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Any of the Bojack Horseman characters? (Bojack, Mr. Peanutbutter, Princess Carolyn)

I love when I get the chance to clarify multiple characters at once. Anyway, here’s my review on the furbait that is Bojack Horseman’s main cast.

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Let’s look at our title character, Bojack the Horse Man. He’s a rather interesting character in the whole space of the universe of anthropomorphic characters. He’s a raging alcoholic nihilist that seems to just not have a good appeal. I would say he’s not furbait, but I can’t deny that. He’s definitely somebody a lot of thirsty people would like to just console and care for.

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Mr. Peanutbutter is hot. He’s hilarious, serious, and adorable. He is freaking hot. He is probably the most furbait character on the design sheets for this show.

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Princess Caroline is probably one of the most interesting furbait characters. I don’t know what to say about her. I don’t think she was built for sex appeal, even though she’s supposed to be the girl that slept her way to the top. I just say she is furbait, though, just to be safe.

Puppy Problems

Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: Yes. Anon: Can you do a reid x reader where they have a little dog and she hurts her paw after trying to get out of their bed, while reid is away you fuss over the dog (laying her down, tucking her in, stuff like that) and when reid gets home he finds you feeding the dog lunch meat and cheese? sorry, this is long winded, but my pupper is hurt and it brought this idea up.

Word Count: 947, Warnings: None.

A/N: I hope this turned out okay, lmao. I don’t have any pets and so I hope I portrayed this accurately! Sorry, this is a little short as well.

Spencer was away on a longer case than usual which meant that you were sleeping alone every night. You usually would fall asleep to the steady beat of Spencer’s heart as your legs intertwined with his. It wasn’t ideal coming home to an empty bed however, you and Spencer had recently decided to get a dog. She was incredibly playful and full of energy which made it even harder for you to fall asleep as she would miraculously want to play fetch at 3 in the morning. You both decided to name her Hazel, based on the fact her eyes were light brown and filled with love. As soon as you saw her you had to adopt her. You shuffled around in bed trying to get comfortable as your enthusiastic puppy jumped up to your face and started licking. You flinched at the contact and groaned “Sweetheart, you’ve gotta stop doing this,” you whispered as she lay on your chest shifting her head side to side as you spoke to her. She jumped off of your chest and lay at the foot of the bed. You got restless and began to groan as you couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep in. You lifted the duvet slightly to get up, but you accidentally tugged at the fabric slightly more aggressively than you anticipated. You heard a thud as something fell to the ground. You peered over the side of your king-sized bed to find Hazel laying there. “Oh my God, Hazel! Baby, are you okay?” you immediately cried out, falling to her side as her small form whimpered against the wooden floor. You picked her up and cradled her small body, assessing if she had any injuries whilst tears dramatically streamed down your face. “I’m sorry,” you whispered, as you examined her limp paw.

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Headcanon that The Seven, Reyna, and Nico all have movie nights every Friday together and…

-It takes place in a re-built Argo II below the deck.

-Piper always arrives first and drags Jason along with her.

-The others come at different times, but Leo is always last and drives everyone nuts.

-They all fight over what movie to watch. It takes a while but they agree to watch a Disney movie but that causes even more controversy. 

-Piper wants to watch Pocahontas, Hazel likes The Princess and the Frog, Percy is adamant about watching Finding Nemo and or Finding Dory, and for some strange reason that none can understand, Leo wants to watch High School Musical.

-They then debate whether or not HSM would be considered a Disney movie or not because “It’s a DCOM movie.” but “Leo, that’s not the type of Disney movie we had in mind.”

-Nico usually also takes Leo’s side because hey, Troy Boltan isn’t too bad looking ;)

-Annabeth and Reyna could honestly care less so while the others are arguing, so they usually talk about whats going on at the two camps and discuss strategies.

-Despite arguing about the movies they all inevitable end up watching Heracules because there is just something every entertaining about seeing just how wrong Disney portrayed that jerk.

The Seven as Voltron paladins plus Allura and Coran

Percy: Blue Paladin

Leo: Green paladin

Piper: Red Paladin

Annabeth: Black Paladin

Hazel: Yellow Paladin

Jason: Princess Allura

Frank: Coran

Or alternatively…

Percy: Blue Paladin

Leo: Coran

Piper: Princess Allura

Annabeth: Green Paladin

Jason: Black Paladin

Hazel: Red paladin

Frank: Yellow paladin


Park with my princess

Left work a little bit early to take my little one to the park. There was no one there smh. Kids don’t play outside anymore but that’s a whole different rant. Was tryna ask her what she wanted for dinner and the only answer she gave was “shiken” so I guess we gon go get some chicken. Princess Hazel always gets what she wants  😂

Some HoO Headcanons
  • Percy is great with kids. He just is.
  • Reyna is also great with kids. She babysat Annabeths little brothers once, otherwise no-one would know.
  • Annabeths favourite Disney princess is Tiana, but everyone thinks it’s Belle
  • Jason picks at his lip when he’s nervous. Just above the scar.
  • Jason is a massive shipper. He created the ship name ‘Solangelo’ and is extremely proud of it.
  • Frank loves baking. Chocolate chip cookies are his favourite. Whenever he visits Percy, he and Sally have a bake off. 
  • Leo’s secretly an amazing singer, but he sings with a really deep voice.
  • When Will started dating Nico, Hades threatened Apollo. Reyna and Jason both threatened Will
  • Reyna never ties her hair with blue bands. Hylla taught Reyna how to plait her own hair and would always tie them with blue bands, so Reyna only lets Hylla tie it with blue bands.
  • Hazel hates leggings.

This time round the @fanartistsnetwork paried up and switched Hero’s of Olympus characters and Disney Princesses outfits. 

Inspired by @juliajm15 ‘s Leo wearing Elsa’s dress artwork. 

The artists behind the masterpieces :

Mulan and Frank by @meabhd and @blood-and-cupcakes

Jasmine and Jason by @andiree and @lexlambs

Ariel and Hazel by @chimericalnousse and @gabidrawsstuff 

Tiana and Reyna by @ritta1310

Cinderella and Piper by @ainhochu and @vcnom

Anna and Nico by @rosebloom-arts and @merrydisposition

Rapunzel and Annabeth by @lilabeanz and @misskaylereveur

Thank you so much for being part of this game, your all super amazing artists and its always an honour to work with you all. 

Remember to head over to the artists page to see more of their artwork.