“forget Bendy, it’s ladies night”

it’s… it’s so dangerous to give me ideas… i don’t think i’ve literally said two words to @thelostmoongazer … i actually love the mob boss bendy au, even though i’m usually incredibly bad at keeping up with stuff that have a lot of characters and plotstuff, it’s super good

well anyway this is the beginning and end of this little presumptuous idea no need to worry i just.. had.. to draw it… 

anonymous asked:

helo it is i the table banging anon lol. i meant the max steel ship bc theyre cute af. but u did it so yay!!!! i still love bendy and india tho ;)

haha well, they certainly are still smooching too!

& thanks so much! =D i know most of my followers aren’t exactly holding their breath for max steel content pffff

it’s literally 28 degrees here in minnesota haha. so i drew these two in some warm clothes, which is one thing i can always manage, even if i didn’t have any ideas or motivation for anything elaborate this year. just a little doodle of a little smooch in a very cold october.

as they do every year, these two absolutely dressed up - not as anything in particular, just fancy, and crashed a hundred parties and danced way too old-fashionedly when they were there. no adult fun times tonight, they absolutely just crash from exhaustion and sleep all day.

hope you all had a happy halloween! love ya, and hope to get more of these two (& more) coming your way all year round haha. thanks for sticking with me! <33


confession: i’m not participating in inktober because essentially i’ve completely lost my ability to do traditional art. i mean like, i can, but not with any finesse. so now i essentially just use traditional art to test things out (i.e. that pool picture) or doodle in class, hash out ideas etc. but i figured i might as well take this opportunity to share my doodles from the past two months. (the top left is my DnD half-orc character, Twig) maybe you guys will get a kick out of them, who knows. bianca belongs to @majorpepperidge