hazel tris

i’m rereading Heroes of Olympus and i was like “what would these guys look like drawn in the Danny Phantom style?”

the answer is “better than this, probably”

also lol i somehow forgot about my original design for percy and drew him waaay too close to danny…but to be fair that’s p much how i picture him anyway


At times, meetings can become quite… Hostile, since we all have histories and quite frequently, things end up tense between nations. But, the past dictates a lot of even current “hate” towards each other, and so do the opinions and sentiments of our humans, both leaders, and populations. Economical and debt standings also factor into this, as well as cultural differences. There are generally many factors, and often times it should be specified it isn’t hate towards each other as our own persons, so much as towards what we represent. 

Though, it should be noted, Lovino seems to maintain his own grudge, regardless of relations between our countries. 

Me during bus ride home

*scrolls tumblr in bus*

*reads cute fanfic about otp*

*slams forehead on bus window*

*huge grin*

*internal screaming*

*slides down bus seat*

*friend notices weird behaviour*

*friend ignores because normal*

*gets back in position*

*screenshot for later use*

*continues scrolling*

In honor of Percy’s birthday. Happy birthday, Perseus! Thank you (and Rick Riordan) for making my life better <3. Shout out to the amazing Kari (@quietlykeen) for betaing it on her own birthday! You rock, Chica!

The smell of bacon woke him up. Percy could hear faint voices coming from downstairs. He tried to move, but his left arm was pressed against the bed. Annabeth was still on his arm, fast asleep and keeping his arm trapped there. He blinked a couple of times, trying to escape from the world of dreams that was calling him to come back. He needed to find out who was making the noises…and cooking the bacon. Percy slowly moved Annabeth’s naked body away from his arm, trying not to wake her up. Memories from last night flashed in his mind, making him blush. He couldn’t believe he had done that, he couldn’t believe Annabeth had asked him to do that. He was pretty sure Annabeth wouldn’t wake up soon. She was usually the one to wake up first, and he guessed he must have tired her out too much. The thought made him blush even harder.

He successfully freed his arm and was able to get up off the bed. He started to look for his clothes, but the first clothes he saw were Annabeth’s lacy underwear, making his brain bring more memories from last night; her body moving against his, her screams of pleasure…Percy shook his head trying to clear his mind. There was someone cooking in the cabin and he needed to find out who they were, no time to relive last night.

Percy finally found his clothes and put them on. He fixed Annabeth’s blankets, making sure she was covered, he kissed her forehead and left the room (following his nose to the smell of bacon).

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