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Are You Jealous? (Baekhyun x Reader Fluff/Slight Smut Ft. Kai)

Apparently I really like writing jealous to smut imagines/scenarios lol but I’ve really been thinking about this one lately sooooo here it is.

You got off of the cab and paid the driver the cost for your ride home. As you heard it zoom off into the distance you made your way up your complex and to your apartment on the third floor, it being quite the struggling due to your heavy handbag swung onto your shoulder and even heavier and valuable sacks in your hands.  You had just gotten home from a shopping trip with you close friend, Kai.

You were extremely in need of new clothes and Kai was the one you always went to for fashion advice. Not to mention that he was also the one who had been nagging on you to get new clothes since last month.

With a bundle of stuffed shopping bags in one hand, you rummaged through the mess of your handbag for you apartment keys. I have to get this thing organized or else it’s just going to trouble me for the rest of my life. You looked into every pocket and in the bag but still couldn’t find your keys. Where are they? I swear I had them in here this morning… Aha! Your keys were finally found under your black Kate Spade wallet. You fidgeted to get your room key, but it was again a struggle, your fingers not cooperating, the keys flying flying all over the place, and the weights holding each move back. Come one you little piece of sh-

Just as you were about to get a grip on the key, the door of your apartment swung wide open… And there stood a sweet-looking boy with soft pale features, bright pink lips, smiling brown eyes,  hazel brown hair that was parted at one side, and a wide and utterly adorable grin. 

“Jagi,” he softly said, smiling ever wider.

“Baekhyun,” the corners of your mouth curved immediately.  

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Bookworm Wins

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1240

Warnings: None just fluff

AN: Requested by @cherieann-2001: One with Sam please. You and Sam meet while in the library, he reaches a high book for you. You are a shy bookworm with glasses whose is quiet and in the shadow of an older more “beautiful” sister. (She steals any guy who shows an interest in you) but Sam shows no interest in her and she doesn’t like it. Have Sam working to bring her out of her shell and falling madly in love with her. Fluff and smut if you want. Thank you (Hope you like it and thank you to my beta bestie @jalove-wecallhimdean)

You were used to being overlooked and you no longer took it personally. Your older sister was the beautiful one. She always wore make-up, kept a great figure, and dressed to the nines even when she was just lounging around the house. She liked being the center of attention and it worked to both of your benefits. You were quiet and liked to stay to yourself on most occasions. It wasn’t that you didn’t have friends, you did. They were a lot like you, with similar interests.

You enjoyed wearing comfortable clothing, you hardly ever put on any make-up of any kind, your hair usually thrown up in a messy bun, and you wore black rimmed glasses. You were very plain jane and you enjoyed the fact that it let you stay hidden in most cases. The only time it ever really bothered you was when you liked a boy, but they liked your sister better. Much to your sister’s amusement, she would gladly take the attention off of you and onto her.

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