My boyfriends is/was (he still has the tattoo so as far as I’m concerned, is) a jugalo. I had this thought after a little doodle on a post it I did, so I photoshopped it together to irk him hehe. I always thought the whoop whoop thing was ridiculous.

This is supposed to be about that feeling when you’ve been laying in bed forever trying to go to sleep and finally at like 4 am you know that ship has sailed and just give up and read or something. I’ve been messing around with what I want to do with the colors I think this is my favorite so far but it never seems to feel done does it?

Well, I learned something last night…Spray fixative leaves a residue on black paper. Crap it. I’m trying to save her original but just in case I scanned it in, kept an original and cleaned the hell out of it in photoshop. Plus darkening and adjustments. Here’s the original. I lost a lot of the face but it doesn’t bother me. Doesn’t help that I had to scan it in 3 pieces and put it together.