Sugar, Sugar: Chapter 3.

Who knew writing this fic was better than reading about Arthritis and Lupus?

Major thanks to @joleanart @ofswordsandpens @demidorks and @sugarlantern who let me rant to them about this fic and who are always there to give me feedback. Major thanks to @nerdyadventures this story wouldn’t exist without her, for real.

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Contrary to her friends’ belief Annabeth didn’t have a crush on Percy. She only thought he was handsome, and cute, and had a fantastic smile and a deep voice that made her swoon and okay, maybe she did have a small crush on him but she would never say it out loud, because if she was being honest she wasn’t sure how to deal with a crush. Annabeth Chase didn’t get crushes and she didn’t mean it in an ‘I’m better than anyone’ way…she just didn’t. Her only experience with crushes was with Luke Castellan, the senior counselor at the camp she went to when she was eleven years old. If Piper thought Annabeth was a mess around Percy it’s a good thing she never saw her around Luke, those were dark time Annabeth didn’t want to remember (On the last day of camp Luke had hugged her goodbye and Annabeth might have almost passed out. After that day Luke went to college and Annabeth never saw him again). After Luke, it took years for Annabeth to have another crush. She had been a junior in high school and Madison Chapman was a senior, she was also the valedictorian and the captain of the soccer team. Madison had been her partner in AP History and maybe it was the fact that she knew Madison was in a happy relationship with the cheer captain that made Annabeth’s crush on her easier but just like with Luke, Madison graduated, moved to college and Annabeth never heard of her again.

After failed dates during college and realizing hook-ups weren’t made for her, Annabeth’s romantic life because nonexistent. Her life had been school and her friends and after she graduated, her life became work, friends and her dog. But now Percy I-don’t-know-his-last-name was in her life mixing things up so Annabeth did the only thing she could do, try to avoid him as much as possible (it would have been so much easier if she hadn’t become addicted to the chocolates he sold and if her roommate wasn’t kind of dating his roommate). If she went to Blue Truffle and Jason was working too, then she would talk with him instead and if Percy was working alone, Annabeth tried to make the interaction as short as possible (she no longer stuttered in front of him which she called progress.) Thankfully for her work had been crazy so she could give all her attention to that instead of daydreaming about sea-green eyes and chocolates, she had been drowning in her work on a Saturday money when Frank had texted her if she wanted to hang out with Leo, Hazel and him.

“You guys do realize Piper is gonna murder us if she finds out we’re spying on her date, right?” Frank asked and Leo shrugged.

“First of all we are not spying on her, Frank, you didn’t even know she was on a date here, and second we are not spying if we don’t know where she is.” Leo wasn’t lying, Piper and Jason were either in Disneyland or California Adventure while the three of them were in Downtown Disney waiting for Hazel to get off her shift and change out of her uniform.

“We can always go to Hispterland to eat,” Annabeth said. The actual name was Anaheim Packing House but it was one of the most hipster places Annabeth had been. Piper and Leo loved it and they usually went once a month.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Mulan is currently a guest in the Royal Hall.” A voice said behind them. The three of them turned and were greeted by Hazel’s smile, she was out of her work clothes and was wearing overalls with a white shirt under it. Hazel worked as a Character Host in the parks, meaning she was kind of a bodyguard for the characters, and she worked in the Fantasyland Area which meant she was mostly in charge of the princesses and princes.

“Mulan’s in the park!? Forget Hispertland and Piper, we’re hanging out with Mulan instead.” Leo said and started walking towards the park.

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Okay, so some of you might have read this oneshot before, as it as was posted by winglessvampire/visualstruggle 16/01/2017. I’m winglessvampire (also known as Nico, hi!) and yeah, blog got terminated, what are we gonna do? Repost and hope I gain back my amazing community. A lot of shit will be happening with this blog over the next couple days and we will all see how it works out. Enjoy!

 “What is this? You guys are seriously planning a sleepover in my cabin? Without telling me?” Nico di Angelo was glaring down at them, arms crossed over his Simple Plan t-shirt. “Are you out of your minds?”

“We- um, we were going to tell you, but you’ve been busy all morning. What have you been doing, anyway? You weren’t in the cabin when I checked earlier, so I looked around, but I couldn’t find you,” Percy said, looking up at his cousin.

“I was doing important things for my father as well as getting my weekly check-up in the infirmary,” Nico said, slumping down on the bench next to Piper. “I swear, Solace is crazy! He got me up at 7 am. 7 am!”

Nico groaned and poured himself a cup of coffee. “Fuck me. I’m too tired, it’s too bright outside and too much nois- wah!”

“Now, now, Death Boy. You shouldn’t be that grumpy. It’s a beautiful day,” Will Solace said happily, his hand clasped tightly over Nico’s mouth. “And for your information, I’m ADHD, not crazy. There’s a difference if you didn’t know.”

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lovethymonsters  asked:

Frank and Hazel pls

Where/How do they live? They live in New Rome, still. It’s just the safest.

What jobs do they have now? They’re running a restaurant together.

Do they have kids? …Uhm. I suppose if I subtract Leo from the equation… Then they’d only have one daughter, Sammy Marie Zhang. She’s a legacy of Pluto, with Frank’s shapeshifting abilities. She’s a very ambitious child and the current praetor of Camp Jupiter.

Do they have pets? Not really, no. With Frank’s shapeshifting - and Sammy Marie’s shapeshifting - there’s enough animals as it is in the house at times…

Who proposed and how? Frank stumbled his way through a proposal, flustered and awkward and absolutely adorable.

remember the Son of Neptune book where Hazel describe Percy and he was so RIDICULOUSLY powerful and beautiful and terrifying she thought he was god and my son is honestly so strong and must be a horrific enemy and a force to be feared 

…but we forget because we know his inner dialogue is 50% “fuck fuck fuck AHHHHHHHHH well shit” and the other 50% is “I have no idea what’s going on but let’s just roll with it and hope I survive”

And honestly Percy Jackson is 10/10 the most relatable fake adult millennial to ever bluff his way through life. A true icon. The hero our generation deserves.


80′s hoo (and pjo)

i was thinking about it a while ago and hoo could totally happen in the 80′s! the only thing that would mess it up is that people didn’t had technology etc but demigods can’t use it anyways - cause it attracks monsters - so yeah! so there you go, one of the coolest ideas i’ve ever had - and i would gladly die for 80′s jasiper ok

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merthurfan12  asked:


You know, this is kind of intensely boring because I already did the Frazel one and like… all this does is add the Leo…? *shrugs a little helplessly*

Where/How do they live? They live in New Rome, Leo moved in with them.

What jobs do they have now? Frank and Hazel are running a restaurant together, while Leo has his own car shop.

Do they have kids? Four of them, Esperanza Nicole, Emily Fey, Sammy Marie and Claryssa. Esperanza is a tinkerer, Emily is a fighter, Sammy Marie is a politician (praetor atm but aiming higher) and Claire is just a fluffy ball of cotton candy, essentially.

Do they have pets? Not really, no. With Frank’s shapeshifting - and Sammy Marie’s shapeshifting - there’s enough animals as it is in the house at times…

Who proposed and how? Frank stumbled his way through a proposal, flustered and awkward and absolutely adorable.

My favorite thing is percy’s new friends witnessing how done percy is with the gods. It happened a lot in son of neptune, like when Mars showed up and percy was just like totally ripping him a new one and hazel, frank, and all of camp jupiter was like “p e r c y stop it he is literally about to kill you,” and it happened like 12 times with hera when percy was just like disrespecting her to her face and everyone was just like “P E R C Y.”

All these demigods are used to praying and being respectful to the gods, and then theres percy that’s like “ what the fuck do you want now,” whenever he sees a god an the people around him are like :0

It’s just so funny because percy gets away with so much stuff. All the gods 100% would love to smite him because he just dares to curse out the gods 24/7 but Poseidon won’t let them.

Heroes of Olympus as popular text posts
  • Percy: ''Fun drinking game: Take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated.''
  • Annabeth: ''Do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking?''
  • Jason: ''If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that one time i didn’t understand that my waiter was just trying to give me my change so i fist bumped him instead ''
  • Piper: ''People always shoot down my ideas and I’m sick of it. two sentences in and everyone’s already shouting “what the fuck that’s illegal” or “you can’t do that” let me talk dear god''
  • Leo: ''Back by unpopular demand: me''
  • Hazel: ''I watched my brother drop a remote on his foot and the only thing he said was “i am so sick of being alive”''
  • Frank: ''Listen, I’m a nice person so if I’m a bitch to you, you need to ask yourself why.''
  • Nico: ''Gayer than intended: an autobiography''
  • Reyna: ''Girls aren’t playing hard to get… They don’t want you.''
  • Ares: *fights with Percy Jackson*
  • Percy: You know, just because you're a son of a bitch doesn't mean you have to be a bitch as well.
  • Ares: what
  • Percy: what i just said

Her name is Sally Jackson and she’s the best person in the world, which just proves my theory that the best people have the rottenest luck.

Sally Jackson and her “I find the courage on my own” appreciation post.