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Headcanon that The Seven, Reyna, and Nico all have movie nights every Friday together and…

-It takes place in a re-built Argo II below the deck.

-Piper always arrives first and drags Jason along with her.

-The others come at different times, but Leo is always last and drives everyone nuts.

-They all fight over what movie to watch. It takes a while but they agree to watch a Disney movie but that causes even more controversy. 

-Piper wants to watch Pocahontas, Hazel likes The Princess and the Frog, Percy is adamant about watching Finding Nemo and or Finding Dory, and for some strange reason that none can understand, Leo wants to watch High School Musical.

-They then debate whether or not HSM would be considered a Disney movie or not because “It’s a DCOM movie.” but “Leo, that’s not the type of Disney movie we had in mind.”

-Nico usually also takes Leo’s side because hey, Troy Boltan isn’t too bad looking ;)

-Annabeth and Reyna could honestly care less so while the others are arguing, so they usually talk about whats going on at the two camps and discuss strategies.

-Despite arguing about the movies they all inevitable end up watching Heracules because there is just something every entertaining about seeing just how wrong Disney portrayed that jerk.

I’m sure if Leo Valdez and Lance McClain ever met they’d be best friends 👍👍💯 Both are from very beautifully outgoing and fun genetic descent AND both are severely stereotyped as womanizer class clowns, as well as openly under appreciated and pushed aside by other characters haha 😁😌😉


This time round the @fanartistsnetwork paried up and switched Hero’s of Olympus characters and Disney Princesses outfits. 

Inspired by @juliajm15 ‘s Leo wearing Elsa’s dress artwork. 

The artists behind the masterpieces :

Mulan and Frank by @meabhd and @blood-and-cupcakes

Jasmine and Jason by @andiree and @lexlambs

Ariel and Hazel by @chimericalnousse and @gabidrawsstuff 

Tiana and Reyna by @ritta1310

Cinderella and Piper by @ainhochu and @vcnom

Anna and Nico by @rosebloom-arts and @merrydisposition

Rapunzel and Annabeth by @lilabeanz and @misskaylereveur

Thank you so much for being part of this game, your all super amazing artists and its always an honour to work with you all. 

Remember to head over to the artists page to see more of their artwork.

Consider: Frazel Princess and the Frog AU


  • New Orleans in the early 1900s because that is where and when Hazel was born (same as Tiana, actually) 
  • Best friend Piper McLean, who has a rich dad and is drop-dead gorgeous 
  • Hazel wants to open up a restaurant but since her gems are cursed nobody will buy them from her 
  • Piper’s dad is hosting a party in honor of Frank Zhang, a visiting prince (who can shapeshift!)
  • Piper hires Hazel as the cook, which gives Hazel enough money to buy a restaurant
  • On Frank’s way to the party, Frank encounters Hecate, who curses Frank into being stuck in frog form
  • Frank sees Hazel, this adorable cutie wearing a kick-ass dress, before the party, and think’s she’s a princess (bc yes)
  • He tries to kiss her but she’s like no wtf 
  • and he’s just like please im a prince also fun fact im a literal teddy bear
  • and shes like fine whatever
  • whoops hazel is suddenly also frog
  • the two of them meet up with Percy and Leo
  • Percy is an alligator (AQUATIC ANIMAL) and Leo is a FIREfly (ba-dum-crashhh) who is in love with a star named Calypso 
  • they go off to find Rachel, an oracle who can reverse the curse
  • Frank, Percy, and Leo all can’t cook so Hazel is basically den mom of the group and the only reason theyre still alive tbh
  • They find Rachel and she’s all like yeah buddy you have to kiss a princess 
  • Franks like okay cool let’s go kiss piper i guess she’s princess of the party
  • but he actually has it so bad for hazel
  • so bad
  • So when they get back to NOLA he’s like actually hazel id rather spend my life w u than be human again 
  • but shes like no man you gotta do it so he goes to find piper
  • while hes off finding piper mchottie, percy, leo, and hazel encounter hecate and try to get the charm she’s holding the curse in 
  • Hazel is a badass and wins the charm by learning to control the mist that only hecate was supposed to be the master of
  • but not until leo is killed by Hecate which is super sad for everyone 
  • but hes like its okay i can be with calypso now
  • hazel and frank then find piper but its too late at that point
  • but then hes like actually hazel i really love you 
  • and hazels like wait a second im totally in love with you too 
  • and so they decide to get married (in this AU theyre aged up) 
  • they kiss
  • now they are humans and they are too cute for me or anyone else
  • and since percy is still in the picture we have our princess and the frog version of the SoN trio
  • percy is a third wheel
  • frazel is just super cute and they open a restaurant together 
  • everyone lives happily ever after
  • Frazel Princess and the Frog AU
  • yes
To the seven: Favorite Disney Princess?
  • Percy: Ariel. Duh.
  • Hazel: The Princess and the Frog.
  • Jason: Superman.
  • Piper: Jason, Superman isn't Disney... nor a princess...
  • Jason: He can be whatever he wants to be, OKAY?!
  • Piper: Of course, he can. But not a Disney Princess.
  • Annabeth: I like Beauty and the Beast.
  • Frank: Why? Because Belle likes books?
  • Annabeth: Well, that's given. But also because she fell in love with an ugly beast, just like I did.
  • Percy: Watch it, Wise Girl. I'm not ugly, nor a beast. I am PERSASSY!
Two Odd Princes ~A Solangelo AU~ Chapter 4

Chapter 4

On the way to the castle, Lou Ellen and Cecil were helping Will stay calm. They ran through what to say and things not to say. Needless to say, Will was nervous and afraid he was going to embarrass himself.

“It’ll be fine,” they told him. “The princess is probably just as nervous as you.”

Will knew that to be true, but he couldn’t help it.

The carriage pulled up to the palace front gates, opening for them. Standing out by he door, the royal family waited for them. Will could see the king and queen standing side by side looking professional. Next to the queen were the two princesses, Bianca and Hazel. The younger princess was tugging on her sister’s dress and pointing at the carriage.

“Yes, I see Hazel,” Bianca told the small child, “now hold still. We don’t want to anger Papa, do we?”

Hazel shook her head, standing still and holding Bianca’s hand.

Will exited the carriage, Cecil and Lou Ellen behind him. They greeted the king and queen first, and then the princesses. Will took note that Prince Nico, for some reason, was not present at the moment.

Will stood in front of Bianca, both of them doing their best to avoid the awkwardness.

“Princess,” Will said in the most polite tone as possible, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He took her hand, kissing the back of it.

“It’s nice to meet you, too,” Bianca replied, taking her hand back rather quickly. Will tried not to notice.

Will then knelt down to Hazel’s height. “And you must be Princess Hazel, correct?”

Hazel nodded, being shy. She even hide behind her sister.

Will chuckled, “Well, it’s nice to meet you as well, princess.”

He stood back up, standing in front of the royal family again.

“Your luggage,” Hades began to tell them, “will be taken to your rooms shortly. How about Will and Bianca have tea in the gardens and get to know each other?”

Hazel made a noise of protest, but, before Hades could scold her, Lou Ellen suggested they play with the younger princess. Hazel’s eyes lit up.

“A splendid idea,” Bianca agreed, though, on the inside, she was refusing to have any interactions with this boy. “I’ll lead the way.”

On the way to the gardens, Bianca realized she didn’t have her phone on her. That meant there was no way to avoid Will and she couldn’t check up on her brother. Trying to think of where it was, she internally sighed, thinking, this is going to go horribly.


Hazel was playing with Cecil and Lou Ellen in her room. Her nanny was given a break from the two older kids, claiming they had it covered. After playing for ten minutes, a phone rang. It was playing a song that Cecil and Lou Ellen had never heard, but Hazel knew the song. It meant Nico was calling.

Hazel followed the sound, finding the phone – Bianca’s phone – and answered. “Nico!” she screamed in joy. “Where are you? When are you coming home?”

Nico smiled, hearing his sister’s voice. “Hey, Hazel. I’ll be home soon. I’ll be running a little late though. Like, three days late. Where’s B?”

“She’s have tea with Will,” Hazel told him, not remembering the prince part.

“Okay, can you tell her what I told you? The three days late part?”

Hazel nodded. “I will.”

“Thanks sis. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Bye.”

They hung up and Hazel went back to playing, forgetting about the message she was to deliver to her older sister.


It had been three days now, and Bianca was getting worried. Nico hadn’t shown up yet. She tried calling, but he wouldn’t pick up. She tried texting, but he didn’t reply back to those either. On the third day, she was planning to sneak away after lunch and go to Nico apartment to check on him. Unfortunately, her plans were ruined by her father. He insisted that the young couple go for a picnic in the gardens.

Neither one of them wanted to. Everyone in the castle, every except Hazel, and been forcing them together. Honestly, they just wanted a break from each other.

In the gardens, they found a blanket laid out for them and a basket with lunch. They sat down, talking about their likes and dislikes. More dislikes than anything. Half way through their meal, Hazel came running through the gardens, giggling like she was being chased.

“Hazel,” Bianca said, now standing, “you’re supposed to be with your nanny. Where is she?”

“Shh,” the younger girl giggled, hiding behind a tree.

Bianca went to check on her sister, leaving Will by himself. In the distance, he heard someone calling out for Hazel. A second later, a young man with messy black hair came into view. He was wearing dark jeans, a black shirt with a skull, and an old jacket. The young man turned in the direction of the tree when he heard laughter.

He ran over with a smile on his face. “Found you!” he shouted, picking up the princess playfully. Hazel screamed, and then continued to laugh.

The boy with the black hair looked a Bianca, his expression now becoming terrified. He placed the young girl down, taking off in another direction and away from the older sister. Will looked over to see a mad Bianca.

“Nico di Angelo, get back here now!”

The boy came back, but was ready to take off any second.

“Now tell me,” Bianca demanded through gritted teeth. “Where have you been?”

The boy, Nico, laughed nervously. “Did- didn’t Haze tell you? She was supposed to tell you I’d be running late.” Bianca leaned in, ready to strangle him. Nico’s eyes landed on Will, his eyes widening. “You wouldn’t kill me in front of the prince, would you?”

Bianca stopped, remembering that Will was still there. Her face turned red in embarrassment.

“Sorry for that, Will,” she led Nico over to picnic area. “Nico, this is Prince Will Solace. Will, this is my brother, Prince Nico di Angelo.”

Nico held out his hand for Will. He shook it. Their eyes met and Nico was silently telling him not to bring up the inn.

“Nice to meet you, your highness,” Will said.

“Please, just call me Nico.”

“Then just call me Will.”

There was a moment of silence. Bianca broke it by clearing her throat, asking, “Does father know you’re here yet?”

Nico’s eyes darkened. “No, father doesn’t know I’m here yet. I went to see Hazel first, the you. I believe one of their servants is informing him as we speak.”

As if on cue, the same servant that Nico asked to deliver the message came over to them.

“The king requests your presence, Prince Nico,” the servant told him.

“Alright,” Nico said in a bored tone. “I’ll be there soon.” He dismissed the servant, turning to his sister. “Wish me luck. I’ll take Hazel back to her room first.”

Nico started to walk away, Hazel close behind him. Bianca frowned.

“Don’t keep him waiting too long,” she called after him.

“No promises.”


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PJO Favorite Disney Princess
  • Percy: Can I just say Annabeth? No? Uhhhh, then Ariel?
  • Annabeth: Elsa
  • Frank: Mulan
  • Leo: The dragon from Mulan. I don't care if he isn't a princess, I do what I want, I'm Leo Effin Valdez.
  • Hazel: The Princess and the Frog
  • Nico: Any Grimm version.