hazrat abbas (as)

Du'a kumayl recited in baynal haramayn by Maytham al Tammar.
Imam Ali advised Kumayl to recite this “Du'a” on the eve of (i.e. evening preceding) every Friday, or once a month or at least once in every year so that, added Imam Ali, “Allah may protect thee from the evils of the enemies and the plots contrived by impostors. O’ Kumayl! in consideration of thy companionship and understanding, I grant thee this honour of entrusting this "Du'a” to you.“
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An excerpt from the Movie SHAHEED E KUFA, Imam Ali (as).

When Imam Ali (as) walks towards the Masjid for prayers, wakes up Ibn Muljim (la) for fajr prayers and while at sujood he structs Imam Ali (as) with a poisonous sword. Qutamah (la) who ordered to Kill Imam Ali (as) turns into a Fox. 

Ya Ali (as) 💔😭

Hazrat Abbas (as) was given a horse named “Uqab” (Eagle).
Shia sources say that this horse was used by Muhammad (saws) and Ali (as) and that this horse was presented to Muhammad by the King of Yemen, Saif ibn Zee Yazni, through Abdul Muttalib.
The king considered the horse to be very important, and its superiority over other horses was evident by the fact that its genealogical tree was also maintained. It was initially named “Murtajiz”, which comes from the Arabic name “Rijiz” meaning thunder (lightning).


Ya Ab al-Fadl al-Abbas (as)

May Allah’s curse be on Hakim Bin Tufail (lnt) who cut off right hand and Allah’s curse be on Zaid bin Warrd (lnt) who cut off left hand of Moula Abbas (as)

“Infinite peace and blessings be upon you and your righteous and enlightening behavior, O Ab al-Fadl! Peace be upon you as you reached your high status and courageously accomplished the path you faced.

In the Ziyarat of Nahiya, Imam Mahdi (A.S.) addresses him as the following:"Peace be upon Ab al-Fadl al-Abbas, son of the commander of the believers, the one who protected his brother with his own life, and collected provisions from his past for his future. It is he who sacrificed himself for his brother, made his own life a shield, and made sufficient effort for his sake”