“I’ve been teaching the GED course for 21 years. I’ve helped over 300 students get their certificates. I had one student recently—he was 50 years old and only had a 6th grade education. He sat in the back of the class and didn’t say anything. He just watched. But then one day there was a tough algebra problem that nobody could figure out. He volunteered to come up and tried it on the board, and he got it. In front of everybody. The next day when I arrived, he was sitting in the front. After class I handed him a huge study guide, and told him: ‘If you’ll give 25 percent, I’ll give you 75 percent.’ I told him he could interrupt me at any time to ask me questions. And he did. It seemed like he was coming up to me every few hours– in the cafeteria, while I was playing cards, while I was watching movies. After nine months he took the test and passed. He was so proud. He said he couldn’t wait to tell his daughter. A few months later I was sitting here in the visiting room, and this young woman kept looking at me. So much so that my girlfriend was starting to get upset. Eventually she walked over to me, and said: ‘Thank you so much for helping my father get his GED.’ It was the best feeling in the world.” (Federal Correctional Complex: Hazelton, West Virginia)

terradawnhazelton: Making silly faces with the one and only @tatianamaslany. I can’t EVEN believe how amazing this woman is! Yes she is insanely talented and beautiful, but what blows me away the most is how thoughtful, down to earth and FUNNY she is. Someone pinch me! I’ve shared the screen with this dream, and have been lucky enough to share conversations and laughs with her as well.


Recently a person I follow here on Tumblr reminded me of an old OC tournament  I was in ages ago and it bought me back to the character that I used. Maria Hazelton. My baby went through a lot, and what started as a re-draw turned into a series of photos to show exactly how she transformed into the person she ended up becoming.

If you want to know her story, I included it in the read more :)

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On the 152nd anniversary of the shooting of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, we share a new video about a 1933 phonograph record in The Huntington’s Library collections. The disc—which happens to be the only known copy—contains a recording of actor Joseph H. Hazelton (1855–1936) recalling Lincoln’s assassination, which he witnessed as a boy.

From “Do Not Open” on VERSO:

In his video, [Aric] Allen pieces together the curious story of the recording, Hazelton’s eyewitness account, and the value of such a historic artifact (especially curious, given that Hazelton’s recollection of the assassination was riddled with inaccuracies). In fact, the story seems particularly timely, providing a tiny window into how so-called eyewitness accounts can turn into “alternative facts.”


Justin Vernon - Hazelton

I want to spend a lot but not all of my years with you.
We’ll talk about kids
                             but make plans to travel.
I will remember your eyes
                             as green when they were gray.
Our dogs will be named For Now and Mostly.
              Sex will be good but next door’s will sound better.

There will be small things.
I will pick up your damp towel from the bed,
                                                           and then I won’t.
I won’t be as hot as I was
                              when I wasn’t yours
and your hairline now so
When we pull up alongside a cattle car
                              and hear the frightened lows,
                              I will silently judge you
                              for not immediately renouncing meat.
You will bring me wine
                              and notice how much I drink.

                                              The garden you plant and I plant
                              is tunneled through by voles,
                                                              the vowels
                                                              we speak aren’t vows,
                but there’s something
                              holding me here, for now,
                like your eyes, which I suppose
                                                              are brown, after all.
—  Rebecca Hazelton, You Are the Penultimate Love of My Life

Jesus Christ Superstar (Acapella) 
Tatiana Maslany & Terra Hazelton