hazy actions

to fall (m)

genre ―angst, smut | friends with benefits!au

pairing ― jungkook | reader

synopsis Things aren’t always what they seem.

words ― 3,062

― note : from my two year request batch

It should’ve ended when your heart would flutter at the sound of his ringtone. Maybe even when the smallest of things would remind you of him. It was wrong for you to be yearning for him when the covers just couldn’t warm you up at night. You wanted him to be more of your weekly hookup but it was one thing you both agreed on not being. A couple.

Ironically enough, you were the one to place this rule because he was just another toy to play with. You quickly realized that Jungkook was far more than just a simple toy. From the first time he saw your body in all it’s glory, his face became flushed and for a split second you saw his facade slip. In the moment of desire and lust you didn’t realize it but looking back at it now it made you wonder.

What did he really think of you?

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A Pang of Envy

“ Can you please do Lay smut when he’s jealous of other members? Sorry for my bad english xd and thank you! “
 * this is for the anon that requested a Lay smut. Here’s to you, we hope you enjoy! xx  -p.s. your english is perfect! ^^ *

Summary: a movie night with exo, a touch of jealousy, and Lay.

Members: Lay x Reader

Type: Smut

Length: 1,286 words

-Admin R

Originally posted by petityeols

“Y/N-ah, why are you so comfy?” Baekhyun asks as he cuddles closer to you.

“Lay, you’re so lucky to have a girlfriend that’s sweet and cuddly.” Chanyeol says as his head is laying on your lap. You smile at the compliments before moving from the floor to one of the sofas.

“Yah, you two,” you say towards the two boys that are now left pillowless on the floor, “I didn’t come here to be a personal pillow for the both of you.”

All of the boys had a free night and Lay decided to invite you over to watch some movies with them.

“Okay, okay. So what are we watching?” Jongin asks, sitting on the second sofa, blanket surrounding him, clearly the most ready for tonight’s movie night.

Xiumin and Chen joined the other two boys on the floor, throwing a few pillows at them. “Here, now stop whining about the lack of girlfriend material in your life.” Chen says and the room erupts into light giggles. Kyungsoo joined Jongin on the sofa, stealing part of Jongin’s blanket for himself. Suho, Sehun and Lay were in the kitchen preparing the snacks for the group. You glanced over to your boyfriend, only to find his eyes darting from the two boys that were once using you as their personal pillow to you. He smiled, revealing his single dimple towards you, and you smiled back. But his eyes seemed to contrast the sweet smile, eliciting a dark haze within them. You thought maybe he was just tired, so you turned your attention back to the boys and waited for him to join you on the sofa.

Sehun returned to the room with a bowl of popcorn and smaller bowl of sour candies. He sat to the left of you placing the bowl of popcorn down for the members on the floor and handed the smaller bowl to you offering you some candies before the movie began. You pop a candy in your mouth and the moment it touches your tongue your face squints at the tingle that is evading the insides of your mouth, and Sehun giggles at you. “Ah, Y/N-ah, your face is so cute! Did you not know they were sour?” Sehun leans closer to you, arms touching and he’s still giggling at your reaction to the unexpected sourness. You nudge his arm “Next time a little warning would be nice, Sehun!” he nudges you back with enough force causing you to lean into the body that has now occupied your right side. You look over and Lay has finally joined you, draping his left arm around you and pulling you close to him. “Okay, Sehun. Give Y/N a break.” His face is stern and focused on the screen that has yet to play the previews.  

The movie finally started, and halfway through you wrapped an arm across Lay’s body, cuddling closer into him. You raised you head to look at him, but he does not return the glance. Bothered by the lack of eye contact, leaving you in confusion, you decided to get up and freshen up in the bathroom. Once you were done, you opened the door and entered the hallway but instead of returning to the main room you felt a hand grab your arm and pull you backwards. Turning around you see your boyfriend taking you to his shared room and locking the door behind him.

“Lay? Is everything okay?” Lay is standing there, finally making eye contact with you. His eyes are darker the normal, and moves closer to you.

“Y/N, I don’t like it when the members get too comfortable with you.” he confesses, caressing the side of your face, before running his hands through your hair.

“Oh, Yixing. Are you jealous?” You teased, but he’s not having any of it. He wraps an arm around your waist while his other hand covers your mouth.

“I just want the other members to know that you’re mine, and I’m yours.”

He lightly placed his soft lips on yours, a gentle and hardly existing touch. His grip around your waist gets tighter as he pulls you closer into him. Your mind is already getting hazy at his minimal actions, but you also can’t help but get a little turned on at this side of Lay. You smirk against his lips and roll your hips into his groin and he lets out a gasp. His hot breath covering your lips, sending chills down to your core. “Yixing-” He presses his lips onto yours, kissing you with immense passion. Hips grinding against yours, he backs you up onto his bed, guiding you down to lay flat. Wasting no time, Lay pulls your pants and panties down, sliding your shirt up just past your breasts. He kisses your stomach, leaving wet kisses all over. His calloused fingers glide down your thighs and separates them as his mouth hovers over your sensitive and wet core. He licks a stripe over it, before inserting his tongue into you. Lay’s tongue moving in and out of you, sends your vision to nothing but blurry spots as moans escaped your mouth. Normally Lay would be adamant on you staying as quiet as possible but this time he was determined to make your pleasures heard. His tongue grazed over your clit before he began to nip and suck at it causing you to arch your back up. Your hands found their way to his hair and running your fingers through them once before he grabs them and moves them over your head. You whimper at the rejection.

Lay rises over you, one hand still holding your wrists overhead as his free hand positions himself at your entrance. “Ready, jagi-ah?” With not enough energy to answer you nod your head, mouth falling open as his throbbing member enters your entrance with a hard thrust. Lay lets out a low grunt at the feeling of you around him. His head lowers to place a sloppy kiss on your lips as he begins to thrust into you in such a way you swear he is dancing to the rhythm of your increasing heartbeat. With each thrust, Lay rolls his hips upwards, leaving you in an eternal bliss. Your moans became louder and louder, you were sure that even the max level of the television’s volume couldn’t mask your screams. Lay doesn’t leave you to be the only one emitting such erotic noises, his grunts are low but audible. Lay releases your hands and you quickly grasp onto his shoulders, digging your nails into his shoulders. Both of his hands are on your hips keeping you steady as he continues to pound into you. You began to feel your stomach turning, and your body is shaking as Lay brings you to your high with his following shortly after. Your core pulses around Lay’s member causing him to moan lightly in your ear as he collapses over you. You ran your hand through his hair, listening to his moans turn to light whimpers matching your own sounds. “Jagi, I love you.” Lay whispers into your ear before pulling out of you. Both sweating messes, you help each other put your clothes back on before returning to the main room. Yixing heads towards the door, and before he opens it up you grab his arm turning him to look at you. “I love you, too. Yixing. Even your jealous side.” His cheeks turn a light shade of pink and you wrap your arms around his waist looking up at him. “In fact, I think I love your jealous side a little more.” You say, giving him a wink followed by a kiss.

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More Than Friendly Encounters: Hiro Hamada x Reader

Previous Shorts: Female Encounters

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Male Encounters

Mildly mature content

“It’s gotten kind of quiet over there.  How’s it going?” Hiro asks you from his computer chair.

 You’re sitting on his bed, your advanced biology textbook in front of you as you work on your homework.  “Still working on homework, Hiro.  Not everyone can finish a week’s worth of homework in an hour,” you respond, flipping through the pages of your book.

 “What’s wrong? Distracted by thoughts of my-”

 “Hiro!” you cut him off in a warning tone.  It’s been two weeks, and he still won’t let it go.

 He laughs and continues working on his computer.  You bite your lip as you glare at the back of his head.  Any little opportunity he could find, Hiro would take the chance to remind you of your little encounter two weeks ago.  He brought it up so often, that you were seriously ready to do anything to get him to stop.  Before you can second guess your next decision, you steel your nerves and pull off your t-shirt.  Crumpling the fabric into a ball, you throw it at him so it lands on his keyboard.

 “You better stop, now,” you say to him.

 “Huh?” he grabs the fabric ball and unravels it.  “Wait, isn’t this the shirt that you were wearing?”  He glances at you from over his shoulder before doing a double take. “Whoa, (Name)!  What are you doing?!”

 “You said you would stop if I took off my shirt,” you explain with a pointed glare.

 Hiro’s cheeks turn a bright red and he rips his gaze away from you.  “That was a joke!  I never thought you’d actually do it!”

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Forbidden (Part Six)

Part Five

A/N: Thanks for reading so far :)

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language

Word Count: 4124

Tagging: @battqueen @anoril

Originally posted by mudcloudcas

The next day could only be described as hectic. Evidence of you and Crowley’s incident were few physically, but inside you were a total mess. Your body still hummed with the feeling of his fingertips, of his lips, of the soft whisper of his words against your skin. The inner pull still weighed heavily on your very soul, drawing your eyes towards the dungeon as you readied the Bunker for the boys’ arrival. Just act cool. How could you? You slept with the King of Hell, the Winchesters’ prisoner! But he was so much more than that. There was more to him than the snark and the black suit.


You heard his soft call, your entire being perking up like an excited puppy. Like you were in a trance, you stumbled to the Bunker, your eyes immediately finding his across the dungeon. “Yes?”

“I just wanted to see you again,” Crowley murmured, eyes soft. He could feel the gentle pumping of your blood through his veins, the feeling orgasmic and addicting. He wanted more, so bad.

You smiled a little, the side of your mouth curling up. “How are you feeling?”

“Better now,” Crowley replied, a small smile accompanying his comment. The rapture from last night hung in his body like a thick fog, cloaking his mind and blurring his thoughts. All he could focus on was you.

You crossed over to him and then sank down at his feet between his legs, your cheek resting against his inner thigh. Your eyes peered up at him, speaking every word and emotion you felt. It was all so confusing, but you were drawn to him, and you were having trouble finding the will to stay away.

“Will you leave?”

You looked away for a moment as you thought. You hadn’t really thought about that. Did you leave when the Winchesters came back? You did your job. However, you felt like things weren’t complete yet. “No,” you answered quietly.

Crowley’s cuffed hand reached out to gently caress your cheek, eyes hazy. The action pulled you upwards, bringing your face close to his. He leaned to the side near your ear, lips parted slightly. “I need more,” he whispered to you, his hands clutching your wrists firmly to express his extreme desire. His fingertips skimmed over your pulse, outlining the veins running beneath your skin. He swallowed thickly, his mind reaching out to feel the steady pump of blood through your system. He wasn’t used to this sort of desperation, this weight, which made his cravings waver as he internally fought his growing addiction.

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anonymous asked:

do you ever just read stuff about INTJs on tumblr and think "oh shit, what if I'm not an INTJ or as INTJ as I thought?" and doubt yourself for a second and then remember that not all stereotypes are accurate and people are different lol and you are 100% an INTJ?

Haha I used to, but now that I’ve pretty much cemented myself as an INTJ I kinda just see them and realize,

“Wow this INTJ is so different from me… this just goes to show me that MBTI can help us understand HOW and WHY we function/think and can usually give us a hazy prediction of our actions and words, but it can never account for the slight differences in every facet of our personality that makes us individuals.

Well, a shorter version of that, at least ;)