Wubba lubba dub-dub! Squanch on over for a new episode of This Is Rad!, where we sit down with our good friend Ben Dunn to talk about the wicked world of Rick and Morty!

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Skylar Hazen and Matheus Montes seemed to be two names who couldn’t be mentioned without the other — the two of them were attached to the bone, always found together, never to be found without the other near. But even that, had not been crystal clear to everyone, it appeared. It had been innocent, only faint smiles and glances through the classroom over at the brunet. Skylar noticed. He always noticed. It was only when the attention for his boyfriend had been expressed far more openly, that it had started to bother the blond. As if he had not known what the giggles, the resting their hands on his bicep, the pushing their hair back behind their ear had meant. Those were all very high quality flirting techniques and there was no way in hell Skylar was satisfied, with it apparently working on Matheus. And that was what pissed him off. So maybe he had said ‘no’ to coming over to Matheus’ later that night, like they usually did on Friday. And maybe that was because he was just incredibly bitter, but that wasn’t what he wanted to admit to himself. He just wasn’t feeling well. And well, that wasn’t exactly a lie either, he guessed.

Welcome to The Summer of Rad! 

Hope you look forward to these summertime episodes featuring past guests Rivers Langely, Adam Murray, Spencer Emmons, and resident rad artist Laura Knight.

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tokachithewarrier2  asked:

Hazen: Ahora verás!! *Se transforma en un demonio* Luciel: Mi hazen~💓 Tokachi: Ō-Ō"" ahora si se muere

Pd: perdón por haber tardado tanto, esque hubo un error con las imágenes y las tuve que hacer otra vez.

Why Women Are Becoming an Increasing Force in the Gaming Industry

STEM PopCap’s Cara Ely and Heather Hazen explain how they climbed the ladder in the gaming industry—and have an idea for how more young girls can, too.

Gaming has long been thought of as a “boys’ club,” not just off limits to women but a hobby in which men are simply more interested. However, data from the Pew Research Center suggests about as many women game as do men: Of those surveyed in 2015, 48 compared with 50 percent, respectively. The same survey suggested the majority of American adults, 60 percent, believe that most people who play video games are men.

Run, radsters, run! This week we ring in the #SummerofRad by taking a field trip to Kyle’s beloved Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. with Laura Knight! Join us as we marvel at the sights and sounds of CityWalk, chomp down on some delicious shrimp, and enthusiastically compete in Forrest Gump trivia.

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graphic by @lmknight

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