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“You weren’t obligated to tell me anything.”  
“But you’re pissed.”  Leorio pointed to the scowl curving Kurapika’s mouth down in response.  “Look!  You’re completely pissed off!”  
“But not at you,” Kurapika said, lifting his coffee and taking a slow drink.  
Leorio waited, his own mug still between his hands but fortunately safely on the table, watching Kurapika’s eyes stare to the side without meeting his.  “You’re gonna have to elaborate.”

In which some discoveries are made.

Spring Haze, Chapter 11
Hunter x Hunter
Pairings: Leopika (feat. Trans!Leorio) + cute and platonic Killugon = Family, also some Amane/Canary on the side
Word Count (current chapter): 5,566 (total): 76,366
Content warnings: implied/referenced child abuse, transgender issues and other gender issues, some mild fantasy violence and mild supernatural creepyness in later chapters, non-explicit smut in later chapters, mild language overall
Summary: Leorio wakes up in the back of a pickup truck in an RV park in the middle of nowhere, with no memory of how he got there. He accidentally befriends a peculiar shut-in and a pair of runaways, but the more his attempts to get home are thwarted, the less all of this seems like a simple coincidence.

A strange modern fairy tale AU about the family you choose.

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Art & Anatomy 2 (fem!Trixie x trans!Katya)- By Pink Shrooms

Trixie and Katya start their second year at Drag U and join a sorority…but are they prepared for what it takes to become a part of the sisterhood?

Or: Hazing and love aren’t that different. Both require equal amounts of stupidity and humility.

(AN: This dedicated to my main girl! The Trixie to my Katya. The Pink to my Shrooms. <3)

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Pisces(woman) X Scorpio(man)  relationship
(Golden light palette)
Requested by: Anon


~Scenarios and Fanfictions~

Coming Out (reader x BTS) (angst/fluffy ending)

Sometimes Love Can Be Horrid (Jungkook x Namjoon) (angst/fluff?)


Just my Luck (reader x Namjoon) (AU)

part 1      part 2

Paint My Body Gold (reader x Namjoon) (angst/romance) -coming soon-

Sometimes Love Can Be Horrid (Jungkook x Namjoon) (angst/fluff?)


Common Sense (reader x Jin) (fluff)


Never Ever After (reader x J-Hope) (angst)

Be My Forever (reader x J-Hope) (fluff)

Paper Window Dreams (reader x J-Hope) (angst) -coming soon-


The Worst (reader x Suga) (angst)

In Retrospect (reader x Suga) (fluff)

Lazy Haze (reader x Suga) (fluff)

Tipsy Talk (reader x Suga) (fluff)

Sick Day (reader x Suga) (fluff)

Bed Peace (reader x Suga) -coming soon-


Goodnight Moon (reader x Jimin) (fluff)

Ivory and Gold (reader x Jimin) (AU)

Ai Se Eu Te Pego [Oh If I Catch You] (reader x Jimin) (fluff)


Kiss Me (reader x Taehyung) (fluff)

Drunk n’ Dancing (reader x Taehyung) (fluff)

Shivering on Shore (reader x Taehyung) (fluff/dash of angst)


Uh-Oh (reader x Jungkook) (AU)

Perfect in the Way That You Are (reader x Jungkook) (angst/fluff)

Keeper For Sure (reader x Jungkook) (fluff)

New Prescription (reader x Jungkook) (angst with fluff) 

Sometimes Love Can Be Horrid (Namjoon x Jungkook) (angst/fluff?)

~GIF Reactions~

BTS meeting you, an idol that they have a crush on

BTS reacting to you saying “fuck me gently with a chainsaw”

BTS reacting to you not showing up to a concert

BTS reacting to cutting your hair

BTS reacting to you suggesting “Netflix and Chill”

BTS’s reaction to your confession letter

BTS reacting to you accidentally saying something dirty

BTS reacting to you wearing something revealing

BTS reacting to their girlfriend’s flirty guy friend

BTS needing to pee while you’re taking too long in the toilet

BTS and love at first sight

BTS reacting to a special someone appearing at a fan-sign

BTS reacting to you reading risky fanfiction about kpop idols

BTS when you are very angry

BTS when you want to cuddle but are freezing cold

BTS spotting you and an unknown newborn

BTS watching you put on makeup for the first time

Maknae Line VS the news of your crush

~Written Reactions~

BTS when you are seriously injured -coming soon-

BTS when you can play an instrument -coming soon-

~Individual Member GIF Reactions~

Namjoon reacting to you dancing to pop music

Taehyung reacting to you singing about him

Jimin reacting to your odd cursing habits

~Individual Member Written Reactions~

                                   -coming soon!-

~Texts with BTS~

You post a weird status on SM

You needing something

~Texts with Individual Members~

Fluffy Text (Taehyung)

You get hurt (Namjoon)

Movie Night? (Jungkook)

You don’t respond (Jungkook)

Research Papers are a Bitch (Jungkook)

FB Confusion (J-Hope)

~Ballantyne’s Chats~

Fuck You, Karen.
Admin Ballantyne VS School
A Kook Crisis
Karen Pt. 2
Admin Ballantyne VS Spotify
Training Sucks
3:48 AM

~Jin In The Jungle~

  1. The Monkey
  2. Distant Cousin
  3. Angry Government People
  4. A Non-Korean Speaking Frog