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Nagisa, Rei, Makoto and Haru are at a Restaurant
  • Nagisa: What do you guys want to order?
  • Haru: *reads Makoto's mind* Makoto wants hamburgers and fries
  • Rei: *Looks shocked* H-How do you know that Haruka-senpai?
  • Haru: Cause I do
  • Makoto: *blushes* I actually do want that
My Free!Mancave Realm...(Merch Update 2017)

Hi guys! (or gals, fujoushi, fudanshi, or however you call yourself…)

I am pleased to show my updated merch collection (AND A NEW ROOM TOO! Sort of…I have moved my merch to my little “mancave” area by my home office. I’m kinda undergoing a makeover too so please excuse this messy stuff LOL.)

But yes, I have received a bunch of new merch including:

·  TAKARA TOMY Free! Costume Mascot Keychains with ALL 8 BOYS! (WHOOT MY FIRST EVER SAMEZUKA! [not counting the tape as you’ll see later…])

·  Free! Iwatobbi Swim Club – Season 1 Limited Edition – (FUNi x CR collab)

·  And playing cards both Seasons 1 and 2.

·  Did I mention I got the Arabian/Splash-Free Keychains!? :DDD

Anyway, I got a lot of pics so please continue reading after the jump…

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This is Haru


Free! -Timeless Medley- 絆  Character Post Cards

“The irreplaceable time spent with us, I’d be happy if you enjoyed it” -Haruka Nanase

“I’m glad we can spend time together. Let’s get along from now on too.” -Makoto Tachibana

“Let’s enjoy our precious time together ☆” -Nagisa Hazuki

“Have you enjoyed it? Let us continue to get along from now on too.” -Rei Ryugazaki


GUYS THE Free! Timeless Medley TRAILER IS OUT.