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Headcanon that The Seven, Reyna, and Nico all have movie nights every Friday together and…

-It takes place in a re-built Argo II below the deck.

-Piper always arrives first and drags Jason along with her.

-The others come at different times, but Leo is always last and drives everyone nuts.

-They all fight over what movie to watch. It takes a while but they agree to watch a Disney movie but that causes even more controversy. 

-Piper wants to watch Pocahontas, Hazel likes The Princess and the Frog, Percy is adamant about watching Finding Nemo and or Finding Dory, and for some strange reason that none can understand, Leo wants to watch High School Musical.

-They then debate whether or not HSM would be considered a Disney movie or not because “It’s a DCOM movie.” but “Leo, that’s not the type of Disney movie we had in mind.”

-Nico usually also takes Leo’s side because hey, Troy Boltan isn’t too bad looking ;)

-Annabeth and Reyna could honestly care less so while the others are arguing, so they usually talk about whats going on at the two camps and discuss strategies.

-Despite arguing about the movies they all inevitable end up watching Heracules because there is just something every entertaining about seeing just how wrong Disney portrayed that jerk.


Park with my princess

Left work a little bit early to take my little one to the park. There was no one there smh. Kids don’t play outside anymore but that’s a whole different rant. Was tryna ask her what she wanted for dinner and the only answer she gave was “shiken” so I guess we gon go get some chicken. Princess Hazel always gets what she wants  😂


This time round the @fanartistsnetwork paried up and switched Hero’s of Olympus characters and Disney Princesses outfits. 

Inspired by @juliajm15 ‘s Leo wearing Elsa’s dress artwork. 

The artists behind the masterpieces :

Mulan and Frank by @meabhd and @blood-and-cupcakes

Jasmine and Jason by @andiree and @lexlambs

Ariel and Hazel by @chimericalnousse and @gabidrawsstuff 

Tiana and Reyna by @ritta1310

Cinderella and Piper by @ainhochu and @vcnom

Anna and Nico by @rosebloom-arts and @merrydisposition

Rapunzel and Annabeth by @lilabeanz and @misskaylereveur

Thank you so much for being part of this game, your all super amazing artists and its always an honour to work with you all. 

Remember to head over to the artists page to see more of their artwork.

Some HoO Headcanons
  • Percy is great with kids. He just is.
  • Reyna is also great with kids. She babysat Annabeths little brothers once, otherwise no-one would know.
  • Annabeths favourite Disney princess is Tiana, but everyone thinks it’s Belle
  • Jason picks at his lip when he’s nervous. Just above the scar.
  • Jason is a massive shipper. He created the ship name ‘Solangelo’ and is extremely proud of it.
  • Frank loves baking. Chocolate chip cookies are his favourite. Whenever he visits Percy, he and Sally have a bake off. 
  • Leo’s secretly an amazing singer, but he sings with a really deep voice.
  • When Will started dating Nico, Hades threatened Apollo. Reyna and Jason both threatened Will
  • Reyna never ties her hair with blue bands. Hylla taught Reyna how to plait her own hair and would always tie them with blue bands, so Reyna only lets Hylla tie it with blue bands.
  • Hazel hates leggings.
To the seven: Favorite Disney Princess?
  • Percy: Ariel. Duh.
  • Hazel: The Princess and the Frog.
  • Jason: Superman.
  • Piper: Jason, Superman isn't Disney... nor a princess...
  • Jason: He can be whatever he wants to be, OKAY?!
  • Piper: Of course, he can. But not a Disney Princess.
  • Annabeth: I like Beauty and the Beast.
  • Frank: Why? Because Belle likes books?
  • Annabeth: Well, that's given. But also because she fell in love with an ugly beast, just like I did.
  • Percy: Watch it, Wise Girl. I'm not ugly, nor a beast. I am PERSASSY!

rabiddogheart  asked:


how could you ask me this i’m about to make the both of us suffer

  • frank would so be the mother of the group, like he’d wear a backpack with a little cooler strapped to the back of it and he’d keep lil snacks and water bottles for them all
  • when they get into magic kingdom for the first time he’s like “walk not run,” but leo sprints away dragging hazel behind them and frank chases after them like a mother duck
  • on their first day they buy matching t-shirts and the next day they wear them but in the morning they do a full on photoshoot including:
  • the normal front pose photo, the back photo (bc they would so get t-shirts with stuff on the back), the frank and leo holding up hazel photo, the leo on frank’s back and hazel kissing frank’s cheek photo bc FRANK NEEDS MORE LOVE
  • when they went to epcot and got to canada, leo turned to frank and went “look who’s home, ey?” and frank squirted him with the spray bottle they bought
  • hazel got to meet princess tiana and after they were done taking the photo, they started talking and hazel found out this princess tiana was also from new orleans
  • so while they were chatting frank and leo goofed around with prince naveen and took silly pictures with like peace signs and sunglasses and they were all look “look at our queens!!” to the hazel and tiana who both roll their eyes
  • on their first day hazel and frank get lanyards and collect pins the whole trip, but leo has an affinity for mouse ears
  • like hazel got minnie ears with a sparkly bow and frank got the traditional mickey eat hat but by the end of the trip, leo got a glow in the dark ear hat, a little mermaid ear hat, and sorcerer mickey ears
  • they spend a whole day at animal kingdom, from the very beginning to the minute before the park closed and the reason they stayed there all day was because frank kept sneaking into exhibits (with the help of hazel’s mist) and he’d shift into all different types of animals and do such dumb stuff to entertain the guests
  • and all the other animals would literally be staring at him, while the guests were so enraptured and taking photos, meanwhile hazel and leo were off to the side, practically on the floor laughing their asses off
  • at the end of the day they ate at the rainforest cafe and instead of ordering meals they just got a bunch of junk food (mini burgers, fries, a bunch of appetizers) and stuffed their faces bc they were just that hungry
  • leo was so sleepy afterwards that while hazel and frank were in the gift shop, frank had to carry leo on his back; they got him a t-shirt
  • when they went to hollywood studios that was the day they found out hazel’s favorite ride was the great movie ride
  • ahhh imagine them walking around downtown disney on one of their last nights, eating ice cream and browsing through the shops and taking pictures of all the lego sculptures
  • every ride they go on is awesome but every time they get off leo is already rambling about the improvements he could make and if he could add a pixie dust machine and hey maybe this place is owned by demigods we should so ask and frank and hazel love him so they listen everytime

ahhh i made these mostly about disney alksdaskldj ok let me see

  • every single road trip they take it’s always frank driving, hazel in the passenger, and leo in the backseat; unless frank needs to sleep then they switch
  • their playlist is such a #mess bc hazel likes jazz, frank likes pop, and leo likes punk rock and they could just be jamming out and then smooth jazz fills the car and hazel goes, “if either of you skip it i’m going to rip your hand off”
  • they’re that couple that has to stop at every landmark or tourist attraction if they come across it, even if it’s not part of the plan, and they take pictures and walk around and buy lil souvenirs
  • hazel gets a bunch of pamphlets from all the rest stops they go to and when the boys ask her why she’s like “just in case!” even though they’ll most likely be useless as soon as they leave the state laksjdasdj i love her
  • ok but all of them crashing at random hamilton and holiday inn’s throughout the country and cramming together on one of the queen size beds and scrambling in the mornings to get read and they all have to crowd into the bathroom as they brush their teeth
  • frank is so that person who takes his time as they’re leaving, like he’ll chat up the concierge and make himself one of the complimentary coffees and tell the employee things about their road trip so far and as he leaves he nods back towards the guy, smiles, and says, “have a good day, man” 
  • camping trips where the whole gang is their but they have their own tent and hazel wakes up early one morning so she sits by the firepit and chats with nico and percy until the sun rises
  • and then by that point she’s like, “ok they have to get up” but when she checks on them leo is basically sprawled across franks chest and frank has one arm around leo and another underneath his head and they’re just cuddled up so cute that hazel doesn’t have the heart to wake them
  • so nico does

aksdjasllk alright so these were the ones that actually got deleted, i hope i remembered all of them and i really hope you liked them!!

also bonus: the halloween after they go to disney, hazel dresses up as princess tiana and frank and leo dress up as prince naveen. now frank is kind of shy in this flashy attire even though he looks awesome, meanwhile in the background you can see leo being the cocky lil shit he is, swooshing his cape back and forth and flashing people is signature “smolder” for the night. hazel tries to make frank feel better and that’s when leo realizes frank might not be as comfortable as he is and so he goes over and kiss frank right on the lips and makes some silly joke to make them all laugh and then he kisses hazel and they all go out on the dance floor and have a really good time omg i’m gonna cry