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She was the kind of girl who
could make you think your life was
not complete unless she was in it.
— Adi Alsaid 

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I’ll be there for you.

For the nerd that is @cindersart, she wanted the seven friendship and her wish is my comand. This is unedited and typed while at work, so pardon of my mistakes. I know it probably doesn’t work with canon timeline but work with me on this, I have always been bitter that we didn’t get the seven becoming a family, so I decided to do it myself.

After the seven left the doors of death behind them, well, things got kind awkward, they were a bunch of 7 teenagers traveling together and now they had no supervision (unless you count a talking table) and it finally hit them, most of them didn’t know each other. Even before they got into the ship, the groups were already made Leo-Jason-Piper, Frank-Hazel (with the occasional Percy) and Percy-Annabeth, sometimes they talked between them but the conversations were mostly about strategy, not heart to heart conversations (Okay, maybe Hazel and Piper were starting to have those conversations.)

It was Piper the one who decided things needed to change.

“We can’t keep going this way.” Piper said during lunch time. “It’s becoming ridiculous”

The rest of the seven looked at each other. “It’s the safest way to travel to Athens, Pipes.” Jason finally said. After a few moments of awkward silence.

“What? No, not that.” She looked at her friends who had confused faces. “Us, we can’t keep going like strangers.”

“We are not strangers, we are friends.” Leo said.

“No, we are not! Does anyone knows Percy’s favorite color?” Piper pointed to Percy, who was currently eating a blue pie. “No, wait, this is a horrible example, everybody and their mother mother knows his favorite color.”

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Appearance: long flooffy brown hair, skinny and like 5'11, hazel eyes, space-themed sweaters with skinny jeans Date we'd go on: I come to your house and we cook food and watch movies

You’d have to bear with my inexperience when it comes to cooking but overall sounds pretty legit I’m gonna go with yes 👌🏻

(Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say whether I’d date you)