haze train

T-Rex is reader’s best friend. You trained her since she was born and Owen finds it cute...

Owen Grady x reader

Requested by: Anon

You had arrived at the island for more than an hour and were still waiting. Two weeks ago you were contacted by Dr. Wu to work with animals on a remote island and it was only the information they had given to you. Finally, a man came out of a room and headed to you.
“Welcome to Isla Sorna, my name is Henry Wu and this is the InGen’s laboratory. I presume you are Teresa, right?”
“Yes, it’s me… so what’s the job you have for me?”
“Follow me, she’s almost done.” Said Dr. Wu grinning like a child with its Christmas presents.
You went after him and entered a room full of strange machines. You discover that it was an incubator, you saw eggs everywhere. He indicated to you a large egg that had a sign underneath that said T-Rex.
“What is this?” You asked perplexed.
“Come on, she will be born and I want you to be the first person she sees” says Dr. Wu.
You stepped up to the egg, it was moving and was already cracked. Suddenly with a squeal, you saw the head of a small creature coming out. It didn’t seem very friendly but at the same time it was so defenseless. Without you expecting, she opened her eyes, you stepped back and she looked at you. One of the scientists who was present, picked her up with a towel and handed her to your hands.
“What is going on here? Someone tell me something! "You said angry.
"Ok Teresa, what you have in your hands is a baby dinosaur, specifically Tyrannosaurus-Rex. You’ll take care of her until she grows up and then will be transferred to another island, which is being created a park where she can be adored by all the people of the world, at least that’s what Mr. Hammond hopes … ”
“But I was just a birds of prey trainer in New York Zoo, how will I deal with an extinct animal millions of years ago ??”
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” Dr. Wu said, already leaving the laboratory.
As with the hawks and eagles, you started training little Rexy with small pieces of meat. She obeyed your orders. You discovered that her vision was based on the movement and so, you also used a bat. Certain movements were associated with orders and she obeys to that.
Each time you arrived at cage, you whistled and Rexy knew it was you and the other keepers could do their job without any risk.
Past two months she was huge. She’s 13m long and 5 of height. It’s time to go to another island. You spent the night before crying because you wouldn’t see your best friend again.

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It’s Monday and we’re hustling,, we’ve got the greens and we’re here to prove it. Take a look at these six strains and tell us your mouth isn’t watering LOL

We’ve got six strains that everyone should try this week and we’re hoping you will find one to make your holidays Merry from our selection

Here’s what we’ve got this week

Lemon 18 a delicious hybrid that pops in at a delta-9 THC point of 23.41% talk about lovely beautiful buds and the smell of dankness that can only come from slow careful caring and small grows.

Sour Power a hybrid that pops in at 23.61% THC all we can say about this nice little tight but is that the dankness is not contained in any container including glass. Once you smoke this you will not want anything else unfortunately

Strawberry Cough this sativa ranks in at 22.49% THC. The unmistakable sweetness of the buds flows directly from the Beautiful tasty terpenes that tinge it slightly pink around the edges.

Strawberry Death Star  indica heavy weight this bad boy comes in at 22.49% THC. Everyone knows that death star is intended to knock you out and this one does it like a lady. Once it caresses your tongue with its sweet under notes of strawberry and Cherry goodness the Woody overtones of its Indica oily buds will make you sit down and contemplate the universe

Ghost Train Haze  sativa top of the line comes in at 22.59% THC. Everyone loves a wonderful Haze Buzz. Once you take a peek at the buds and you see just how much oil they have you will realize just how tight this bud is going to get your head

Sour Chem our personal favorite hybrid of the Year weighs in at a heavyweight 23.81% THC. Once you start smoking this everything else is just a memory because you will be spoiled and high as a kite at the same time. The reason I love this strains so much is because it has so much taste yet so much power and it will not be contained by any container other than glass. trust us we don’t ship this without food even though we triple wrap it and shrink wrap it to try to contain the oil. Some things are meant to be smoked and not shipped so you better get it quick.

As you can see we are not kidding this week with our holiday shopping list and we want you to have only the best to deck your Halls so you can be all full of Folly lalalalala lalalalala