i know, i know. i don’t keep my promises. i’m a piece of shit and a fucking liar. i know, i know. i hurt you. but why do you keep texting after all of these months? i’ve never loved anyone with hazel eyes. i’m a sucker for pretty things. i know, i know. i wasn’t nice, i wasn’t perfect. so why do you message? is there a slight chance that you you’re under the impression that i might reply? you always mentioned that i don’t know how to open up. i’m sorry, it’s just hard to really trust people. forgive me?


In celebration of my New Years resolution still kicking strong_ 3 months straight [preferably mornings] going to the gym, paying off. My body has gone through massive changes & my hair is officially wild af. Apparently genetics + T gave me curly hair. & the amount of sweat I produce is unreal. Can’t wait to feel complete the most myself & complete with my up coming surgeries & continuing to be the best version of myself, daily. Never give up finding yourself.
Going through changes, but who isn’t…