also here’s some fluff and not so fluff i drew while that video was buffering and then i started watching rifftrax avatar; and they’re all scribbles because i had to draw on a bed holding my tablet in my lap but now my legs hurt from sitting that way so i’m done

if i don’t draw for more than a few days i think my drawings get better or maybe the drawing part of my brain is like “finally bitch” and gives me a break hard to say

i planned on refraining from drawing legit porn of these two until after they got together in the comic but oddly enough I never really felt the drive to anyway which is completely bizarre, since i’m all about that, but i went through so many episodes in a row making that video i guess something snapped?? who knows

sorry my not-so-prepared followers. i’m sick of putting stuff under cuts. P: Luckily it’s about 2:30 a.m. so hopefully it’ll pass by people who don’t explicitly care about it.

have fun and good luck trying to figure out which are actually sexual and which are just fluff :,) merry christmas and god bless