hazel x leo

Percy Jackson Characters + About To Die
  • Percy: *sarcasm*
  • Annabeth: *is sassy and argumentative*
  • Jason: *internal screaming*
  • Piper: *charmspeaks like a boss*
  • Hazel: *'bring it bitch I died already' feels*
  • Leo: *awkward flirting*
  • Frank: *turns into random animal*
  • Nico & Will: *bickering*
  • Reyna: *is a badass*
Drawing Soulmate AU

Based on the AU where anything your soulmate draws on their skin shows up on your skin too

  • Percy draws on his arms when he’s bored in class
  • Which is nearly all the time
  • Percy hopes his soulmate likes the pictures he draws
  • Annabeth really likes seeing the random doodles show up
  • They help her feel not as alone after she runs away
  • Sometimes they write little messages to each other
  • When Percy shows up at Camp he had a few random words written in Greek
  • While Annabeth is giving him ambrosia she notices the same words on her arms and gets really excited
  • She writes, “You drool in your sleep” on her arm and sure enough it shows up on Percy’s
  • When he wakes up he’s really confused but then he sees Annabeth and they both get really excited because they found each other at twelve.
  • Piper doesn’t write on her arms a lot since it washes off in water pretty easily (and it’s only on your soulmate’s arm as long as it’s on yours)
  • Then Piper gets a mostly waterproof marker and writes on her arm all. the. time.
  • Jason is thrilled when he gets more messages all of a sudden
  • When Jason gets the tattoo on his arm Piper is really surprised since they’re only four
  • The tattoo on her arm fades overtime but it’s never completely gone
  • Frank doesn’t get any marks on his arm for a really long time
  • But the first one he gets is a really amazing drawing of horse on his left arm
  • As soon as that shows up he writes “Hi” in really big letters across his hand
  • Hazel is really excited when the word “Hi” shows up
  • For a while they communicate through writings
  • Every time one of them asks where the other lives they always say “it’s complicated” since they’re not sure how to explain New Rome
  • One day they’re both on guard duty when Frank asks what Hazel’s doing and she says she’s drawing a picture for her soulmate
  • A small cluster of yellow flowers that’s a few feet away
  • Slowly, as she’s drawing, the lines begin to show up on Franks arm
  • He gets really excited but he wants to let her finish the drawing first so he waits before asking to borrow her pen
  • Then, in huge letters, he rights “Hi” on his hand
  • Hazel looks over in realization and they both get supper excited and talk for hours
  • Leo is cracking up during Mark of Athena when they write “Hot Stuff” and “All the Ladies luv Leo”
  • He hopes his soulmate is having a good laugh too
  • He’s never gotten any writings back but he always convinces himself that his soulmate is out there somewhere
  • Calypso feels bad about not being able to respond but she’s glad her soulmate keeps sending messages
  • Will writes notes for himself all the time on his arm
  • Sometimes they’re things like “Clean up cabin” or “Restock Band-Aids”
  • But other times they’re really obscure things like “Look up Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia”
  • Nico can’t figure out if his soulmate just really likes words or if they want to be a doctor or something similar since they tend to be medical related
  • Nico usually writes what the word means on his arm and Will will tell him if he got it right
  • Nico writes phrases in Italian
  • They love the game they have going of looking up obscure medical words and translating Italian
  • When Nico shows up at camp he goes to Will and says, “Hey, you know medical words, can you tell me what this means?”
  • And Will gets really excited and says what he just translated from Italian
  • And they’re both so happy because they finally found each other



· it all begins when Thalia started visiting Camp Jupiter quite a lot because of the encouraged communication and unity between the Greeks and Romans
· during meetings Thalia represented Zeus as well as Artemis and Reyna would catch herself looking at the huntress way more than she should be
· she starts stuttering and blushing a bit whenever Thalia caught her off guard, whether it’s a small gesture such as a brush of their hands—actually, any physical contact that isn’t quite necessary during the specific situation at all
· Reyna going out of her way to avoid Thalia as much as she possibly can, but it didn’t work quite as well as she hoped because Aphrodite thwarts her every plan to do so
· Annabeth was the first to notice something off about the praetor and using her (now working) invisibility cap to stalk Reyna and eventually put the pieces together
· Piper already knowing what’s going on when Annabeth approaches her about it because she’s been the one who does Aphrodite’s bidding, doing small, inconspicuous deeds such as putting the two closer together during senate meetings, and making them bump into each other quite a few times (rarely using her charmspeak, because damn it’s really destiny for them to be together !!!)
· Annabeth confronting Reyna about it and giving the praetor (and Piper if she happened to be around) knowing looks and sometimes even winking whenever Thalia was around and earning a bone chilling death glare in return, but it isn’t quite effective because Reyna’s face is completely red???
· Thalia started assisting Reyna with her duties when the Hunters are settling down in Camp Jupiter for War Games
· Thalia enjoying Reyna’s company and deciding that they would get along really well
· Reyna warming up to Thalia a bit, but eventually the two became somewhat attached to the hip because after only a few months they feel like they’ve been friends for the longest time; they have complete trust in each other and they understand the other’s situations and how they got to where they were perfectly
· Thalia being one for physical contact, so she often loops her arm around Reyna’s or holds her hand to drag her away or toward something, and Thalia just hugging Reyna so tightly whenever she got excited
· Reyna eventually realizing that oh my gods I have feelings for Thalia Grace because she just absolutely adores the way her electric blue eyes seem to crackle with life and excitement, the way her lips curl up in a beautiful smile, the small dimple that appears on her left cheek, and the way her freckles dotted her pale face like the stars on the night sky, because to her Thalia was perfect in every way and Reyna was absolutely and undeniably in love


Arachne’s screams still echo up to you, although he body disappeared into the darkness of the pit long ago. You can hear Percy yelling your name from above you, but you can’t bring yourself to tear your eyes away. Silent tears stream down your face.

“(y/n), look at me!”

Finally snapping yourself out of your trance, it’s like you regain feeling in your body. Percy’s hand is clasped around your wrist, the only thing keeping you from falling down after your enemy. His dark hair is illuminated by the sun above the both of you, sea green eyes darker than the both of you.

“Percy,” you sob. “Let me go. You have to let me go.”

“No.” His eyes harden. “That’s not happening. We’re going to be fine.”

You can see Piper standing at the railing of the Argo II high above, and you let out another sob. “Percy-”

“Nico!” The Son of Poseidon cuts you off, yelling up to his cousin above you. “Meet us at the other side.”

His dark eyes widen. “But Percy-”

“Just do it!” Percy yells. “Promise me.”

“I-I promise.”

Your boyfriend looks down at you again. “I love you, (y/n). We’re doing this together.”

You nod and whisper: “Together.”

Then Percy lets go of the ledge, and you both plunge into the abyss below.

The wind whistling in your ears has become the soundtrack of your life. That and Percy’s reassuring voice in your ear, lips pressed to it. After you both fell, it didn’t take long for the both of you to find each other and wrap your arms around each other.

You don’t know how long you’ve been falling. But that’s not the scariest part. The scariest part is your destination.

Neither of you mention that. You just whisper words of love and reassurance to each other as you fall, waiting for the inevitable. The inevitable end.

But you’re together. So the end can’t be all that bad.


Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire, the world must fall,
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

I finished this tonight in honor of the end of the semester and I could not be more happy with the end result.

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I’ll Be Your Nurse


“Babe, i’m sick.. so don’t kiss me” … “I don’t care, we’ll just be sick together” with percy? if you can’t/wont do it it’s fine. have a greatt day

Warning? Slight Language


You knew you shouldn’t have gone hiking with Percy, especially since the weather called for rain showers non-stop today. It started raining as soon as you were a mile away from camp with no shelter in sight except for a pricey hotel that wouldn’t even allow you in the lobby with your lack of mortal money. Now here you are, laying under a number of blankets brought up to your chin, hair sticky with sweat from your fever, and nose stuffy and running rapidly which was the reason behind the piles of dirty tissues in the trash bin beside your bed.

You tossed off the covers you so desperately needed only a minute ago while moaning about how hot you felt, swiping your forehead weakly and calling out for Will who was supposed to be taking care of you.

You propped yourself up on your elbows and peered around with a lazy gaze, “Will?” You croaked out, clutching your throat in pain. The only response you were given was silence and the occasional clanking of metal from the infirmary beds filled with injured campers.

You huff and swing your legs out from under the sheets and are greeted with the cold hardwood floor as you made your way– rather shakily– through the infirmary and out into the seemingly empty big house, “Chiron? Mr. D?”

No answer.

You groan out in pain when your head begins to throb in pain which started to obscure your already hazy vision. You lean against the wall, exhausted and feeling the need to vomit anything that was left in your already empty stomach.

“What are you doing?! Oh gods, let’s get you back to bed.” You hear someone say in a panicky voice just before you’re hoisted up onto your feet by strong arms. Now that you’re thinking about it, these arms felt familiar…

“You are so lucky I love you or else I’d be dragging you back by your arms.” Was that… Percy? You shake your head in an attempt to clear your vision enough to identify your nurse but it was no use.

You felt the slightly damp sheets of your bed from where you were sweating out your fever, inwardly groaning at the feeling of grossness and turning over on your side once the person had laid you down with a disapproving click of their tongue.

“Get some rest, dimwit.” You heard as you drifted into dreamland.

You were already planning his murder once you’re well.

You awoke later that day feeling slightly less like death than you did yesterday. Your head had ceased to throb and your fever had calmed down due to you sweating out the fever earlier that day.

“Look who’s up, rise and shine, sweetheart.” You heard a  tired voice chuckle. You turn your head and notice Percy sitting on a backward chair with his head resting on his crossed arms, “You feeling better?”

You nod and rub your eyes sleepily, “I still feel like death, but not as bad as yesterday. Was that you that helped me out last night?” You questioned with a raised brow and turning over to look at him dead on, “I could’ve sworn that was you, I can’t really remember it clearly, though.”

Percy cocked his head to the side, “Since you’re feeling better…” He trailed off, looking to the side before snapping his gaze back to you, “What the Hades were you thinking?! You could’ve passed out face first into the ground and broken your face or something.” He lectured very similarly to how a worrisome mother would, “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

You snickered and nodded, “Yeah that’s my life goal.” You loved teasing Percy, he was always so stressed about… well everything so it was sort of your “job” to destress him.

“Hardy har har, I’m serious about this Y/n.” He scolded with crossed arms, his brows furrowed in concern and his hair a mess from where he had carded his fingers through it from worry. He sighed and placed his head in his hands, rubbing his face before looking up at you through his long lashes, “This cold of yours can get worse if you aren’t taking care of yourself, Will said so himself..”

You sat up much to Percy’s protests and clasped his hands in your own, looking down at his hands while you spoke softly, “Percy I’m sorry. You can’t keep stressing yourself out over me, though, I’ll be okay.” You assure with a small smile in his direction, “Will’s a good doctor so I’m sure I’ll be up and training in no time.”

Percy shook his head and sat on the edge of the bed, his lips pressing into a thin line as he debated on what to do with you. He sighed and brushed away stray (h/c) strands that hung in front of your tired eyes, “Will’s good but he’s busy, I won’t let you stay here by yourself since you can’t seem to stay in bed,” He sassed.

You rolled your eyes and pushed his hand back to him, “Percy you are not staying here with me, I’m fine.” You laid back onto the not so fluffy pillow and turned away from him out of irritation.

Not long after you had turned your back to the bright-eyed boy you felt the bed sink behind you as a sun-kissed arm laced around your waist, a kiss being placed behind your ear. He sighed and nuzzled the nape of your neck with his nose, “Y/n, I’m just worried about you. It’s my fault you’re sick in the first place, if I hadn’t forced you to come hiking with me then you wouldn’t be sick.” He mumbled apologetically.

Now you just felt bad, mentally and physically. All he wanted to do was help and you had pushed him away rudely, how much of a bitch are you? You turn in his grip to face the upset looking demigod, “It’s not your fault, Perce. I’m just being bitchy because I’m sick, that’s all. Thank you for being here, though,” You said with a small close-lipped smile.

Percy grinned lopsidedly and started to lean in when you held your mouth to his lips, shocking him, “Babe, I’m sick… so don’t kiss me.”

He rolled his eyes and removed your hand and kissed your palm while looking into your eyes mischievously, “I don’t care, we’ll just be sick together.” He spoke with a small chuckle before planting his salty tasting lips on to your own chapped ones.

“Achoo!” Percy sneezed, his nose bright red and his usual bright sea green eyes now drooping and tired as he weakly glared at the ceiling. You snickered as you held some nectar in a cup, the straw in front of his dry lips, “I told you not to kiss me, fish brain, now look what happened.”

He grumbled and sucked on the straw, perking up when the sweet liquid hit his tongue. You pulled the straw away when you realized his self-control had vanished when that fever hit him last night. He whined and pouted at you, his eyes glowing and forming that baby seal look that he mastered.

“At least I have a hot nurse, maybe all those cartoons weren’t lying.” He smirked and shot a wink at you which normally would have caused you to roll your eyes at his flirty nature but this time he just looked like a flirty old man. You scoffed and placed the glass down on the side table, “Yeah, your nurse is super hot,” you said slyly before backing up and calling out, “Will!”

Percy’s eyes widened at your action and tried to yell at you, but all that came out was a cough.

Will shuffled over to Percy while drying his hands with a dish cloth, “Alright Perce, time for some rest. Y/n you can go now, I’ll be his nurse today.” He joked, not knowing why you were laughing so hard and why Percy looked absolutely horrified.

*I hope this is good enough >·<  


Half Naked

Fandom: Heroes of Olympus

Pairing: Leo Valdez x Reader

Warning: N/A

Request: requested by @theheroesofmyheart; Could you write me a Leo Valdez x reader pool party fic? Make them all embarrassed about each other in their bathing suits:)

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Happiness In Strange Places

Pairing: Leo x Y/n
Genre: Fluff/Slight angst?
Nanny!Reader x SingleParent!Leo

Happiness can be found in the strangest places.
For instance, finding those last few stray fries at the bottom of the bag, accomplishing that childhood ambition that you always swore you’d complete, or simply managing to get out of the bed.

For Y/n it was babysitting Noah Valdez. Noah is this energetic kid with brown curly locks that bounced about as he ran through the messy apartment, his high-pitched laughter piercing the calm silence.  

There was nothing you loved more than taking care of the unpredictable four-year-old every day from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. His father was a hard-working man that spent every chance he could loving his son to the fullest.

His name was Leo Valdez and he was an old friend from your favorite camp in the world– Camp Half-Blood. You two were very close back in the days of your camper days almost never separating from the other without a good reason. Then one day he confessed he was in love with the minor goddess Calypso he had met on the island of Ogygia and just… left. He left you here to deal with your feelings you’d never be able to admit.

You shake your head quickly, trying to rid yourself of the hurt you felt in your teenage years. You set your glass of water down on the marble bar of the small kitchen, placing the cup in the sink with all the other dishes you plan to wash later. With a sigh, you sit down on one of the old wooden stools and hold your face in your hands, Why did I take up this job in the first place? I mean, I love Noah like he’s my own but… I guess I never could say no to that man. You think with a small smile, remembering how much joy Leo’s smile brought to your life– no matter how dreadful or hard things were for you. He was the epitome of the sunlight you feel on a nice summer day, or when you’re waking up in tranquility the next morning and the sunbeams trickling through the curtains letting you know it’s morning.

A cry of pain coming from the living room ripped you out of your thoughts. Standing up immediately and rushing to the source of the sound worriedly, “Noah?” You called out only, “Are you hurt?”

A whimper responded back weakly, “Yeah.”

You step into the living room to see Noah sitting down on the floor holding his head in his hands. You kneel down next to him and pull the sniffling boy into your arms, brushing down his hair with your hands while inspecting the obvious red mark on his forehead.

“Are you alright? What happened?” You ask softly as you glanced at your surroundings. You noticed that the furniture was lined up in some sort of pathway, but the chair nearest to Noah had been overturned as if it had been knocked over. Noah sniffled as he explained, “I-I was playing the floor is lava and I f-fell.”

You sighed audibly and kissed the top of his head lovingly, “Noah… You know you’re only supposed to play that when your dad or myself is around.”

A sound of the door clicking closed and the shuffling of shoes being taken off told you that Leo was home, “Only supposed to play what?”

At hearing his father’s voice the young boy perked up instantly, “Daddy?” Leo rounded the corner that leads into the living room, his chocolate brown eyes sparkling with happiness at the sight of his son– although unbeknownst to you, he was also smiling at the sight of you.

Noah leaped out your lap with joy, chanting, “You’re home! You’re home!”
Leo chuckled and bent down to embrace his hyperactive son, picking him up at the same time so he could spin him around.

You grinned at the display of affection Leo was showing towards his mini-me that was his son. Times like this often made you wish that you had confessed your feelings before Leo left; before you lost all contact with him– the boy that got away. What would have happened if you had confessed? Would Noah be yours and Leos son?

For the second time today you were snapped back to reality.
Leo stood in front of you with a concerned look on his face, rubbing your arm up and down as he coaxed you out of your thoughts, “Y/n… Hey, knucklehead, are you listening? Hellooo”
You let a small smile slip onto your lips at the view of his scrunched up face, he used to make that face all the time while he was working.  He shook you just a bit to see if you respond to him in any way.

“Yeah, yeah. Um, what is it?” You asked hastily and biting your lip out of habit. Leo glances down at your lip for a second too long before he answers, “I was asking if you wanted to hang out today but you kinda spaced out,” He lets out a short giggle, “You used to do that all the time when we were teenagers.” His comment took you by surprise. You were shocked he even retained that knowledge after all these years– how long has it been?

“Did I?” You spoke with a smile, “I can’t believe you remember that.”

Leo scratched the back of his neck and tilted his head slightly;–something that you always found adorable– “Well duh… I could never forget how many times you spaced out while I talked about my machines while we hung out in your cabin.”

You inwardly cringed at your past self’s actions, the reason you zoned out so much while he spoke specifically about his machines was because you were in awe of his passion. It brought you endless amounts of happiness to see his dark eyes brighten in excitement and joy when he spoke of his creations. You couldn’t help but daydream of the dorky smile he kept on his tanned face, or even the way he teasingly puckered his lips at you when he tickled you.

Noah reached up and grabbed your hand as he rubbed his eyes sleepily, “Y/n I’m tired.”

You bent down to pick the exhausted boy who usually bounced with energy and cuddled him in your arms, “Alright, let’s get you washed up and into your PJ’s.” You stole a quick glance at Leo before turning out of the living room to head towards the bathroom.

“Okay,” Leo huffed, leaping over the couch to sit rather close to you, “Little man is asleep. So… ”

You wrung your hands together nervously, “So? Is there something you wanted to talk about?”

Leo bit his lip in thought, something that made your heart swell with the desire to kiss his pink lips just once at least. Gods, what’s the matter with you Y/n?

“Yeah, I’m-… I’m sorry I left you for so many years. I’m so stupid to even think just because we were best friends when we were younger I could ask you to babysit my kid.”

You shook your head slightly in disagreement, “You aren’t stupid, I’m glad you asked me. Otherwise, I would have never met Noah… or seen you again.” You mumbled the last part under your breath.

Leo did not utter another word, unable to tell whether or not to feel guilty that you believed he wouldn’t come find you. He’d always come back to you, he promised that years ago when he had that near death experience in his bedroom when his hover tool rack malfunctioned and exploded right near his face. He’d never forget the look on your delicate features when you walked in to see him applying band-aids onto the rather large gash on his left cheek, the way you rushed over to him and held his good cheek in your hand as you examined him. He’d promised to be more careful with his work ever since then, never wanting to leave you alone in this world.

But he did.
He left without so much as a goodbye to you, but what was he supposed to say? ‘Oh, I’m leaving you and everyone else so I can elope with my freakin’ goddess girlfriend.’ Yeah, I don’t think that’s something you’d want to hear.

“Leo…” He heard you murmur shyly, catching his attention and making him look over, “I’ve been meaning to tell you this ever since we were teenagers.”

He waited anxiously for you to finish, urging you with frantic nods of his head and a quiet, “Go on.”

Your eyes shut tightly as you spoke as you pretended you were back in your apartment, in front of the mirror rehearsing this for the millionth time. Letting out an audible sigh you finished, “I’m in love with you.”

Leo stared blankly at your cringing figure, your nervous face now buried in your hands while you listened for his reaction. How was he supposed to respond? I mean he had a crush on you back in your camper days, did he still like you? He quietly mulled over the thought before he answered, afraid he might regret his decision either way. Although while he did this, he was unaware of how much torment it brought you, you thought you’d ruined everything.

Warm tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, “I’m sorry… Just forget I said anything at all.”

Leo looked up at your now standing figure, panicked brown eyes showing waves of concern.

“I’ll… I’m just gonna go. Thanks for hanging out with me, though.”

His warm and calloused hand entrapped your soft and reasonably small hand in his own, “Wait!” His mouth moved on its own and –he guessed– his mind was made up.

I think I love you too.”

((Part 2 maybe?))

Percy Jackson Headcanons #2

•Percy talks in his sleep. Mostly of the time it’s just gibberish, but once when Jason was staying with him at Percy’s apartment, Jason heard Percy say in his sleep, clear as day, “Quiero afeitarme un gato.” Which is ‘I want to shave a cat’ in Spanish. Jason doesn’t even know where Percy learned Spanish.
•Piper and Percy often go out and play laser tag. Piper pays most of the time, but Percy makes up for it by bringing her blue cookies, made by his mom, which Piper thinks are just heavenly.
•On Frank’s 21st birthday, Percy and Jason took him out to a bar to get him drunk. Percy and Jason were the ones who got off-their-ass drunk and after a drink too many, the two were flirting (as if that was something new). Frank had to drive them home and explain to their girlfriends of their failed plan.
•Jason passed out while Frank was driving him home, so when he got home to Piper, Piper joined with Frank to draw on his face.
•Jason woke up the next day wondering why his head hurt so badly and why he had a drawing of Captain America on his forehead.
•Annabeth, Piper, and Hazel once went on a girl trip to the mall. Most of their time there was spent with Annabeth and Piper dragging Hazel away from today’s technology. Some of their time was also spent with Hazel and Annabeth trying to stop Piper from Charmspeaking her way into lower prices for clothes.
•Percy invites Frank to family gatherings all the time because while he’s not close family, he is still family. Sally loves him all the same, and she even has a separate bedroom for him in case he needs a place to stay while in New York. He takes up that offer every time he is in New York.
•He sometimes invites Hazel, but Sally’s number one rule is that Frank and Hazel can’t be in the room together with the door closed.
•Neither of the two remember it until they look at old class photos, but Percy and Piper were in preschool together. Piper often makes fun of Percy because of how goofy he looks and Percy responds that “not all of us are child of Aphrodite. Gods, Piper!”
•After having their first child, Percy and Annabeth were tired most of the time. Mostly Percy because he’d wake up in the middle of the night to check on their baby then accidentally wake her up and have to make her a bottle to get her back to sleep. Because of that, Annabeth (and everyone else for that matter) finds Percy asleep in the most random spots. Jason once found him asleep under the Poseidon table, curled up in a ball. Like a cat.
•Jason acts like this tough, strict, Roman leader guy, but in reality Piper has found him more than once singing songs such as What Makes You Beautiful and Call Me Maybe in his cabin. Once when she found him, she scared him and Jason screamed and whacked himself with his “mic” which was a hairbrush out of fear.
•Despite what Venus had told her, Reyna keeps trying to find love. She actually found love with a son of Apollo. The two were together for awhile, to a point where Reyna told Venus to suck it. (Mentally, not verbally. She’s not that stupid to insult a goddess).
•Percy ended up in the hospital from being in a car crash. It was nothing serious, but everyone was acting like it was. Piper even joked that if he didn’t make it, she’d be taking his mom and making Sally her mom so she could have blue cookies whenever she wanted.
•Once Percy heard Nico and Will talking and decided to eavesdrop. He heard Will ask Nico teasingly “then what is your type?” to which Percy interrupts and practically screams at the two “NOT ME!”
•On the day of Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, Jason was the best man and he was suppose to give a speech. He completely broke down with everyone staring at him, and he just blurted out all the bad moments that he’s had with Percy, including a moment where Annabeth walked in on Percy on top of Jason while the two were wrestling, making it a very awkward moment. It wasn’t until Percy kicked him off of the “stage” that Jason shut up.
•On the anniversary of Leo’s death, the demigods get together and play some songs that remind them of Leo. Someone (*cough* Piper *cough*) made the mistake of adding Things We Lost to the Fire, which the eight demigods laughed over but soon started to cry.
•The Athena cabin has a bunch of stupid jokes that only they (or anyone else who was smart enough). One joke that Annabeth once said made everyone laugh then made them realize how sad it was that they all understood the joke, and it ended up with most of the Athena cabin sobbing and saying “we’re a bunch of nerds” while Annabeth tried to say sorry.
•On the day of Piper and Jason’s wedding, Piper was terrified that she’d tripped and fall and make a fool of herself. However, it was actually Jason who tripped.

… I don’t know what to do with my life.


requested by anon

Y/N: Leo… you know it’s not right. You’re fire and I am water. You’re Greek, and I am Roman. We are quite literally opposites.

Leo: Trust me, Y/N, I know it’s not right. But I can’t help it, you’re so… so… perfect.

I feel very comfortable around you. It’s surprising because I generally don’t feel comfortable around… well, anyone.
—  Nico di Angelo to Will Solace, probably