The Last of Us, a brand new masterpiece video game brought to us by Naughty Dog, SONY, directors Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann (also the writer), is a 10 out of 10 video game. There aren’t too many games that can leave you saying you’ve legitimately played a masterpiece, but this one definitely can! 

The Last of Us, released in June of this year, is an incredible zombie game! No, I’m sorry INFECTED game. Yes, another writer decided to make people realize that there is a realistic idea to zombies. It’s a great third person perspective game that gets you on the edge of your seat and you definitely connect with the characters a lot more than most games.

Joel is a single father in Texas, who lost his daughter once the outbreak began due to a gunshot wound inflicted by a soldier following his pathetic commands to mow them down. Eventually finding himself in Boston with his friend Tess 20 years later, they now live in a world where medication, guns, and ration cards are their new currency. While on a little mission to kill down a gangster, Robert, they find that the Fireflies, a rebel group has been traded all of the supplies Robert had stolen.

Sound interesting yet? Well, here’s where the initial story begins. Joel and Tess find the Fireflies’ leader, Marlene who promises them double the amount of guns and ammo for getting a teenage girl, Ellie, to the fireflies outside of Boston and outside of the quarantined area.
And so,, the journey begins with this little girl, and a shit ton of infected wandering around STILL after all of these years.

That’s all I’ll tell you about the story, but I do have to say that the game play is amazing. All the detail is incredible, and it’s because of the realistic sound and display that you feel more into the game. In this huge world where infected are now roaming and transforming living into these terrible creatures, the story is still based on the characters, and not the world as a whole. I like that, because if you try to focus too much on the entire world in a game like this, it will be a lot less smooth, a lot less detail, and a lot less fucks given on how the end product ends up. These guys aimed for the stars and let nothing get in their way here.

Now, I’ll go ahead and warn you about one tiny thing; the Clickers. You will encounter badies of the human specie, and many infected, but none are as dangerous and nerve racking as the infected people called clickers. It is one of the final stages of infection and not only will they kill you with a single bite with ease, but their sounds will creep you out. I’m not talking “ohh that’s scary”, I am talking if you hear this shit late at night by yourself you will cry. The construction of these sounds is meant to make you tense, get you worried, and even scared instantly. They react to sound before anything else, so you feel even more fearful of making a single stone beneath your shoe crack. In combination with their  nasty bite, they are the worst enemy you will find. There are the bloated infected as well, that will hurl spore bombs at you, but at least those move slow. Clickers are quick and will not hesitate to eat your neck.

For gameplay, you have a nice little ability that lets you hear through walls, hear things move in multiple floors, and from incredible distances. This is helpful when you’re running out of ammo and it’s a lot easier to sneak up and kill them anyways. Ammo is a rarity in this game, along with supplies. What can I say? It’s a SURVIVAL game. It makes you think on your feet and forces you to make quick decisions. You’ll be in an area where there are a ton of infected. Do you use the gun? Or a bow and arrow? Or do you play the gutsy move and sneak up on all of them and kill them? Or do you use a bomb? There are many opportunities for you to make poor decisions and die, but play smart, keep your eyes and ears open, and you’ll make it- I think.

I’ve already mentioned gameplay a bit, but I will also emphasize on the picture. It is nice and relaxing at times. The beautiful picture and scenery will get to you, and the next thing you know, you’ll be in battle. A lot of these battles are with infected, but additionally, you need to fight other people who are just trying to survive and live through these terrible times. I caught myself asking, “Do we have to kill these people?!” right in the beginning, and the answer is yes. There is not time to play peacemaker in this world, because if you do not kill them, they will definitely kill you. There’s no room to be nice here!

This game IS only for PS3 at the moment, but I do believe that the XBOX ONE might be able to handle it if it is re-released. In the meantime, if you don’t have a PS3, buy one, or play this amazing game with a friend. It is well worth your money and your hours and hours of time! 10 out of 10 here folks! Game On! <3