hazy beach

zodiacs in the spring
  • aries: hazy afternoons, bonfires on beaches, losing your umbrella
  • taurus: freshly mown grass, making daisy chains, wearing flip flops for the first time all year
  • gemini: cherry blossoms, writing in the sand, smiling at dogs
  • cancer: bees humming, swimming in the brook, hay fever
  • leo: catching fireflies, walking home in bare feet, getting sunburnt on your nose.
  • virgo: starting a garden, sundresses, monarch butterflies
  • libra: sunrises at 6am, the smell of rain in the wind, making breakfast for friends
  • scorpio: visiting the beach when it rains, new leaves on the trees, the smell of jasmine
  • sagittarius: runnings with sparklers, church bells, the taste of honey
  • capricorn: freshly dug earth, easter egg hunts, driving through the country
  • aquarius: counting constellations, rain boots, robins eggs
  • pieces: jumping in puddles, riding the last train home, feeding the birds in your yard
Friday the Thirteenth

i am firmly planted into your midsummer candescence, your foxtrotting prowess; & we
watch as the flowerbeds we called home
for 6 months wilted like kisses from December,
i’m dreaming of hazy starlight, black sand
beaches and your swimming pool eyes,
those color-shifting angels: sometimes green,
sometimes blue, sometimes grey, and you
stuck your heart out with your tongue like a
burning arrow, like a dart board;
the stormy sail of your floundering misery; caught you shuffling your mother’s old tarot cards in your backyard on friday the 13th, and i could tell with my eyes closed & my fingers laced behind my back that you would always pick Death; there was something about that illegally lit evening, you telling me of how your mother spikes her own tea with doses of viagra, how you hear your baby sister’s laugh in windchimes and the way the streetlights make you feel; highway god zipping beneath the underpass with the troll kids & the vagabonds all cranked up on smoky city fever dreams.