hazing pledges

so there’s few things that irk me more than poorly written, poorly researched, or straight-up rude portrayals of greek life. believe me, i know what hollywood has painted sorority/fraternity life like, but i also know firsthand how it’s not necessarily true. so i’m not going to disclose my organization or school in here, but this is going to be a basic rundown of what you need to know if you’re going to write something involving collegiate greek life! i would also like to thank @dctvrph for her assistance in making sure i covered everything as well as offering another point of view!

***DISCLAIMER this is based on my own experience. this isn’t the be all end all for greek information. i may forget some things, i may cover things that don’t happen on other campuses across the us. etc etc. so don’t rake my ass across the coals if i forgot something or it doesn’t perfectly line up with what your university does. anyway, moving on.

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acotar american uni au

dedicated to @squaddreamcourt. also lots of fic to come on this ppl. lots of trashy, trashy fic. 

-Rhys belongs to the stoner frat. He gets A+ grades without trying and hardly attends class. All the girls want him but he’s just like…waiting to find someone he loves because on the inside he’s a sap. Az and Cass are of course, his frat brothers.

-Cassian is on the football team, and was supposed to be in the football bro frat house but for some reason they didn’t want him. It might have something to do with that fact that he crashed his landrover into the side of their frat house his first weekend at school. He was pissed about it but now he’s happily in the stoner frat. Cassian is like, the campus Golden Boy™. He’s a jock, and is known for making crude jokes, but he’s just so friendly and kind towards everyone that you can’t help but like him. Able to hang with his stoner bros and play world of warcraft but is also the star quarterback. Nice to the weird quiet kids in his computer programming class and the bitchy girls who mostly want him for his bod. Basically perfect. 

-Azriel is on the archery team. He plays a lot of video games in between classes. Cassian is a casual gamer, by Az is a Gamer™. Way too into mmo rpgs. Az always goes to class. He won’t share his homework with Rhys or Cass unless they pay him for it. This has resulted in Az being able to afford the nicest, most tricked out room in the frat house. He has a king sized bed and an enormous flat screen. Az is also the one who determines what kind hazing the new pledges will have to go through each year. In fact, Az, Cass, and Rhys all bonded during hazing when they were pledges. 

-Lucien is not in the stoner frat. Lucien does not believe in frats. Lucien is the writer type, and just a tad bit pretentious about it. He’s happily an english major and wants to go on to become an english teacher. He only knows Rhys and Cass and Az through his friend since freshman year, Feyre. He lowkey pines away for the campus weird girl, Elain, but won’t tell anyone about it. Pining is beneath him. 

-Tamlin is literally only part of this AU so that the other characters can fuck with him and make his life horrible.

-Feyre is the typical artsy hipster. She’s an art major, carries around a canvas tote splattered with paint, and wears all black and birkenstocks. She’s a vegetarian and hikes a lot. She listens to bon iver, the tallest man on earth, sufjan stevens, and stevie nicks. 

-Mor is a party girl. But not very into frat parties. She’s more into the club scene off campus and goes to a lot of music festivals with her platoon of Female Friends™. She wears a lot of crop tops and has been known to sport a flower crown or two, definitely does hallucinogenic drugs on the weekend but also gets straight As during the week. Probably the most popular and loved individual on campus.

-Nesta didn’t think she wanted to join a sorority but once she realized how much power it could give her over other, lesser beings, she happily pledged. But even as a pledge, she bossed the other girls around, refused to be hazed, and was accepted into the sorority on sheer will power alone. Within a week, she was president and has since shaped her sorority into the most cutthroat group of Bad BItches™ to ever walk campus. She does NOT let her girls associate with such rabble as the stoner frat. 

-Elain is the campus’s resident environmental activist and weird girl. Very into auras and birth charts and myers briggs type. Asks every guy she dates for his sign. Adopted one of the campus squirrels as a pet. 

-Amren is a Riding Team Bitch™. Her family spend thousands to have her prized jumped shipped up to college, and housed in a state of the art stable. Amren definitely prefers horses to people. She is dead on the outside and inside she is a barely melted block of ice. Everyone wants to know her, and everyone wants to be her. So far, she really only likes Feyre, Nesta, and Mor. And her horse, Monarch Butterfly. 

Welcome to SKU by jhoom

Summary: When Castiel starts school at South Kansas University, he somehow gets it in his head that it’s a good idea to join a fraternity. Okay, so maybe he was slightly motivated by the handsome guy with freckles he’d seen at the sign up table. And maybe he thinks it’s kinda hot when that guy tells him what to do, even if it’s a bit embarrassing.

Where Cas signs up for a fraternity and Dean’s in charge of his hazing for pledge week.

Comments: 10/10. Dean is a frat brother who gets adorably flustered and is incredibly smart. He’s responsible for hazing Cas, they have a lot of fun, though not the same kind of fun the other pledges have. Smut and fluff. 

anonymous asked:

(different anon) Frat culture is/can be toxic as all hell. Hazing and doing the pledging to join is the worst of it. It's essentially normalized torture/lord of the flies style men are but animals shit. In theory the fact that he left the college could mean that he realized how far down that alcohol/drug rabbit hole he fell and climbed back out of it.

Yeah… I’m not claiming he’s a terrible person currently. But it definitely shed a different light on him for me

Scream Queens: Chanel #5 (ISTJ)


Introverted Sensing (Si): Chanel #5 is all about blatant conservatism. From her point of view on who is allowed to get into Kappa Kappa Tau to her disagreement towards the idea of Boone (a gay frat boy) entering the sorority and Hester (a pledge) becoming one of Chanel’s new minions (which is against the traditions of Kappa), it’s very obvious that Chanel #5 is an avid user of Si. She follows the traditions and rules of Kappa very well, not afraid to give herself a slap in the face when she accidentally breaks Chanel #1’s “knock on the door” rule and haze the pledges even though Grace and Zayday are openly against the tradition. She is also content with being in Kappa Kappa Tau, never actually leaving the sorority even though she realizes that she is treated badly by Chanel #1.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Chanel #5 is straightforward to the core. She isn’t afraid to speak up against Chanel #1 (“I’m out!”) and correct the others’ irrational and incorrect remarks (“Umm, guys, STDs stand for sexually transmitted diseases, which means they’re transmitted sexually?”). She often demands to be treated with respect and doesn’t tolerate any inefficiency in Kappa, especially when it comes to having an inexperienced pledge become one of the Chanels and finding the missing dead bodies (she obviously deems it as a waste of time). This results in her becoming “frenemies” with Chanel #1, a straight-out unhealthy Fe-dom (living up to society’s expectations, being very adaptable, having too much emotional intelligence where it is possible for her to manipulate everyone–everyone but Zayday, who seems to be a Te-dom–to get what she wants).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Little is known about Chanel #5’s personal life, or even family. She rarely shows her true emotions throughout the existing episodes, though she sometimes acts on her personal feelings and values. At one point, she decides to stop helping Chanel #1 find Chanel #2’s body due to her growing feelings toward Roger and Dodger. She also refuses to serve Chanel #1 as a “minion” and calls the police on her as a form of revenge after she realizes that she has been treated badly by Chanel #1.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Chanel #5 always fails to see the bigger picture and the outcome of events as they happen. For example, when Roger and Dodger ask her to choose between the both of them, she can’t sense that what they (EXACTLY) mean is that they have to split up so that they’ll be less eye-catching to the Red Devil. She lacks intuition and cannot “read” Hester and figure out what she is really up to. She lacks ideas and she rarely suggests the solutions to existing problems.

classy-kate  asked:

Hi yes I was planning on being in frat next year so I was wondering what I could wear to rush that would make me appear to be a "bro"

You really want to be a “bro?” Here’s a 110% foolproof way to be the bro-est bro of all bros in the brotherhood.

Chubbies, which show that you’re there to party and you don’t mind if your thighs get sun poisioning while doing it.

Some sort of “preppy” tee, which will really show how preppy you are. So prep. Much classy. Bonus points if the shirt obnoxiously shows off the fact that you summer in the Hamptons or know Richard Branson and he lets you vacation at Necker Island. #ACK is too basic. Cape Cod is for plebeians. Does Martha’s Vineyard even exist anymore?  Step up your game, son.

A PFG, if you’re looking for a different look other than a tee. Even though the only things you’ll be fishing for are compliments.

A really cool visor that compliments your SICK LAX FLOW. It better look really, really sick and wicked or else no bid for you.

Boat shoes because you’re going to be on so many boats during rush. Boats everywhere. In fact, there aren’t frat houses. There are frat yachts, and pledges are hazed by having to learn how to tie 102 different knots to dock those puppies. Sheepshank knots are for middle schoolers. Gold cup sperries or go home.

Wayfarers, because you need sunglasses obviously. If they aren’t a variation of Persols or Ray-Bans, go home. You’re not getting a bid.

Croakies, because it’s probable that your glasses are going to miraculously fly right off of your nose bridge while you’re shotgunning some variant of relatively cheap beer.

fratboy!michael crushing on you, the recent target for hazing and the newest pledge of the competing sorority to his fraternity, and him helping you each time his frat brothers decided to prank you or publicly humiliate you because of tradition (and your girls do the same to the boys’ new pledge) and he says an apology on behalf of his house and even though you’re not supposed to be fraternizing with the enemy, you can’t help but take michael’s hand every time he offers it to you.

Meet the Greeks

There are a lot of questions in the inbox about what to ask orgs & what to do when attending a Meet the Greeks event on campus & as the current NPHC president on my campus, I’ve even been approached by a few freshman & sophomores wondering the same thing. So I figured I’d compile a simple list of things you can ask & do when attending a Meet the Greeks event. 

What Is Meet the Greeks? This is an event where all active NPHC chapters on a campus will talk about their organization, their impact on campus/community, and will answer any questions attendees have. If you are interested/curious about Greek life, this is the time & place to learn about each organization, chapter, and ask any questions you have. 


  • Do your research before you attend. Look at each active chapters national website & chapter website to learn more about the organization. 
  • Do keep your mind open during the event. Whether your heart is set on one organization or deciding between a few, keep your mind and ears open. 
  • Do attend events following Meet the Greeks. Support all organizations on campus! But be sure to attend events of the organization(s) you’re interested to see how they work together & what they bring to campus.
  • Do get involved on campus. Whether you decide to pursue an organization or not, it’s always good to be involved and improve who you are individually & your 2nd home, your campus. Being active on campus also allows active members to see what you are already doing on campus and to view your image. 
  • Do be discreet. Remain neutral during the event. Remember that expressing interest should be done in private! 
  • Do collect contact information from members if you wish to continue to pursue an organization. This can be as simple as a phone number or email. Use this event to your advantage to get in contact, make an impression, and learn more about each organization. 


  • Don’t ask about pledging/hazing! All NPHC organizations are non-hazing organizations. Don’t waste your breath.
  • Don’t mimic an organizations hand sign or call. As stupid as this is…I’ve seen people do it & freshman mimicing orgs thinking it’s funny…….yeah…stop. 
  • Don’t disrespect another organization while their presenting. Just because you’re not interested in an organization doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your respect while they present. Show the same respect to all organizations!
  • Don’t dress in a desired organizations colors. Try your best to come dressed neutral! 
  • Don’t stereotype fraternities and sororities by what you’ve heard from others. Take time to make your own opinion of each organization. remember people have their own opinions but that doesn’t mean they’re all right/true. 

Questions To Ask:

  • What does your organization/chapter focus on when it comes campus and the community?
  • What is the GPA requirement?
  • What community service is your chapter involved with?
  • What national projects/philanthropies does your organization participate in?
  • What is the financial commitment?
  • What is the time commitment during the intake process?
  • How do we express interest to a chapter? 
  • What other organizations/clubs are current members involved in? 
  • Why did you join your organization?
  • What has your organization done for you? 
  • What recognition has your chapter received on campus and/or nationally?

I hope this helps & clears up any questions those interested in pursuing an organization on their campus! Feel free to shoot messages to the inbox if you have more!