as – it’s not properly filthy like porn. it’s fascinating if he’s being honest. 

- a few thrusts later, phil’s gasping for breath, giving a few weak thrusts before he’s shooting off into the condom. he throbs inside dan, embarrassingly noisy when he cums.

- he’s gentle, careful when he draws his hips back, wrapping a sticky hand around the middle of his cock as he pulls out. their skin is flushed and the aroma in the room is from them – from the sex and it’s so disturbing how much they doesn’t care. phil drags a few kisses over dan’s hairline, brushing strands behind his ear, tugging dan all the way up to the headboard. they kick the duvet off the mattress, curling around each other over the sheets and really, this should change everything, but the thing is, it doesn’t.


Warnings: Character death, angst, and violence.
Fandom: Marvel Avengers
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
A/N: I’m so sorry for this…


Y/N ducked under one of Ultron’s robots. You were trying to rescue a little boy and Clint, as they were trapped under piles of bricks.

   Just a few more seconds… You thought as you jumped over another robot body. You could already see Clint’s head from over here. You pulled Clint and the child up from the bricks and the three of you ran back to the aircraft. You thought you guys had made it when you saw the big shadow over the ground. 

     “Y/N, DUCK!” You heard Clint yell as you rolled over behind the rubble of a building. But you were too late. You thought you were a goner when a hazy blue streak whizzed ran past to block you from the bullets. When the dust cleared, you gasped. There was your boyfriend, Pietro, covered in blood and bullet holes. “You didn’t see that coming?”, He said, his voice raspy. Pietro managed a small smile as he collapsed on the hard ground. 

     “PIETRO!” You scream as you dropped down on your knees. “No, please! Stay with me! You’re gonna be alright!” You whisper as you try to pick him up, your hands now covered in his blood. The tears were now streaming endlessly down your cheeks. “Stop, prinţesă. It’s okay..” Pietro whispered as he tucked a stray hair behind your ear. “No… I can’t… You’re dying…” You whisper holding him close. 

    Behind you, Clint looked guilty. Pietro has risked his life to save them. “It’s fine. Y/N.” He said again. “I love you…” Y/N whispered in his ear. Pietro smiled. “And I love you too, prinţesă…” He said, as he closed his eyes, and took his last breath.

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Hey guys! LOVE your work, thank you for always making people happy on their special day. I would be really happy if I could get one for my birthday? It's March 23rd, and I love established college Everlark, something funny to read, with sexy times (explicit or not is totally up to the author). :) Thank you so, so, so much!!!

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

Happiest of birthdays @litlifelover ! To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a little Everlark afternoon delight, just for you! Enjoy!

rated E

The door slams shut behind Katniss as she heads for the elevator. It opens again almost immediately and Peeta rushes out. But she doesn’t turn.

“Katniss, wait!” He catches up to her just as the button flickers to life, signaling the metal box to the fourth floor of Peeta’s dorm. “You don’t understand-”

She whirls on her boyfriend, glaring him down. She’s had enough of his mother forcing him to come home and ‘visit’ his family while she parades the hometown bachelorettes in front of him, hoping he’ll pick any of them and drop Katniss like a sack of hot potatoes. It’s no secret Mrs. Mellark despises her, and the feeling is mutual. Katniss just doesn’t understand why Peeta refuses to see it.

“I understand perfectly, Peeta. You go running home to your mother and leave me behind to keep the peace in the family. Oh and you go on ‘dates’,” her fingers mimic air quotes and her line of sight hits the ceiling from the intensity of her eye roll, “that she forces you on.” Peeta sighs and runs his hands through his hair, but she keeps talking because she doesn’t want to hear him apologize. A Peeta apology would melt her like wax and she doesn’t want to relent this time. No, this time - she’s standing her ground. “You’re ashamed of me. Fine. I get it. The girl from the wrong side of the tracks and the rich son who she’s not good enough for. Just stop pretending that you’re actually going to do something about it, alright?”

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Lilac || jacksepticeye

[jacksepticeye imagine]

Word Count: 1500+

Warnings: mentions of cancer

Plot: Sean goes off in search of lilacs for a special project made for a special someone.

Extra: listen to Make Believe by Astronaut Husband ♡

Sean roamed the lavender grazed fields, the sky giving off a hazy orange hue as the sun began to set behind the clouds. He had parked his car on the edge of the hill and had left his phone on the passenger seat, unknowingly losing complete track of time. The past few hours had been spent going down each row of purple-infused lilac shrubs. He’d tune his hearing and lean in close - so close that he’d hear the buzzing of the bees and the rush of the wind against the leaves. He’d eye the crisp petals, his gaze tracing the white outline of each and every freshly bloomed lilac.

Some were limp, some were dry. Others were dull and it seemed as if they had never truly bloomed at all. It was only the best, the bold, the unique that he’d pluck and quickly set into his other palm. Then he’d start the cycle over again and lean in close, his mind wandering as his eyes sought for any sign of a ripe lilac.

By the time he had become satisfied with the number of delicate florets he held in his fist, the sky had begun to show signs of early evening. It was painted with streaks of deep oranges and reds, with a slight hint of a hazy blue peaking through the canvas of the sky.

“I’ve been here that long?” he mumbled quietly to the world. Only the sounds of nature whispered back, and he wandered back to his car, admiring the sheer beauty around him as he went. Sliding into the driver’s seat, he jammed the keys into the ignition and the engine began to hum in response. Gently setting the blossoms in the seat next to him, he pulled onto the road and left the setting sun behind him in the rearview mirror.

It took him ten minutes to get back to the building he had come from. He knew how to get there by heart. Every turn he took, every sign he saw, and every light he passed was embedded into his brain. A deep hatred pained his heart every time he’d glance at them - because they were familiar. But not every place that’s familiar is a good one.

He pulled into the parking lot and settled in a spot that was reserved just for him. It faced an off-white wall that sickened the pit of his stomach. Whenever he craned his neck to look at the top floor, his stomach would lurch. His fingertips would numb and his heart would pound against his ribcage. Sean’s pulse quickened as his eyes met the accustomed setting.

Before he knew it, hot tears were leaving silver paths down his cheeks. His bottom lip quivered and everywhere he looked would leave a pain in his chest so sharp that it was similar to a glass shard cutting through him. He reached for the copper wire in the backseat that he had twined himself earlier in the day. The pressure in his chest began to build and he wiped his sleeve across his face, setting the small custom-made crown in his lap.

His vision blurred. Panic rose in his throat. Forcing his eyes shut, he leaned his head against the steering wheel before a small sob escaped his hoarse throat.

For her, a thought crossed his mind, take a deep breath and finish this for her.

It caused him to sob louder, sharper.

Sean stayed there for a few minutes, gaining back his composure. He wiped his palms against his eyes, focusing on his breathing.

It felt like an eternity to him. Every tick of his racing pulse was a second gone by. But it was worth it. He had to be calm if he planned on going back in there.

Slowly raising his head, he took another glance at his surroundings and exhaled sharply. His stare landed on the copper wire. Sean grasped it gently, the cool metal drawing against his skin. He stared at it for a few more seconds, allowing a split second of admiration of the beauty of it to fill the void in his mind before he went to work.

For her, his thoughts repeated. For her. For her. For her.

Pinching a lilac, he’d wrap it around the crown and tie it in a perfected knot. They ranged in different sizes and shades, different pigments and patterns. It was his first attempt at this and he learned as he went, not focusing on who he was making the crown for but rather why.

To make her happy, he told himself. To see her smile again. Oh, God, it’s been such a long time since she has smiled.

Eventually, the flowers morphed and spun into a breathtaking display of a beautiful lilac flower crown. His chest ached, but the warmth of happiness flowed within him. He didn’t allow himself to focus on it any longer. If he did, he’d spiral back into the pit of negativity, and he wasn’t about that. He wouldn’t be about that. It was hard, but you become the person you are through the difficult times, don’t you?

Sean stepped into the elevator. His heart skipped a beat as his thumb pressed the number 9, the final floor of the hospital. The peaceful elevator music encircled him and he let himself doze off as his fingers traced over the crown.

He stepped off the elevator.

He let his feet take him where they wanted. He didn’t even bother. The walls were beautiful the first few weeks at the hospital, bursting with color. But now they were washed out and nothing about them made him feel comfortable. He didn’t look up at them, or at the paintings that watched him as he went, or the patients that strolled down the halls in search of entertainment. Eventually, he stood in front of the door. In his right hand, he held the dainty headpiece. In the other, his hand was settled on the knob.

Before he could second-guess himself, he allowed himself in, quietly shutting the door behind him.

“Sean?” Y/N asked quietly, using the armchairs to help herself up. She rushed over quickly, caressing the side of his face to get a better look at his eyes that were red and tearing. He mustered a smile at her concern. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he whispered almost inaudibly, pulling her into a hug. He embraced her before she pulled away, brows knitted in concern. Sean gave his wife another reassuring nod before turning the corner to the hospital bed.

The sudden presence in the room caused the little girl to glance up. Her big, blue eyes, identical to Sean’s, watched him as he came up and sat next to her.

“Dad!” Throwing her arms open, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into the crook of his neck. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her in return, letting her pull away a few seconds later.

“Hey, Princess,” his smile reached his eyes for the first time in weeks. The pure happiness radiating off of her was contagious. He couldn’t help but grin at her joy. She pulled the covers over her frail, shivering body again. “I’ve got something for you,”

“Do you really?” she questioned curiously, almost immediately noting his hand that was held behind his back. Sean nodded.

“Close your eyes,” he said. A small grin curled her lips as her eyes fluttered shut. Taking the crown out from behind him, he glanced at it one last time before positioning it on the top of her head perfectly. She giggled and turned to her right, slowly peeking at her appearance in the mirror that was next to her.

Her eyes shot open and her jaw dropped, and she jolted upward from her position in the bed.

“It’s so pretty,” she marveled, reaching her hands up to touch it, as if it weren’t real. “Did you make this?”

“I did,”

Sean was met with a few seconds of silence before his daughter engulfed him in a hug again. It took him by surprise, but he squeezed her tightly and laughed at her excitement.

“It’s even prettier than my hair, dad,” she whispered, only loud enough for the both of them to hear. “I love it so much,”

She pulled away, and her crystal blue orbs had filled with tears. A sharp pain shot through his chest again, and his throat swelled up. He inhaled sharply and bit down on his tongue, using the pain to distract himself from the tears that wanted to fall. He took a deep breath and nodded.

“Don’t thank me. A beautiful crown for a beautiful princess,”

She smiled. A smile that spread from ear to ear. The same smile that she used to do, the one where her nose wrinkled. A smile that creased the corner of her eyes.

Looking at her reflection again, she smiled even bigger. He noticed.

And he watched as for the first time in months, she wasn’t focusing on the hospital, the nurses, the bloodwork, the IVs, the tests, the tubes, her bald scalp, her dry skin, and the medicine - no, she wasn’t focusing on that at all.

She was focusing on her beauty.

Zelda’s Log #1: The Green Light

A/N: Lorde’s new single Green Light insprired me not only for this particular piece, but also for the whole concept of this story, which is basically about having a fresh start, feeling hope and moving on from the past.

I was going to post this during the Easter weekend, but I think it’s better to post it now as a thank you gift for the 300 followers milestone. 

Happy reading!


Dawn. She always gets up at dawn. Or even before it, as if the hundred years containing the Calamity had been more than enough slumber for her.

Zelda is trying to absorb all: landscapes, names of plants and living beings, their characteristics and properties, rare natural phenomena, and types of stones.

Taking advantage of the freedom she has gained, she has dived head on into the vast sea of knowledge at her feet.

Ever since she heard about it from a traveler at the gate of Hateno Village, her efforts have been focused in seeing a phenomenon called green light, which occurs in a moment between the darkest hour of night and the very first light of the day. It can occur at dusk too.

It is said it is a sign of good omens, and brings good fortune to whoever sees it.

Some other people say you can ask for a wish, and it will surely come true.

4:45 a.m., clear skies. Last quarter of the fifth moon.

Already sitting on the hill, waiting for the sunrise. Atmospheric conditions are excellent at the moment. According to my observations, the sunrise should occur in about 30 to 45 minutes.

‘You’re not going to see it today’, a raspy, familiar voice said, throwing a blanket over her shoulders.

‘Link’. Her eyes followed him as he sat on the grass next to her.

'It’s too clear’, he pointed out, trying to contain a yawn, ‘and it’s not cold enough’.

'Not cold enough?’, she repeated, not believing his words. 'My hands are a little numb, for your information’.

As a man of few words, he just shrugged, and remained silently to her side.

5:36 a.m.

Link informed me that according to his experience, the existing weather conditions do not meet the criteria to produce the green light.

Despite my opposition to his affirmation, he was right.

Zelda spent the rest of the morning certainly frustrated, for she had been trying every morning and evening for days, without results.

After lunch, she went outside to water the planters with Silent Princess seedlings - to her surprise, she started succeeding at growing them. This sort of domesticity suited them just as it did to her.

The clopping and whinny of horses nearby made her turn to see who it was.

Epona and Storm were being carried by Link, who looked pretty much ready to go adventuring.

'Get ready quick, please’, he requested, trying his best not to sound imposing, 'we need to arrive near Lurlin Village before sunset if we want to find a good spot to see the sunrise’.

Zelda’s answer to his instructions was a beaming smile, and a rushed stride to the house to pick her current most important belongings: her Sheikah slate and her log.

After their arrival, Link looked for a good spot to set camp and watch the sunrise. Once they settled, Zelda observed the wildlife while Link grabbed some​ fish and shellfish for dinner.

8:55 p.m.

Link and I settled camp on the beach to see the sunrise. I have to urge him to write a cookbook, or at least I could record the recipes for him. I could roll down the beach from all the food I’ve eaten, and not only today. Every day is a feast for him.

'Why do you want to see that so much?’, he asked her, while he poked the fire.

'It is mainly curiosity’, she confessed, resting her head on his shoulder, 'I’ve never seen anything like that!’

Link was not convinced by her answer. There was an underlying motivation for her to be so intrigued by something he saw more than once on his journey, which was, in fact, a mirage. Nothing else, nothing more.

Zelda dozed off, still resting by his side. Soon, the warmth from the fire, and her very own, dragged him to sleep too.

His eyes shot open quite some time later, realizing he had let his guard down. And Zelda was not at his side. It was about to be daybreak.

His eyes scanned the surroundings, and suddenly found her silhouette, walking barefoot down the beach, the small waves covering her feet. She was lost in her own thoughts: the true image of a Silent Princess.

He approached her discreetly, but keeping a distance,to avoid startling her - he loved these moments of introspection of hers, for her silence gave away so much more than she showed.

‘You found me’, she noticed, not turning to him, eyes fixated on the first rays of sunlight, ‘A long time ago I would have been so pissed off… Now I couldn’t get any happier that you did’.

He chuckled, remembering the images in his head from those times.

Suddenly, the sky went from a hazy blue to a bright pale green. The horizon was dyed in the same hues, making a rim around the rising sun. The sea reflected the light, turning the beach in a surreal landscape. Zelda audibly gasped in awe.

‘It’s happening’, she gleefully murmured.

She immediately changed her demeanor, as remembering something, and closed her eyes and joined her hands, putting herself in a very solemn mood. Link had only seen her like that during her trials.

Zelda opened her eyes as the green light faded into a golden flash of sunlight.

‘So what did you ask for?’, he asked her, coming closer.

‘You never bought it, didn’t you?’, she looked at him, kicking the water.

He just shook his head.

‘I wished for many things: closure, forgiveness, for the energy and patience that requires to rebuild a kingdom’ - she sighed - ‘and for you, to remember all your life before the Calamity. Your life is as in ruins as mine’.

Link gave her a timid smile.

‘I have a incomplete idea of who I was’, he recognized, ‘but I have someone who remembers me, and that’s all I need’ - he held her hand - ‘as long as I have you, everything will be alright’.

She held him tight at these words. Their embrace was warmer as the sun rose, bringing joy to her heart.

6:05 a.m. First day of waning crescent.

I saw the green light. It is amazing indeed, but it clearly depends on the position of the viewer. I still made my wish though. For although it may be a mirage, it is certainly magical.

We plan on returning home quickly, have some rest and then set course to Zora’s Domain. I think it must be our first destination. It has been on my head for several days.

Hi my name is Bethany Todd’Howard Bug Feature Esda and I have long untextured hair (that’s how I got my name) with broken color and extension mods that reaches my mid-back and blue hazy eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like The Final Pam (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Will Wright but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a synthetic but my teeth are straight and white. I have mole-covered skin. I’m also a one-person game studio and I made a game called Fallout 4 where I’m in the nuclear apocalypse. I’m a nuclear survivor (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly vault jumpsuits. I love the developer room and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a feathered dress with a Shem Drowne sword and sunglasses. I was wearing all makeup, pompadour wig, black eyeliner and a scarred wasteland. I was noclipping outside Vault 111. It was raining ash so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A field of 30 ghost boys stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

A Third Party (Masamune X MC X Yukimura)

They insist so vehemently that they hate each other, but when your Lord Masamune and his famed Sanada rival collide, a fiery spar turns a different kind of heated, with you caught in the crossfire…

WARNING: Kind of NSFW-ish(not fully smut but maybe I’ll write it someday) and OOC a little bit I guess

Also, tagging @thedaydreamingotaku, sorry if my writing’s disappointing lol but I hope you like it^^

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Keith and Lance volunteer to test out an aphrodisiac ...

… in a way that backfires spectacularly. An inversion of the sex pollen trope wherein both parties are well aware of what they’re getting into, have great fun for at least the first little while … and then reality sets in. 

Or, that sex pollen thing except done supremely awkwardly and with only a little bit of vaguely described sexy times? (Potentially NSFW, but again, nothing really happens here except lots of complaining … sorry?) 

What, why? No, c’mon, man, I can’t …” Lance whined, stretched out on the bed, his long, lean body on full display, sweaty and naked — great things that Keith was normally all about on a good day. Really, two years with Lance had brought on so many wonderful, occasionally irritating, but also amazingly good days.

This was not a good day.

This was shaping up to be one of the worst days ever.

“Lance,” Keith said, and maybe he was whining too — he had no shame at this point. He had no energy to be ashamed. “I just … why did you agree to this?

Keith sprawled out next to him, careful to keep his bare skin from touching Lance’s, since that would only lead to madness. Further madness that he literally had no ability to commit to right now.

“It wasn’t like I was alone in that room?” Lance turned his head sluggishly, his hazy blue eyes narrowing. He looked like a drunken disaster (no doubt Keith did as well), and his hair was sticking up all over, and his lips were bitten red, and Keith felt that demanding urge again, but also fiery frustration because he was too freaking tired.

“You were there too!” Lance complained. “You heard the same science I did! You signed on the dotted line —“

“We didn’t actually listen past the all-day marathon part of the science, and you damn well know it.”

“Well, what the cheese, dude? If you knew we were being dumb, why didn’t you stop us?!

“You just answered your own question — I was being stupid, and I wanted to …” He lifted a hand limply, barely a few centimetres off the wrecked bed, making a half-hearted gesture at both of their naked bodies. “Yeah.”

“Use your words, Keith. We just banged six times in five and a half hours — you can actually say ‘sex’ right after we’ve had it, okay?”

“Fine,” Keith groaned out. “Sex. We both wanted to have lots and lots of sex, except this isn’t anything like … Holy crap … I want so badly —“

“Right?!” Lance closed his eyes, inhaling sharply. “My body physically can’t handle this anymore, but it wants to at the same time? Why didn’t they program some, I don’t know, science-y stuff that keeps you from pulling a damn muscle?” Keith could see Lance wincing as he massaged his left thigh. And then he shifted his gaze quickly because nope, no way, not again.

“And the chaffing!” Keith stared at the ceiling despairingly, feeling burning along his skin in truly awkward places. “Apparently, that’s something else they didn’t … Lance, I change my mind — this is all your fault. You were the one that raised your hand … I’m an innocent victim that got swept up —”

“It’s been almost six hours. We can do this. It’s only another twenty.” Lance ignored Keith’s accusations while staring down at his own body. “Except we are not spending those twenty hours having sex. We are done for today.”

“So what do you want to do then? Tell them we give up?”

“Um, no? I refuse to walk out of here with a boner and a ‘yeah, no more sex for me.’ That’s wrong on many levels — I can spend the next twenty hours explaining to you how it offends me on multiple counts.”

Author’s note: I am so sorry, I have no idea where this came from! *blushes* If y’all actually like this shameful piece of writing, I’ll add more to it and post it as a one-shot on my AO3 profile … If the embarrassment doesn’t get to me. *ducks under desk*

when you left me, it really sucked. I don’t really know how to explain the pain but I can try. It was like being cold-called in the middle of history class when you’re half asleep—I wasn’t ready. It was like making plans with someone, being so excited, but then them cancelling last minute. So you just sit there not knowing what to do. It was like watching the news and seeing things like: woman raped, someone was shot, terrorist attack. You don’t understand why certain things happen especially to good people. It was like peeling the big sticker off an empty candle and it’s still left with a layer of residue and half the sticker—you’re so fucking frustrated. It was like losing your last baby tooth. You continue to lick where it used to be and hate the absence in your mouth. It was like pouring your cereal and then realizing there’s no milk—so disappointed. It was like driving to the beach to see the sunset but arriving last minute, the sun is already gone, and you’re left with a hazy blue with some clouds; you were too late but you tried. I can go on forever how much it fucking sucked but you came back. So I will suppress the pain with your hugs and the kisses that I love so much. I will pretend I never felt any of it.
—  k.d.m//i missed you