haze the weak

reversalsun  asked:

Did you ever get to see Trish again after rejoining Passione?

The song was The Soldier in Love, a song based on the thoughts of a young soldier in the first world war towards his lover back home. It was a little forlone, yet oddly cheery, with a marchlike strength to it. Sung by a young female voice it had a purity to it, that soared above the accompaniment.

apprenticedmagician  asked:

6. Empty Kiss - When one of you don’t kiss back, just the stoic feeling of their lips on yours, it’s empty, like no one even cares anymore. - Andreil fight, mayhaps???

Andrew knew something had shifted when feelings started to break through his drug fueled haze.  At first, it was weak, just fleeting impressions sneaking through when he approached sobriety.  There was fear, the urge to run, and, most improbably, every once in awhile he actually cared about Exy.  The anger, the stubbornness, those he recognised, those could almost be his own, but the longing to be a part of the family, that was something that he had stomped out long ago.

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