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If you’re writing things for those royal AU prompts could you pretty please do Nikolina - “i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it and oops we made out” ✨

Sorry it took so long, but it is finally done and ready for posting :D

Rated T for expected making out sesh. (also on ao3)

“Again.” He said, a bit tired after three hours of trying to get the princess to recite the Constitution’s first three and most important points. So far she wasn’t doing terribly, except when she’d say it right three times and then wrong five times. By this rate she’d be thirty before she would be able to glare to cinders anyone that dared to pass a stupid law in council.

“I got it right five times already. Can’t we take a break?” She groaned from her sofa, her petite frame lost somewhere within the layers and layers of her pale golden dress.

He walked up to the music player, “All right, princess, I guess for today it is enough of Constitution.” He hit play and a soft, jazzy song filled the room, “Now, etiquette rules. You know the drill, all of them.”

She groaned again, “Really?”

Amusement tugged at his lips, “Alina, love, you have to be ready before the Winter Solstice or the council and all the old white men in it will run you into the ground.”

Her head snapped up and fire burned in her eyes, “Don’t call me love, Nikolai.”

The smirk he flashed had her insides flipping like acrobats, “All right, princess. What should I call you then?”

She sat up, back straight, head poised, hands on her lap. Just like he’d taught her, “Princess is fine. Alina is fine as well, as long as it’s behind closed doors.” His eyes sparked with a private joke and her cheeks heated up, “And all those royal titles you keep calling me.”

He arched a brow, “Your highness?”



For a moment she was lost, why was he calling her ‘etiquette’? But then her brain kick-started and she groaned again. Saints damn the man, all he had to do was smile a little longer at her and she would lose grip on her carefully groomed self-control. Why did he have to be her coach? Why this insufferable exemplar of a man? Just because he was the only one close to her age in a wide pool of royals in Ravka? It wasn’t because of his lineage, the Lantsovs had long lost any right to the throne, all thanks to some Vasily losing everything in some stupid situation of… Oh what was the point? She couldn’t even remember important points in Ravka’s history! Still, the point remained. Why was Nikolai her coach and not some old lady? It would be so much easier.

Because the truth that she would never admit out loud was that Nikolai Lantsov happened to be the biggest distraction in the room. And she could never concentrate properly when he was around. Which was always.

Why? Because he was an insufferable git. Obviously.

He raised both brows, “So…?”

“What? Oh. Right.” And again she’d lost track of things… “Can’t we do something else? Something less theoretical?” Maybe go for a run. Or ride the horse. Not that she enjoyed it that much, but it would be preferable over trying to recite rules of etiquette when her mind was already too tired. And distracted. Saints damn her, there it was, that smirk again! Wait… Something sank in her stomach. This was the mischievous smirk. The one that had gotten her in that big, poofy dress the first time. The same that had gotten her in trouble with Baghra.

“All right, princess. I guess we could do something more… practical.” He turned to the music player again and chose another track.



He offered a hand, “Waltz?”

She cursed herself. Why couldn’t she accept her fate and stick to etiquette? Whatever, what’s done is done. Resigned, Alina walked to him and took his hand, willing her body to not tremble, nor sweat, nor blush during this dance. She really didn’t need that. Nikolai would never let that go. He might even do more things just to get her all worked up.

Nikolai pulled her in, his other hand settling on her waist. A gasp escaped her self-control, surprised as she was with the soft touch. His eyes shined but silence remained. And then, finally, the dance started. One, two, three. One, two, three. So far so good. Alina hadn’t stepped on him, neither had she blushed too hard. And Nikolai was quiet, which meant death threats were kept on a low number today.

One, two, th—

Nikolai hissed as Alina missed a beat and stepped forward too late. Despite the stumble, Nikolai continued dancing, shaking softly his head, a chuckle on his lips, “Something distracting you today Alina?”

She looked away, “What? No. Why?”

“Well,” his voice was laced with humour, “You never step on me this early in the waltz. Always after ten steps. Today it was a lot earlier. Something must be occupying your mind.” He turned her outwards, her skirts rustling with the movement, “Do share.” Following the momentum of the step, Alina twisted back into his arms.

She really shouldn’t have, but the second she was back in place, her eyes locked on Nikolai’s. Those beautiful, hazel eyes that always seemed to have a playful spark ready to ignite. Today they looked particularly golden, the brown overtaking those specks of green that always had her thinking of emeralds. She’d always thought blue eyes were the best ones, but that was until she’d seen Nikolai’s. No blue eye could ever compare. No! She shouldn’t be thinking this. She really, really shouldn’t. She had to look away. Now!

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Are You Jealous? (Baekhyun x Reader Fluff/Slight Smut Ft. Kai)

Apparently I really like writing jealous to smut imagines/scenarios lol but I’ve really been thinking about this one lately sooooo here it is.

You got off of the cab and paid the driver the cost for your ride home. As you heard it zoom off into the distance you made your way up your complex and to your apartment on the third floor, it being quite the struggling due to your heavy handbag swung onto your shoulder and even heavier and valuable sacks in your hands.  You had just gotten home from a shopping trip with you close friend, Kai.

You were extremely in need of new clothes and Kai was the one you always went to for fashion advice. Not to mention that he was also the one who had been nagging on you to get new clothes since last month.

With a bundle of stuffed shopping bags in one hand, you rummaged through the mess of your handbag for you apartment keys. I have to get this thing organized or else it’s just going to trouble me for the rest of my life. You looked into every pocket and in the bag but still couldn’t find your keys. Where are they? I swear I had them in here this morning… Aha! Your keys were finally found under your black Kate Spade wallet. You fidgeted to get your room key, but it was again a struggle, your fingers not cooperating, the keys flying flying all over the place, and the weights holding each move back. Come one you little piece of sh-

Just as you were about to get a grip on the key, the door of your apartment swung wide open… And there stood a sweet-looking boy with soft pale features, bright pink lips, smiling brown eyes,  hazel brown hair that was parted at one side, and a wide and utterly adorable grin. 

“Jagi,” he softly said, smiling ever wider.

“Baekhyun,” the corners of your mouth curved immediately.  

Baekhyun had been your boyfriend for about a year now, he would  usually be busy with work at the recording studio and doesn’t really have time to even rest, but he does try his best to come and see you at least twice a week. But as of today, you hadn’t seen Baekhyun in more two whole weeks, one of the employees had just recently quitted which resulted in the producer asking him to work extra hours. You understood the situation and told him it was fine if he didn’t come over to see you as often for a month. But you had to admit that you definitely missed seeing his cute little face for almost a nearly an entire 30 day period. And you were also glad that he is standing in front of you right now. His adorable ass face. 

He quickly came right at you and pulled you into his embrace without a warning. He wrapped his arms around you tight. You couldn’t move either, especially with the heavy bags in your hand. But you didn’t care and squeezed into his touch.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he murmured as he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck and hugged you even tighter. 

“I’ve missed you, too,” you leaned back and grinned under his warm arms.

You and Baekhyun scurried into your apartment, him helping you with a couple of bags. You dropped off you key in its usual place &nbsp and as you set the bags down on the couch you asked him, “How long were you here for?” You took a seat on the couch and Baekhyun followed, sitting right next to you.

“About two or three hours,” he replied reaching for your hand.

You tilted your head. “Two or three hours? What were you doing all this time?”  

“Stuff here and there.”

“Don’t you have work today?” You asked.  

“I did, but boss told me I can leave early today,” he smiled. “So I decided to come see you, Jagi. But you weren’t here. Where were you?” Baekhyun pouted a bit. 

“Yah. Sorry, I was with Kai today,” you nodded. Instead of a grin or a gentle curve on his lips, Baekhyun frowned. 

“All day?” 

“Mhm. We were finding me some new clothes,” you squeezed his hand that was wrapped around yours.

“Oh.” That was all he said. Baekhyun loosened from your touch and tucked his hands to his sides. Now he looked like a sad puppy. Or a kid whose candy just got taken away by a bully. Or a little boy whose bike just broke. His face was all kinds of sadness and disappointment. He looked down with brows stitched together and teeth gently digging into his own lips, making them redder by the second. 

“Baek, are you okay?” You tried to look him in the eyes by bending down into his gaze but he scooted away once you did so.

Gulp, “Yeah, I’m fine,” and nodded you, without his pair of eyes leaving the floor.

He’s lying, you thought immediately. The gulp was how you knew. Throughout the one year of being in a relationship with Byun Baekhyun, you had noticed that every time he would lie he’d gulp before saying the lie. It was a habit of his ever since he was little, he had told you a while back, usually he doesn’t even realize when he’s doing it.

“No, you’re not.”

He looked up at you for a second and gave a flash of that sweet, signature smile of his, gulp, “Yes, I am Jagi.” You’re horrible at lying and you know it, you wanted to say out loud.

No, you’re not.”

Yes, I am.”



“Baek you’re nooo where near ‘fine,” You smiled at him who’s denying all of this obviousness shining. 

Baekhyun sighed, “Jagiya~ I’m fine, okay?” He raised his brows, making the pair disappear under his mop of shiny hair. The way he’s acting. The way his face is frowning…

Everything just clicked together. Hah. Of course he is, you thought, this is the cute, fragile, adorable, and darling Baekhyun we’re talking about here.Typical.
You smiled mischievously, pushed yourself with two hands, and scooted closer to him, “Are you sure?” He nodded.

And closer, “Positive?” He nodded.

And closer, “Alright, then I have one last question for you.” Your boyfriend stared at you with a confused expression, “What is it, Y/N?”

Right then, you reached out, grabbed him, and wrapped both your legs and arms around his warm frame. You trapped him under your hold and he jumped for a split second, being the easily scared person he had always been. 

“Are you jealous, Byun Baekhyun?”

Yah, Y/N! What are you doing?” He shuffled in your arm, but you only clung on tighter.

“Are you jealous?” You repeated yourself and set your chin comfortably on his shoulder.

“No, I’m not,” he murmured as his eyes fell on the ground. You nuzzled your face in his shoulder, “Are you jealous?”  

“No,” he simply said. You grinned as you extended your neck out to him, placed your hand on parts of his jaw, and planted a kiss right on his slightly puffy, pale cheeks, making them flush a soft shade of red. If he’s not going to admit that he’s lying and oh so jealous, I’m going to force it out of him. “Are you jealous?” 


A kiss few inches below the previous one. “Are you jealous?”

“No.” Gulp.

A kiss on his sharp, defined jawline. “Are you jealous?”

“No.” Gulp.

A kiss on his long, smooth neck. “Are you jealous?”

“No.” Gulp.

A kiss beside his Adam’s apple. “Are you jealous?”

“No.” Gulp. 

A kiss under his jaw. “Are you jealous?”

“No.” Gulp. 

A kiss behind the ear. “Are you jealous?”

“No.” Gulp. 

A kiss on his thin lobe. “Are you jealous?” This time you whispered it. At this point, Baekhyun could feel your breath tickling his skin and his own breath quivered at it. You gave the flesh a nibble and a tug. He didn’t answer and his eyes shut closed, you smirked into the crook of his neck and continued to kiss his bare skin slightly sucking, slightly teasing. You could feel him tense up and breathing become harder by the second. Baekhyun bit his bottom hungrily when you circled your wet tongue on his skin and trailed back up to his ear. His hand flew up right away when you did such the move, grabbing your wrist and giving it a tight squeezed. You looked up at him and your eyes met his, which were hinted lightly with lust.

You’re just trying to turn me on at this point,” he mumbled and licked his dried lips as he let out a breath.

“Maybe I am,” you attacked his neck once again with a kiss, this time making it a tad bit sloppy and needy and… Whatever you did to that kiss, it he made him moan right away and apparently also made something poke the inside of your thigh a just tiny bit through the material of your jeans and his gym shorts. “Maybe I’m not,” you grinned cheekily as you whispered. “But the real question is… Are you jealous?” And he, Byun Baekhyun, your boyfriend of one whole year didn’t even waste his time with his answer, it came out as if it were meant to be like that all along…