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Winter Solangelo

I got a request for some fluffy Solangelo and I wanted to give it a winter spin! (Man this took my a while to get to. Sorry.) 

-Nico is perpetually cold. 

-He really likes Holiday sweaters but being that he has to keep up his ascetic he only wears the sarcastic ones. 

-With the exception of a couple sweaters Hazel knitted for him. 

-Will is the human embodiment of Christmas spirit.  

-The Apollo cabin is always the first decorated and Will starts suggesting Christmas songs at the bonfire in November. 

-Nico finds this equal parts annoying and endearing 

-There are several little Holiday type events that happen in camp half blood

-Will makes Nico go with him to all of them

-Nico doesn’t actually mind that much. If nothing else there’s always free food, and Will’s cute when he gets overly excited. 

-Holding hands through gloves

-Nico hates Christmas movies. Will loves them. 

-The Nightmare before Christmas is the only one they can watch together

-Nico Will never admit how much he likes cuddling with Will when it’s cold outside. The boy is just so warm. He’s like a human space heater. 

A/N: Hello! Sooo, I know I’ve been MIA for practically the entire year, but as I’ve told you guys a million times, I was studying to get into med school. And guess what? I did! So I can concentrate on more mundane endeavors.

So! I promised Logan’s birth didn’t I? I guess you can say I’ll deliver it now. Ha! Get it? *Shows up six months late with a bad pun* I’m sorry. I’ll let you read it.


Annabeth had fought hellhounds, dracanae, empousai. She’d fought Titans, Giants, survived two wars before she was legally allowed to drink. She’d been hit by arrows, taken a poisoned dagger to the shoulder, broken ribs and walked miles in the deepest parts of hell on a broken ankle. She’d held up the bloody sky. She had considered herself quite resistant to pain.

And yet, childbirth… was something to consider. No wonder every polytheist culture in the world had several goddesses for it. That thing hurt. You’d think someone would have invented a better method by now. ‘I’m going to go up to Olympus and propose a theory on why they should invent a new way to birth babies,’ she thought somewhere into the third hour of contractions. ‘I am NEVER doing this again,’ she thought midway the process of pushing a small-sized human through an even smaller place. ‘I am going to kill my husband,’ was also somewhere in there.

And then, ‘Oh.’

That’s why no one had invented a better method yet. All the pain goes out the window the moment they put her son in her arms.

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The Pjo crew on Christmas
  • Percy: non stop Christmas carols. Everyone hates it bc he is a terrible singer
  • Jason: Is in charge of putting the tree together. Grover made a fit about using a dead tree corpse for decoration...
  • Piper: Making everyones favorite cookies and extra for Santa CAUSE HE IS REAL!
  • Leo: Created some machine that can literally blast Christmas lights on the cabins while laughing evilly
  • Hazel: Knitting everyone sweaters like the Weasleys
  • Frank: Has to leave for the North Pole bc Santa is short on reindeer
  • Will & Reyna: Decorticating the tree
  • Nico: Is lifted up by Will to put the star on top
Solangelo & Christmas

i got a prompt from an anon so i hope you like it!! okay so

• everyone assumes that nico is a little scrooge who hates on christmas but he is soooo the opposite
• as soon as thanksgiving is over it’s “christmas first” & so on & so forth
• he gives everyone he sees christmas hats. everyone. all of them.
• will laughs & calls him a little elf all month long & nico acts like he hates but really he is in love with it
• will has never been crazy about christmas, he likes the whole idea behind it, but he thinks the image has been twisted by society
• but he’ll get into for nico because hell yeah he loves seeing nico happy!!! so heck he’ll wear that hat all the time & leave cookies out for santa & only play christmas music for 31 days straight (his favorite is rockin’ around the christmas tree)
• will was the one who introduced nico to christmas movies & that was the first time nico said i love you to will
• nicos favorite christmas movie is A Christmas Story he’s plays it once a day the whole month of december
• he’s know the movie word for word
• this is the one month nico wears no black tshirts. he wears a red shirt one day & a green on the next & alternates
• idk christmas just makes nico such a dork he tries so hard on his gifts he handmakes a lot of them, like he knitted hazel a beautiful red scarf one year & did a jar of date ideas for will another year he’s just such a sweet little cherub
• mint hot chocolate on christmas eve night
• & when it’s all over nico lays in bed that night with will & cuddles close & whispers very very quietly a merry christmas to bianca because it had always been her favorite holiday

Kingdom Classification: Solangelo

Summary: The you’re the slightly-on-the-weird-side guy in class who actually talks to the plants and I’m that one oddball who obviously doesn’t belong and you might not like me since we’ve argued a lot but the plant I want to care for is dying and I am now seeking your help AU… . aka The Botany Class AU that no one asked about but I still wrote because I’m such a Solangelo trash.

Will Solace had no idea what to think of one Nico di Angelo. The guy, who seem to emit an aura darker than darkness itself is simply an oddball (then again, anyone who doesn’t like the sun is an oddball to him). The boy is a bit of a loner who seem all gloomy and uncaring about the world all the time. He dresses in all black. He doesn’t talk to anyone and is totally unapproachable.

A perfect example for a human being who won’t fit on a light and friendly environment such as their school’s Botany Class.

So it had been puzzling to Will when the boy walked to their class that day, occupied one of the empty seats and proceeded to busy himself with glaring at the board and ignoring the strange look the other students had been giving him.

“Stop glaring at the board, Nico” Ms. Persephone, the teacher in charge of their class walked in whilst pushing a trolley with her.

“Why am I even here?” Nico had asked, voice sounding disrespectful and bitter. He looked up, glare now focused on the teacher but Persephone seemed unfazed. In fact, she simply looked at Nico with sympathy in her eyes.

“Because I think you needed it” The teacher spoke calmly.

“No I don’t! You don’t know what I need” Nico retorted back. Harshly. “You don’t know anything!”

“I’m just trying to help, Nico” Persephone tried pacifying amidst the current ruckus and her class being curious as to what was going on.

“If you want to help then just leave me alone!” With that Nico stood from his seat and walked out of the room. Persephone sighed and breathed deeply, eyes mirroring sadness for a moment before facing the class with a smile.

“Now class, sorry for the little drama. I assure you, Nico will be back to joining us by tomorrow but for now, I’m officially assigning each of you a plant to take good care of…”

Will actually stopped listening by then. What just happened?

Nico di Angelo did came back in class the next day.

Nico di Angelo is an annoying piece of shit whose level for caring is close to zero.

Okay, maybe that was going a bit too far. However, for someone who values every living thing (except for weeds, smoking and his fourth grade Science teacher, which are all nuisance) Will can’t help himself but take Nico’s actions as some deep kind of insult to life.

Really, not everyone has got green thumbs but does he really have to end up killing every single plant assigned to him? Just look how the leaves of that poor little Bonsai had wilted. Or that Sunflower. Or that Anthurium . Or even that Cactus. Or the many other plants that Will really doesn’t want to remember right now.

It doesn’t help that the plants seemed to look pleadingly at Will, begging to be saved from the boy whose hands are responsible for their demise.

Rest in peace, plants. May you find Elysium.

Will Solace must have been some sort of a criminal from his previous life. And he’s currently being punished in this life. That or his sister Kayla had been telling the truth about his birthmark being a source of bad luck.

Why? You ask so?

He had just been assigned as Nico di Angelo’s class partner.

“Why do I have to take care of it? It’s going to die soon anyway” Nico stated stubbornly.

Will wanted to either strangle himself or Nico. Himself to stop his exasperation and Nico to stop being annoying. Why does the boy have to be so difficult?

“Well, mister di Angelo it’s not dead yet which means we can still save the plant and so save the plant we shall!” Will smiled enthusiastically. Nico scoffed, still uninterested.

“It’s a hopeless case for it.”

Will glared at Nico before he started stroking the plant’s leaves affectionately. “Don’t listen to the evil overlord, he’s just a grumpy man”

“…and the crazed weirdo started talking to the plant. Lunatic.”

The blonde gasped, scandalized. “I must let you know that talking to the plants let them grow. How can you not know that? You uncultured swine!”

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Dropped thing that kills me about the Heroes of Olympus books:


Annabeth and Rachel were due any minute for the head counselors’ meeting, and Jason needed time to think.

His dreams the night before had been worse than he’d wanted to share—even with Piper. His memory was still foggy, but bits and pieces were coming back. The night Lupa had tested him at the Wolf House, to decide if he would be a pup or food.

Then the long trip south to … he couldn’t remember, but he had flashes of his old life. The day he’d gotten his tattoo. The day he’d been raised on a shield and proclaimed a praetor. His friends’ faces: Dakota, Gwendolyn, Hazel, Bobby. And Reyna. Definitely there’d been a girl named Reyna. He wasn’t sure what she’d meant to him, but the memory made him question what he felt about Piper—and wonder if he was doing something wrong. The problem was, he liked Piper a lot.

One of Jason’s first memories when he starts getting his memories back is a short list of his closest and most important friends i New Rome. It’s a really short list, five people. Hazel is one of them. Dakota and Gwendolyn are the current Centurions of his cohort right before becoming Praetor, of course they’d be close. Reyna is his partner and co-Praetor. Bobby is mentioned in passing and then never developed.

But Hazel? HAZEL LEVESQUE MADE THAT SHORT LIST. Fellow child of the big three and brought to camp by Nico Di Angelo, another child of the big three. – She made that short list of closest friends.

When we first meet Hazel, one f the first things she asks Percy is…

Hazel leaned forward. “If he’s survived as a loner all this time, maybe he’s seen Jason.” She turned to Percy. “Have you ever met a demigod like us before? A guy in a purple shirt, with marks on his arm—”


Jason isn’t dead,” Hazel snapped. “You’re the augur. You’re supposed to be looking for him!”


Hazel’s whole body tingled. She glanced at her friends. “Jason,” she whispered. “She fought Jason. He might still be alive.

Then we get them in the same place in the books, and neither character really reacts. Jason doesn’t go THIS IS ONE OF THE FIRST PEOPLE I REMEMBERED! Why would he not?!

And Hazel acts like she only looked up to him, not that they knew and cared about each other, not enough to justify her reactions in the Son of Neptune book nor for her to be on Jason’s BFF short list.

Holy dropped plot points Riordan.

Where is my Hazel and Jason tight-knit friendship?


From the second I saw ryuuringo’s drawing of Nico and Hazel in Christmas gear, I immediately wanted to knit Nico’s adorable hat. I asked permission and as soon as I got it, I went to work developing the pattern. It took about 12 hours and 6 different drafts before I finally figured it out. I wasn’t originally going to knit it this quickly but I’ve had a lot of personal stuff going on these past few days and just really needed something for me, and knitting also helps keep my mind busy. I really want to thank ryuuringo for the amazing art and inspiration, as well as the permission to knit it. I might post the knitting chart and instructions later if I can get my external hard drive to work again. :/

It's The Way You Dress

Title: It’s The Way You Dress
Characters: Charles Xavier x Candice “CJ” Jameson (OC), Hank McCoy and Erik secondary characters, Alex Summers and Sean Cassidy mentioned w/ another OC
Word Count: 1113
Age Suggestion/Rating: PG-13/T
Summary: Charles and Hank are teaching Candice how to better control her force fields, but a certain distraction causes him to change the location for future sessions.

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Short Story 3- Nico

Nico shivered.  Why was he standing out in the snow in New York City when it was -10 degrees out?  Well waiting for his date of course.  He buried himself in the warm black leather jacket Percy had given him for Christmas, nestling into the scarf Hazel knitted for his birthday last year.  

He pushed his mouth out above the scarf and blew.  He watched in fascination as his frosty white breath spread like an atomic bomb blast from his mouth.

His lungs burned in protest when he sucked another breath in.  He could feel his sinuses flooding with cold, his brain calling him stupid, but he liked the way it burned.  He relished the sensation of breathing, of being alive.  He always would after that haunting Death Trance back during the Giant War.  

Nico stuffed his hands in his pockets, wishing he’d worn the stupid gloves like Reyna told him to before he shadow traveled away from California this morning.  Now his hands were ice cubes that moved like a wind-up toy.  He could, however, still acutely feel the silver band, resting on his left ring finger, and a smile tugged at his lips.

In fact, he was grinning so broadly, his face hurt, but at least it was making the little girl next to him look less afraid.

He was engaged.  Nico di Angelo, Son of Hades, getting married to the love of his life, in just a few months.  He’d been engaged for a year now, and in March he would be tying the knot with his long-time boyfriend.  

He was pulled from his thoughts by the shout of a familiar voice as its owner ran toward him.  Nico smirked as he took in the disheveled appearance of his lover sprinting toward him, an apology written on his handsome face.

“You’re late,” Nico teased as his fiancé reached him.  The older boy smiled sheepishly.

“I’m only five minutes late.  I’d say that’s not bad considering the traffic.”

He gave his fiancé an sweet kiss that made the little girl squeal.  Her mother just pulled her away, but Nico flashed the girl a grin before she was pulled into the toy store next to the coffee shop they were standing outside of.

“Why were you late anyway?  What were you doing this morning that you needed to be out of the apartment before I woke up?  And on my birthday.”

His questions were met with a triumphant smile.  "I was out preparing your present.“

"Oh, and can I see this present?”

Nico resisted the urge to run his fingers through his lover’s hair as he waited.

“Let’s get some food first.  I’m starved.”

Nico sighed but followed his boyfriend in, loving the scent of the coffee beans roasting.  Once they had ordered two large chocolate chip cookies, a black coffee with cream and sugar, and large hot chocolate piled with whipped cream and chocolate flakes, they settled in to a little booth in the front corner of the boxy, but cozy, shop.  

Nico munched quietly on his cookie as he waited and waited for his present.  He was almost half-way through his coffee before his fiancé said anything.

“So I went to see you dad this morning.”

Nico choked on his coffee, almost spitting it out.  "You did what?  You know he’s not fond of you.“

"That’s putting it lightly.”

“Why?  Why did you see him?”

“Because I needed his help to make this.” A wrapped package was pushed across the table.  Nico smiled at the skull print wrapping paper.  The package itself was long, wide, and thick, almost square in shape.

He looked into his partner’s eyes, asking permission.  When he got a nod, he tore through the paper.  His eyes took in the cover of a photo album.  In the window on the cover was a baby picture of him in his mother’s arms.

Nico started crying as he flipped through the pages, looking at the carefully preserved baby pictures of him.  Pictures of Bianca and their mother.  Pictures with Hades.  Pictures of him with Hazel.  Pictures showing the crew of the Argo II and his friends at both camps.  Pictures of Reyna.  And most of all pictures of the day of his engagement.  The time they went to Disney World, the trip to Venice, the trip to Comic Con with them in cosplay.

“How did you get all of these?”  

“Let’s just say Iris and Aphrodite owed me a favor for the newer ones, and the baby pictures involved a trip to your dad and some exploding zombies.”

“You really did this for me?”

“Well, yeah.  I love you Nico di Angelo.  And I know you.  I could tell when you were staring at my baby pictures last time we went to see my mom.”

“Thank you,” Nico said as he cried.  "It’s beautiful.  I can’t even remember some of the things in these older pictures, so thank you for returning my past.“

"I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Nico breathed as their foreheads touched.  They leaned in to kiss for a moment, pulling back to grin, and then going back to kissing.

Prompt -- Dean thought that it would always be him comforting Sam after vivid nightmares, not the other way around.

(I received this little prompt from an anon, and found it really interesting. I love these open-ended requests. I hope that you like it! xx)

Dean awoke with a jerk, knocking his head against the cool glass of the window on the driver’s side of the Impala as his eyes flew open with wide terror. He barely had time to stifle his gasp when he realized that Sam was still passed out in the passenger’s seat, using his jacket as some sort of pillow. He held his breath as Sam stirred, humming softly as he made himself more comfortable in the confined space, and then became still once more. That’s when he let out the shaky breath that he had been holding in, and worked on steadying the ones that came after it while pressing his forehead against the leather of the steering wheel. But God, if Sammy had been awake, it wouldn’t have done any good. The absolute fright that had flooded from the edges of his eyes and into his gaze would have given him away completely.

He cursed quietly when he realized that his fingers were trembling as they reached for the handle of his door, being wary of Sam’s sleeping state as he stepped out. When he was immersed in the cool nighttime air he pulled the door, but didn’t shut it completely in fear that his little brother might wake up and would have to deal with his antics. Dean then started towards the very front of the car with a long yawn, listening to the sound of gravel road beneath his boots and the crunch of the leaves that he was stepping on. It was when he sank on top of the glossy hood that a deep sigh escaped his mouth and he rubbed his face in vain as if he could wipe the nightmare away, even though he knew in the first place that it wouldn’t work. The images were still fresh in his mind, and he desperately tried to rid them from his head by looking up at the sky. It was the color of cobalt midnight, stars scattered across it so that they could assist the moon in shedding a luminescent glow towards the earth, desperate to reach anything or anyone that would accept their faint light.

Dean chuckled to himself when he remembered the times when he and his brother were younger. Whenever Sam had a nightmare, he would take his small hand and bring him outside of whatever trashy motel that their dad had brought them to that night. They would find a clear spot on the ground where no trees covered the sky and sit on their jackets, and Dean would get Sammy to tell him all about the stars. Sam would always be hesitant at first, but he would soon start to babble on about astronomy while pointing out the names of stars, and Dean, not able to understand everything that came out of his mouth, would be stunned over and over again at his brother’s intelligence. When the nights came where Sam would yell out when he woke up and it was raining or the sky was too foggy to see anything, Dean would take out his laptop and look up star maps for his little brother to study and speak to him about. He hadn’t even cared that he wasn’t able to catch up with the information Sam was feeding him; all that had mattered was that even through the nightmares, he had found himself again. Stars always somehow seemed to work for Sam, who felt complete solace as he traced the shapes of constellations with his little index finger. They never did for Dean, though. Nothing ever did.

“Dude,” Sam’s voice came from behind him, and Dean turned around to see him getting out of the Impala, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes before shutting the door and walking towards the hood. “What are you doing up?”

“Just enjoying the view, Sammy,” Dean replied with a touch of sarcasm, not looking at him in fear that his poker face would shatter and leave him vulnerable. “What, is that a crime now?”

The younger Winchester put his hands up in surrender. “Alright, I won’t bash your newfound hobby, even though we’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s nothing to look at, especially in the very early morning.” Dean rolled his eyes, not being able to see when Sam joined him on top of the hood of the car, his face growing somber. “…You’re still fine, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am,” The older brother looked straight ahead of him, but his jaw was clenched and told a different story. “Sure, I stow a lot of crap, but that’s nothing new. Everything is okay.”

“You see, I have a reason not to believe that,” Dean finally met Sam’s searching hazel gaze, eyebrows knit tightly together. “I was still awake when you woke up and practically jolted the whole car doing just that so quickly.”

Dean scoffed, shaking his head. “Come on, that’s just—”

“Don’t you dare tell me that it’s nothing,” Sam’s voice was becoming angry, but there was desperation woven into the edges of the threat as well. “Do you think that I haven’t heard you wake up in the middle of the night, breathing heavily like you’ve just ran a damn marathon? Do you think that I haven’t seen you get up and drink whiskey straight out of the bottle before stumbling straight back into bed, half-drunk and out of your mind and mumbling to yourself? This isn’t healthy, Dean! You always say that you will always be there for me, but you never allow me to be there for you! You can’t keep this all inside!”

"First of all, this life isn’t healthy,” Dean told him, setting that fact straight. “And I’m sure as Hell that I can. It’s always been this way, me taking care of you and keeping all of my personal crap to myself. That’s how it’s always worked, and that’s how it’s going to continue to work.”

Dean seemed so sure of what was coming out of his mouth that Sam almost believed him until he heard the slight tremble at the edges of the words. He tightened his lips together and forced himself to calm down before he did or said anything rash to his stubborn brother.

"You’re breaking apart,” Sam told him softly, searching his face for any kind of emotion. Dean had put on a good mask, but it was starting to fail him. Damn it, he knew that he was falling apart at his poorly-stitched seams, and he didn’t need his younger brother to tell him that. “It’s getting noticeable.”

“Aren’t we all?” Dean asked smartly, but was betrayed by the quiver of his bottom lip.

“God, this isn’t a one-way street, Dean,” The younger Winchester’s smile was one that didn’t consist of happiness as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “You can’t just promise to take care of me and not let me do the same for you! That’s not and never how it works!”

"Says who?”

“Says me!” Sam exclaimed, everything about him displaying how much he was begging his brother to finally get rid of the macho act and speak about what he was really feeling. “Please, Dean. Let me help you. That’s all you’ve been doing for me ever since Mom died, ever since I found out why we moved all of the time when we were younger. I’m your brother, Dean. Please, just talk to me about whatever’s going on. We’ll find a way to deal with it. I promise.”

It took a minute, but finally, Dean slowly nodded. He thought there would have been more hesitation to the process, more resistance—but there wasn’t. Perhaps that was the instant he realized that he truly needed to be fixed and that trying to do that alone would lead to hazardous situations.

"…Fine. But there’s so much of this crap, this darkness to go through,” Dean whispered, meeting Sam’s eyes that were now being filled with relief. “Where the Hell do we start?”

"Thats not up to me, Dean,” Sam murmured, consoled now that his older brother had given into his plea, and looked straight into his eyes. “It’s up to you.”

There were several seconds of silence in between them and the coaxing chirps of crickets in the background before Dean shakily sighed, having put together an idea in his head.

“Do you remember how when you used to have nightmares, I’d take you outside and we would stargaze?”

Sam grinned fondly as the memories flooded through his mind. “And I would totally nerd out? Definitely. Especially when Dad came out and joined us sometimes, and I’d forget about my nightmare while boasting about how much I knew about the stars.”

“Well, can you do that for me?” Dean didn’t bother avoiding his brother’s gaze again, for he knew that Sam had seen the tears stinging the corners of his eyes before he himself had even realized that they were there.

“Talk about the stars?” Sam inquired with a bit of bewilderment, and received a nod.

“It’s just that when you did that, even though I didn’t have a single damn clue what you were saying—” Dean’s laugh didn’t contain any humor, and he swiped at his eyes. “—I felt happy. And this…this is just a start, r-right?”

Upon hearing the crack of his brother’s voice at the end of his sentence, Sam felt protectiveness surge through through his whole body; after so many years of being taken care of by Dean, it was now his turn to take care of his older brother.

“Of course,” Sam told him, and then wasted no more time in looking up and scanning the sky. He burst into a smile, raising his arm up, and Dean’s watery eyes followed his finger as it traced the shape of a constellation ingrained into the stretch of infinity. “This one, right above us! It’s Cepheus, the King of Ethiopia…”

After a few minutes that consisted of Sam joyfully going on about every fact of the certain constellation had passed, Dean had a blissful grin stretched across his face, not caring that his cheeks hurt because of it. The stars were now working, and Dean hadn’t realized until now why they hadn’t been every time that he had needed them—all along, they had just needed the guidance of the one person that truly knew him, who could really try to shelter him from anything: his brave little brother, connecting constellations in the sky.