i just draw them making out because i have no ideas for chalkzone as a whole even though i love it. my one ideas is “snap and penny should make out”

like have you noticed that, despite jax and xr being something i’m really invested in, i rarely draw them just… flat out.. making out. it’s ‘cause i actually have legtimate ideas for them and for line rockets and for blosc as a whole

but chalkzone man i just. have never expanded on anything. i just watch and drool.

the more i watch the more i find instances where he’s a jerk to her for no reason whatsoever,

like i thought they were pretty evenly matched but there’s all these little easy to miss times where he’ll do like one of those backward compliments or something like what?? is wrong with you??? calm down?

but penny seems to give him the benefit of the doubt plenty of times…. what’s his deal…………