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Hey guys we haven’t made a follow forever in awhile but we just got to 7k!!! So not every single person that we follow is on this list so I’m sorry if you’re not on here but you are just as loved!!! Thank you so much for following us if you do or providing us with amazing content that we reblog!

Love, Steph and Maya

friends in bold


allyouhadtodowastay almightay altoowhale anyreallove badsblood bae-tay besideyouhoran best-apologies blualua boobleigh brennuh brookesally burningbrighterthanthesun buyblackmagic b3auteaful cockholmsyndrome colorsinautumn comingeasily daggertattoos dlovestaylor drinkingmaplelattes ehchanted everydayislikeabattles


faceinalockets fade-into-views fashionwithkenzie fashion-in-ny13 feariess fellawiththehellagoodhair fetusswift fightmeloueh finallyyyclean fitinmypoems florencias-clothes gayforzendaya girlgrouping girlwiththeobsessions goldbisexual gwiyomiemoji harryxnialll harryate hazah hazlegrace heartbreakis-my-nationalanthem hellagoodhair hellagoodhaylor hellagoodmaeve hellamaleswiftie highklassbitches hopeyourebi howyougethegirl


iheartsquestionmark innocehnt inviteds iwishyouwoulds jacobxswift julyninths justbeforetheyloseitall just-tswift kaleidoscopeofourmemories kardaschianwest karliekloss kingdomlightsshine kiossy kissinbarsyoufool knouis knowitslonggone knowsomeplaces lightingonmyfeet likeimparalyzedbyit longslive lordeandtaylor lordpaynos losttupstate louist89 lov-eswift


madshattr memeleanor mosaicshearts mqxvi mswatswift musichurtslikeheaven neverbeluke newbromantics newromaantics newromanticss newromantlcs noshitlouis oldfavoritesong orhgasm ourexes pair-of-star-crossed-lovers panavox passinnotesinsecrecy peachesharry pesykisses pizzapllanet plzleavemestranded povverbottoms 


recordsasyou reflectsthechain rememberyourbarefeet revolution-zarry risewithyou rumorsflying sadbeautifultragic sademtytown settingyousfree shakeandbakeitoff shakingoffcenturies showyouincrediblethings stayslaystay staysoutoolate sweerantrash swifting-it swiftpains swift-malik talldrinkoftaylor taylenol13 taylorscurves taylorslegs taylorsmainbitch taylorswift taylurkin tayswiftnation tayswitf thatwasasmalltown theblameisonme thelifeofswift thestarsthatshined thinkingoutloud-x tiredlonelysplace tswiftcatitude ts-1989 ts1989hs twentytaystitches twopaperairplanenecklaces t-swizzle


wasanytraceofyou whitetshirt whyisntketchupasmoothie wildesdreams wish-you-knew-that worldhoe wouldtheymakethisblogforyou wxldstdream youareeinlove youendedit youfitmypoems-likeaperfectrhyme yslhoe 1989zayn

Okay I am literally listening to my play list on shuffle and this came up in my feed *cries*


And next is All of The Stars.,,.

My play list is trying to emotionally ruin me with all these songs from the movie

Guys. I can’t believe I just hit 1.5k. Starting this blog I never imagined how many beautiful people I would meet,
or how many amazing friends I would gain. To show my appreciation, here’s my follow forever! I had so many blogs that I absolutely love that if I missed you I’m extremely sorry! But anyway, here are a few blogs that I will never ever stop following. Like ever.

A-C: afullonrainstorm acapelladubstep
all-too-well alltaywell alltoofuckingwell almostswift andatightlittleskirt andthatlittleblackdress
atmidnights beautifulnight bestapologyswift blankspacebabys
blanxspace breakburnandends
butterfliestodust cantmakethemstay
cantrememberwhatsong casualllycruel
catastropheastaylor catsandbecky
coffee-at-midnight13 coffeeatmidniqht
colorsinautumn colouringshadows
comeswiftly couldlastforevers
crushingonswift dancewithtay13
D-F: darhlingimanightmare desperatlyinlovewithyou drinkingmaplelattes
droughtwasveryworst drunkswifts
electraswxft enchantaylor enchanthed
eyesopen faceinalockets fade-into-views fearsandyourghosts
fellawiththehellagoodhair filledwiththorns
finalycleans fuxkyeahswift g00d-girl-faith
G-I: gotalktoyourfriends gotsbadblood
halfofmyhearts hazlegrace heartbeatswift hellagoodcurls hellagoodhair hellamaleswiftie heyalisonswift hiswildeyesontheroad
hunterscatsandfoxes icouldbuildcastles
ididntwarnyou ifikissyoudarlin
insanecrystalskies intotheswift
itsanewsoundtrack itsmellslikeswift
iwaslookinatyou iwishyouwererighthere
J-K: jumpthenfalls juniorjewels
keepmyoldscarves likenevers
liketenerifesea littleshiningthings
losttupstate lov-eswift lwishyouwould
M-O: memoriesbreakyourfall merideathswift
midnightnoheadlights13 monica-geller
movesthefurniture mysweetayngel
neverevers nevereverlikeever
neverstopfightingdragons newromaantics ninetay89
P-S: penclick penclicksound
placeswecanhide plaidbeautifultragic
ptaylorswift quicksandswift
redlipclassictswiftie reflectsthechain
rememberyourbarefeet republicofswift
risksthefall roundeachtime
sadbeautifultraglc savedbytheswift
savingmypromises scarsyoumade
screamingcolourswift seeyouinnashville
seizetheday-runaway shadesofwrong shakeitoffs shefoundherselfs
sixtiequeen sleeplessnightswift
speaknowswiftly sstaringatthesunset
stateofbecky stateofgracebitches
stateofswift stayslaystay
stoodthereandwatched swiftstrong
T: takeabreaths taketheheats talisonswift
taylaroid taylorslegs taylorsmainbitch
taylorsshakeitoff taylorswft
taylorswift taylorswiftstyle taylorwifts
tayonethree tayorswift
taylorswiftisnotimpressed taypunzel
tayslaysswift tayswiftdotcom
taywildestdreams teaswift tenerifeseas
teylaswift teylurs timeerasingyou
thatswhatpeoplessay theangelscity
theblameisonme thenewromantics1989
theperksoftaylorswift theplayfullconversationstarts
thestarsthatshined thesunsetbabe
thisistheworthwhileswift thislovecamebacktome tillyouputmedowns timcgraws
todaywasafairytay treacherousplaces
troublexswift ts-1989 ts-bae tthisloveeisgood twopaperairplanenecklaces
U-Z: ughstory vsepr-theory villageisaglow vintxge-xo
voguetaylor weaarethefoxes
weareethefoxes wearingredlipsticks
wegotbad wegotbadbloood
welcometonewyorks welcometotswift
whatsadbeautifultragic wherethestorylineend
wildestdreamoftay winestaindress
wonderlandtaylor wontstopgroving
wouldwaitforever wrotethisinsteadofcallin yaswhales
youareeinlove youareinllove
youdreamimpossiblethings youwerelookingatme

Thank you all for being amazing! I love you all!
xoxo Christine

Hey guys! This is so unbelievable I can’t believe this is actually real! 10 thousand people are following me on this lame blog and so much has happened since I made this and I never thought tumblr would impact me as much as it did. I love you guys so much, thank you!

Also a quick side note: I’m sorry if you’re not in this! I do have a tendency to forget but I did try to be completely honest on this. (Plus I didn’t want to make hovers for 550+ people haha)

bold = friends, italics = favorite blogs.

# A B C

1989albumabouttoplaymyace, adelaidekanie, all-too-well, andthatlittleblackdress, andyoucallmeupagain, ariangrcnde, badsblood, bejusttrees, betterthansrevenge, breakburnandends, calvinsharris, cantrememberwhatsong, chasingfortunes, cockholmsyndrome, colorsinautumn, comebackbeherecutelucas


daddyberniesanders, dancinroundthekitchen, demonsandarling, droughtswastheveryworst, feelslikeaperfectnight, fellawiththehellagoodhair, fitinmypoems, frangipanez, futurewasme, gotyourdemons, halseyr, haydenormero, hazlegrace, hcrondale, hecataes, howyougethegirl, hrcrux


iconfessbabe, icouldbuildcastles, ikeepcruising, iknowsplaces, illwriteyourname, imparalyzedbyitt, itscasuallycruel, iwishyouwoulds, julyninths, kaeliekloss, kaleidoscopeofourmemories, keepcruising, kingdomlightsshine, kissinbarsyoufool, klossyaf, knowitslonggone, knowsplaces, lexiesqrey, lightingonmyfeet, likeabattle, listofexlovers, longlivethegirlinthedress, longslive, lovesglowing·, lovethanfights, lukesos·


makingupforlostlove, messofadreamer-13, michael5sos, milkshakeitoff, mosaicswift, mstaylorswifts, myjourneytofearlesss, nevereverlikeever, newromaantics, niewromantics, noitsjosh, of1989, ofloudheartbeat, onehandfeel, passinnotesinsecrecy, phoebetonhkin, picturetoburns, ptaylorswift


rememberyourbarefeet, sademtytown, screamingiminlovewithyou, settingyousfree, sexualnico, shadowsswift, shedancedtoforget, sherlockswift, singlejade, slaylorswifts, soipunchedahole, sowecoulddance, statefgrace, straightforthecastle, sunscameup, sweetfictions, swifs, swiftsclifford


takeawaythepains, talldrinkoftaylor, tayliswift, tayllorswifts, taylorsvivt, taylorswift, taylour, tayorswift, theblameisonme, thesunsetbabetimeerasingyou, tothisickbeat, totrackusdown, wealmostbrokeup, wentmad, wherethestorylineend, whereveryouares, wildestdreanyouareeinlove, youareworldsaway, youkeepmyoldscarf, youreclean, yourememberitalltoowell, youwerelookingatme, zendayva

Hello my lovely lovely followers!!! As the year ends i want to say thank u from the bottom of my heart for u being the bestest ever. it was a really weird year for me and you guys made me feel better so thank u so much.

I follow quite a few ppl so i am v sorry if i dont include u i still love u i swear

#s: 1989ed || 19eightaynine

A: agentswift || all-too-well-13 || alltaywell || andialmostdo || andyoucallmeupagain || anygreatloves

B: backyardtree || badblccd || blcnkspace || bloodruncold || butcantmakeemstay || butikeepcruisin 

C: cant-make-them-stay1989 || captivatedtaylor || casualllycruel || comingeasily

D: dancingsaroundallalone || dancinroundtheroom || darkbluetenneswift || droughtswastheveryworst

E: enchantedswiftt || enchanthed || eyelovetaylorswift

F: feariess || fearsandyourghosts || fellawiththehellagoodhair || flfteen || foreverclean || foundwonderlnd

G: gettindowntothissickbeat || goodgirlwhoshopeful || gotsbadblood

H: happyfreeconfusedllonely || hazlegrace || heartbreakerssgonnabreak || hellacutetaylor || hellagoodfellas || hellagoodhair || hishandsareonmywaistline

I: iknowplaeces || imfinallycleans || imwonderfucked || inmyroomallalone || inscreamingcolour || ivegotablankspace || iwaslookinatyou

J: jamesdeansdaydreamlook || julyninths 

K: kaleidoscopeofourmemories || kissesoncheekss || knowitslonggone

L: lightingonmyfeet ||  likeabadblood || longslive 

M: magiccmadnessheavensin || milkshakeitoff || myexmanbroughthisnewgf || myjourneytofearlesss || mylastconditionis 

N: nameisupinlights || neveroutstyle || nightmaredressedlikeadayydream || nothinginmabrain

O: ofbackandforth || ofbeinghonests || ohnoswift || oldfavoritesong || onehandfeel || outoftheswoods

P: passinnotesinsecrecy || photoswift || probablymindlessdreaming

R: redllips-rosycheeks || remembermestanding || rightandreal || riskanothergoodbye 

S: sckbeat || screamingscolours || settingsyoufree || shakeit-offs || simplysfans || slowlykissesandprettylies || staringatasunset || suddenly13 || swiftfull || swiftwinkles

T: tayismycupcake || tayisoutofthewoods || tayliswift || taylorailsonswift || taylornswift || taylorsshakeitoff || taylorsswft || taylorswift-made-me-fearless || taylorswiftduh || taylorswitt || taylorthwift || tayorswoft || teylursweft || thekingdomslights || thelaststime || thelifeofswift || thelookonyourface || theswiftsource || thiscrookedlove || thisfightisworthwhile || tilyouputmedown || trystolisten || tsweezys

U / V: ughtaylorswift || untrouchable || upliftedbyswift || vinyltaylor

W: welcometonewyorks || wildestdreamoftay || withanastyscars || wonderstay 

Y: youareeinlove || youarinlove || youbelongwithmes || youbelongwithsme || youcomeundone || youkeepmyoldscarf 

And of course, taylorswift and tree-paine for being swaggy as heck

ily and i apologize if i was too lazy to put u on the list 


follow forever cause i hit my next thousand!!!!

fav; mutual

salazarslyterin; emliaclake; protectorderek; protectmccall; draxox; jon-snow; instantremorse; rlupin; merauders; pthos; thominho; teddyluqin; clytemnestrea; biliusronald; hogwartssqueen; okayodysseus; gallifreystands; sobforsirius; kateargernt; eowyns; jaimelannister; tomriidle; altraviolence; dioynsus; phadfoots; hermioniegranger; herhmione; hermioning; argentless; hugvvarts; azkcban; jonrsnow; trojanwars; remusjohnslupin; remuslpins; april-kepner; heytonks; flawlessmeg; remusmoopin; harrypottzr; grounderocteivia; wayland; alliscnargentt; athosds; snatchmescabior; flxorescence; fiendfyred; sectvmsempras; chxrisevans; clarkesgriffin; hazlegrace; potterlilys; hp-picspam; skyewardz; voldevolts; willherondales; prufrick; annaolphant; ohdevonee; weasloy; jamespctterr; mrbenwyatt; ronsweasleys; lestranqe; romulvs; havilliardes; pureblud; buhtterbeer; stilnski; dracoqmalfoy; okprongs; rosesweasleys; d-radcliffe; ollivandirs; fuckboykavinsky; claryfry; malfhoy; malfoysheart; hephaetsus; infinitehogwarts; gxnnyweasley; -hedwig; mattmmurdocck; weaslays; lonelystiles; prrims; bahtmun; pamhalperts; lydia-martin; hawtornes; professorlockhart; remuslupinvevo; boytoymalfoy; halvblood; drxco; weasleyburrow; cressidass; lilevanses; ohlumos; aubreyplzas; whoaprongs; gnnyweasley; triwizarded; ginvraweasley; pottern; emiliaclarce; nehville; deadpotter; rowling; ladysgaladriel; crestadeen; jennlawrnce; flowyjoey; lilypottar; gryffyndor; voldemortsdead; ohnevilles; hagridspumpkin; bucbeaks; tatemalia; quaffl; malfxoys; ronaldweasl-y; griffinsclarke; nymphadoraas; revestogers; clakegriffin; ronahld; lestranqes; dracosferret; pronqsie; ronesweasley; harryspotters; quillsandink; ccrucio; nevillles; knockturnallley; muximoff; branstarks; aryastarks; andlionheart; ohremus; hadestowns; slimemeister; obliviateyourface; maisiewilliams; fionagoddess; bella-morts; pureblood-; leuras; thepurebloodprincess; rosamundpike; crestas; planets-bend-between-us; jonasbro; ameliashepherd; vontrapps; xanis; thefinnickodairs; hattoriis; tyrells; aragog; clawsandfangs; bonibennett; lesliebens; arthurpendragons; everlark; frasershair; mydraco; swagdemort; ohdear-prongs; northfalls; jamesfords; ohlicity; msginny; asheathes; teen-wolf; leopold-jemma; malfuys; mandrakescry; skypeopleclarke; drcomalfoy; proffesorlupin; qhorin; scaredpotter; revivepietro; felicitysmoak; deadpadfoot; slyther-in; jordansparrish; bluemavor

no order cause it’s a mess like my life and blog lmao

sorry if i forgot anyone!!

hey guys, i passed 700 followers two or three days ago, and i just wanna say that i love you guys so much okay. so yeah, i decided to do a follow forever for this milestone, and i’m crossing my fingers for 1k before school starts in late August.

favorites are bolded, mutuals are italicized

A - D

alohomorea, alrightevans, alrightpotter, alrightremusascendiomalfoy, buhtterbeer, caputdraconis, cedricdiggery, dfabremus, diarycrux, dracomahlfoys, dracomalfouy, dracosferret, drcmlfoy 

E - I

ehffervescent, faefever, fantastlcbeasts, flthymudbloods, fredweaslays, grannger, gxnnyweasley, halvbloods, hazlegrace, herhmione, hermioniegranger, hmionegrangr, hogwartianos, imperiomalfoy 

J - O

jamesandlilys, ladymalfoi, leakycauldrcn, lilypottar, malfxoys, maraudrers, margahery, messrprongs, mravolo, muclbloods, narcissablck, narcissamahlfoy, ohhmarauders, ohlumos, ohremus 

P - S

padvoot, parseltongxe, paternalpadfoot, pctronuscharm, pctter, pranksterprongs, professorlockhart, prongsxdoe, pronqsie, proudneville, pureblud, quahffle, quillsandink, regulasblacks, remember-youcleverboy, remusjohnslupin, remusolupin, rosesweasleys, rosypond, royalmalfoys, salzarsslytherin, scorpiusmqlfoy, secumsempra, seeliecourte, sevendemigodsanswerthecall, sirblacked, siriuslybellatrix, slytherns, snuhffles 

T - Z

thestagpatronus, tomfleton, toughbucky, triwizarded, triwizardry, umlovegood, umstiles, victoireweaxley, weasllys, weliveandbreathewords, whosdraco, zbini

Hello, everyone! First of all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I just wanted to thank everyone for making my dash so awesome throughout the year and let you all know how much I appreciate you all, so here’s my way of doing so!  All of you lil cuties deserve the world and I hope Santa comes and gives you everything you asked for :~) Happy Holidays!

p.s: I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, you all rock

p.p.s: pls excuse the shitty graphic I can’t photoshop 

a-e: ageofultronalecsbow,allisonsisaac, alliegantallvdia, anniechristmasanselelgoranselshaiargentfighter, argentless, awhstiles, baneandalec,  barryalleneh, blakesclarkes, bluejeepsbraedernbraverdeenbretalbott, caebswater, cameronmonaghanscecyherondele, chloebennnet, christmaseverdeen,  circleofrazielclaerissafray,  claryherondales, connorsoliverdarlingargents, danielsharmanss, danielssharmansdylanobhrien

f-j: finnscolllin, finnicksjingleballsfourfinick, fourtriss, ggansey,  ggrinted, g-uillermodeltorohaletostilinski, hazlegracehoechlinedhollansroden, hollndsobrien,  howllettjabberjais, jaceherondaale, javierbernaaljemasfitz, jemsdrug, jollylydia

k-o: karengilans, katnlzs, keffyhornslaurel-castillo,  liamccalls,liamsdunbar, ligtwood,  lydiasbatmadgesgoldpinmaliatale, maliatatertot, maliamistletoemaraoders, martym, memoryserums,  minohomo, moclcingjaysmudblods, mazeruhnersneviles, obriens, oholyhobrienohremus, oliveresqueen, oliverhamqton

p-t: parishben, philcoulson, popunkscott,  praetorwoolseyravenchlaw, reginageorgesrosereturns, ronweasley, royharperh, sasswolfs scottsmccall, sheriffstillinskisleighinski, snowflakecap, snowingstydia, snowstilinskistydiaastydiah, stydixa, stilynsk1, tacoposey, targayrens, tasharomanovasteddywestside

u-z: werebraedenweremalia, wessas, winterbuckvwlntersfell, yukimuiras