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  • we will fangirl together

Okay I am literally listening to my play list on shuffle and this came up in my feed *cries*


And next is All of The Stars.,,.

My play list is trying to emotionally ruin me with all these songs from the movie

It’s looking a lot like Christmas, and considering I’m too useless to give away anything, I thought I’d make my very first Follow Forever.

I’d like to thank you all for brightening up my dash and motivating me to come on here more and more, you’re all amazing. 

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thank you all so much, hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year! xo - Natalie 



I made this in honor of a great year, the fact that I gained over 5k followers during 2013, and for all the wonderful people I follow  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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I am so sorry if I forgot you, I probably didn’t recognize your url, or I haven’t been following you for that long. I would’ve loved to put all the blogs I follow on here, but that would take forever :S if you think you deserve to be on here, message me! 

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Hello! So i just recently hit 1k after remaking (since i accidently deleted my blog) which is absolutely incredible so i decided to make this follow forever!! Thank you guys so much for helping me reach this many followers and for making tumblr an amazing experience.

If you are in bold, hover over your url! 


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O U R • L I T T L E • I N F I N I T Y

A TFIOS themed network page to make friends and occasionally sob over the glory that is The Fault in our Stars

  • New followers
  • New friends
  • Reblogs when requested
  • Help with PS, HTML, life, etc
  • A spot on our network page
  • Tears…
T O • J O I N
  • Must be following both hazlegrace and opercy
  • Must have read TFIOS
  • Must reblog this post to enter(likes will not be counted)
  • Increase your chances by telling us why you want to join and tag it with #ourlittleinfinitypg
  • Our group will consist of 15 new members 
  • Members will be chosen March 1-7
G O O D  L U C K  T O  A L L  W H O  A P P L I E D

Message either hazlegrace or opercy should you have any questions

Guys. I can’t believe I just hit 1.5k. Starting this blog I never imagined how many beautiful people I would meet,
or how many amazing friends I would gain. To show my appreciation, here’s my follow forever! I had so many blogs that I absolutely love that if I missed you I’m extremely sorry! But anyway, here are a few blogs that I will never ever stop following. Like ever.

A-C: afullonrainstorm acapelladubstep
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D-F: darhlingimanightmare desperatlyinlovewithyou drinkingmaplelattes
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eyesopen faceinalockets fade-into-views fearsandyourghosts
fellawiththehellagoodhair filledwiththorns
finalycleans fuxkyeahswift g00d-girl-faith
G-I: gotalktoyourfriends gotsbadblood
halfofmyhearts hazlegrace heartbeatswift hellagoodcurls hellagoodhair hellamaleswiftie heyalisonswift hiswildeyesontheroad
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itsanewsoundtrack itsmellslikeswift
iwaslookinatyou iwishyouwererighthere
J-K: jumpthenfalls juniorjewels
keepmyoldscarves likenevers
liketenerifesea littleshiningthings
losttupstate lov-eswift lwishyouwould
M-O: memoriesbreakyourfall merideathswift
midnightnoheadlights13 monica-geller
movesthefurniture mysweetayngel
neverevers nevereverlikeever
neverstopfightingdragons newromaantics ninetay89
P-S: penclick penclicksound
placeswecanhide plaidbeautifultragic
ptaylorswift quicksandswift
redlipclassictswiftie reflectsthechain
rememberyourbarefeet republicofswift
risksthefall roundeachtime
sadbeautifultraglc savedbytheswift
savingmypromises scarsyoumade
screamingcolourswift seeyouinnashville
seizetheday-runaway shadesofwrong shakeitoffs shefoundherselfs
sixtiequeen sleeplessnightswift
speaknowswiftly sstaringatthesunset
stateofbecky stateofgracebitches
stateofswift stayslaystay
stoodthereandwatched swiftstrong
T: takeabreaths taketheheats talisonswift
taylaroid taylorslegs taylorsmainbitch
taylorsshakeitoff taylorswft
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tayonethree tayorswift
taylorswiftisnotimpressed taypunzel
tayslaysswift tayswiftdotcom
taywildestdreams teaswift tenerifeseas
teylaswift teylurs timeerasingyou
thatswhatpeoplessay theangelscity
theblameisonme thenewromantics1989
theperksoftaylorswift theplayfullconversationstarts
thestarsthatshined thesunsetbabe
thisistheworthwhileswift thislovecamebacktome tillyouputmedowns timcgraws
todaywasafairytay treacherousplaces
troublexswift ts-1989 ts-bae tthisloveeisgood twopaperairplanenecklaces
U-Z: ughstory vsepr-theory villageisaglow vintxge-xo
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wonderlandtaylor wontstopgroving
wouldwaitforever wrotethisinsteadofcallin yaswhales
youareeinlove youareinllove
youdreamimpossiblethings youwerelookingatme

Thank you all for being amazing! I love you all!
xoxo Christine

so basically this is my first ever follow forever and it took ages but it was totally worth it bc my blog would be garbage without seeing all of ur blogs on my dash every day and im sure i missed someone and im so so so sorry for that bc literally everyone i follow rocks xx 

bffs (hover for message): ♡ karen ♡ jes ♡ bianca ♡ emma ♡ juliette ♡ gwendolyn ♡ olivia ♡ cora ♡ isabel ♡ emily ♡ nora ♡ olivia ♡ lydia  ♡

networks: the maraudorsthe districteersthe victorsthe jaeger networkthe districts network, elite tributes 

bold = i love ur blog more than life 

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