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Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan: the story behind the photograph that shamed America
One was trying to go to school; the other didn’t want her there. Together, Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan starred in one of the most memorable photographs of the Civil Rights era. But their story had only just begun.

If you’re like me, you recognize this photo and you know it’s from Arkansas at the beginning of school integration but you probably don’t know much else. I’d never actually looked this up but I just saw the link in a comment thread.

1) The angry white woman is actually a 15-year-old student.
2) The photo was so famous, the girl’s parents pulled her out so she actually never went to a school newly integrated by the Little Rock Nine.
3) The two of them tried to make amends decades later and even had a brief friendship. But some wounds never heal.

Interesting little afternoon read.

Today is the Birthday of One of my Top Favorite Graphic novel Artists, Mr. @radiomaru/Bryan Lee O'Malley, the Creator behind the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ series, as well as 'Lost at Sea’ & 'Seconds’. And here are his Creations Celebrating this Occasion, Raleigh and the Cat with Birthday Hats, Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers all Fancied-up Holding a Delicious Birthday Cake, and Katie w/ a Gift, Hazel holding the Garlic Bread(cuz “Bread makes you Fat”), and Liz being Mysterious here. And for the Record, It was a Difficult Task Drawing the 'Seconds’ characters in my Style, and I don’t know how Bryan and the Fan-Artists do It here & the Book.
I’ll always Remember the Time I got my First Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novel back in 2012 at the Barnes & Nobel in the Monmouth Mall, and I bought the Rest of the Series at the Barnes & Nobel in Different Locations and then saw the live-Action movie on Thanksgiving Night in the same Year. And I Think the Best Place to Find your Favorite Graphic Novels, is at Barnes & Nobel!

So, Happy Birthday Bryan, and Keep Creating!!!