hazardous zone


So here’s something.. new?

I’m going to be doing these “Zone Studies” aka I’ll be revisiting old zones and making these huge pieces of them in the way I see them! XD
Here we have the ever so hazardous Labyrinth Zone, an ancient maze full of traps, cliffs and oh so much water!
Not my favourite thing to play trough but I’ve always enjoyed the idea and design of it. XD

I hope you do too, and this interpretation of mine!~

FT Characters, you’ve just found Freed and Laxus making out in the closet!

(As requested by Blue Blast)

So you’ve discovered Laxus and Freed kissing in the cupboard, thoughts?

Lucy: Um, I gotta go and start writing a new novel!

Mirajane: Cute blush Freed. [winks] [leaves them alone to continue]

Erza: [shuts the door quietly with a red face]

Natsu: Hey what are you two doing?


Freed: … [hiding a red face in Laxus’ chest]

Natsu: [sent flying by Laxus’ punch]

Gray: Yeah I’m gonna go…

Gray: I think I’ll call Lyon…

Sting: Did Rufus dye his hair green?

Rogue: Come away Sting, this is a potential health hazard zone.

Sting: How come?

Rogue: You do see Laxus Dreyar glaring at you right?

Makarov: Please just let me be going senile.

Cana: Yeah I’m just gonna stand here and watch you for a minute, k?

Orga: This had better not mean I have to start kissing Rufus.

Lyon: I think I’ll call Gray…

Juvia: B-b-boys love!?

Gildarts: And they say it’s weird to think about your parents doing it.

Evergreen: … [scowls]

Bickslow: … [grins]

Evergreen: Oh here’s your money.

Bickslow: I totally called this.

Elfman: Manly. [sent flying via Laxus punch]

Levy: [casually drops her books on the floor to set a recording lacrima to watch later]

Freed: [is aware of what she planned and continues with a large blush on his face]

Hibiki, Ren & Eve: We can’t let the boss see this.

Master Bob: Well aren’t you two yummy?

Ichiya: Meeeen!

Hibiki, Ren & Eve: [facepalm] Why do we even bother?