hazel levesque appreciation post

Hazel Levesque

Friendly reminder that Hazel Levesque is a black roman demigod girl. That she’s a daughter of Pluto. That born in New Orleans on 1928. That by a wish of her ambitious mother, she had a curse that she attract precious cursed jewels. That she had no friends on her childhood except by Sammy Valdez, that she never saw again after her birthday. That she was forced by her mom to move to Alaska. That her mother was seen as a witch by the whole community. That her mother was influenced by Gaea. That Hazel was forced by Gaea to raise her oldest Gigantes son, Alcyoneus, what she almost did. That her mother offered herself as a sacrifice to save Hazel. That Hazel by herself destroyed an island and delay the Giants rise. That Hazel and Marie Levesque died. That Hazel gave up of her chance of go to Elysium to her mother would not have to go to the Fields of Punishment. That Hazel Levesque was just 13 when she died. That Hazel Levesque is amazing and need more appreciation!