A look at the Kung Fu women of Kabul, chipping away at gender norms!

These women and girls are fighting to become Afghanistan’s Shaolin martial art ambassadors!

Kung fu is empowering a group of 10 powerful Hazara women and girls. They are practising “wushu” kung fu on a hilltop in the west of Kabul. They are preparing for the day that Afghanistan can send its women’s wushu team to an international tournament.

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Saddam Hussein’s campaign to kill Shia Muslims, ban Shia practices and literally execute/detain Shias which violated those bans was only years ago. Today, an army called ISIS seeking to “cleanse” Shias from the muslim world exists in the same country carrying out massive attacks against shia shrines–there are literal shia muslim families pretending to be sunni in order to remain alive. In Bahrain, Shia Muslims do not have the same rights as their sunni counterparts; they cannot join the police force, army, are refused immigration on the basis of their (notably shia) names, cannot work/live in certain areas, and despite making up 70% of the population, only comprise <18% of the government. In Malaysia being Shia is illegal. depending where you are, Shia muslims are actually rounded up and thrown in jails should they violate those laws/preach shiism/declare their Shiism. Shia villages in indonesia were burned down shias were literally burned alive just in 2012. In Pakistan, several anti-shia terrorist outfits–many enabled by the government–are proudly “expunging shias” from the country via literal assassination and mass attacks in Shia neighbourhoods, mosques and shrines etc. Hazaras have been extensively, inhumanely persecuted and face death not only at the hands of extremists, but at the hands of the state which seeks to revoke their rightful citizenship and place them in harm’s way. In Nigeria, Shia muslims are persecuted by government forces and hundreds were shot and killed in 2015 alone. 

In Saudi Arabia, the school-system itself preaches death to Shia Muslims with Shias being thrown in jail, or executed regularly. Saudi arabia, an ally to all major Western countries, muslim countries, exports this ideology abroad and funds terrorists who carry out what can only be called shia genocide. 

if after all this you cannot realize anti-shiism is a widespread, state-funded phenomenon in the muslim world, you are no longer just “ignorant” of these crimes. 

i’d really encourage anyone in school right now to maybe write their next paper on hazaras in pakistan or nigerian shia muslims–both communities are continuously attacked by extremists/government forces respectively and receive little to 0 protection and help. take a sec to remember these persecuted communities 

A prediction
  • Zeno: We even have the heavens on our side.
  • Ouryuu: Oh, that's my cue to @#%$ stuff up.
  • Ouryuu: *flies due north*
  • Ouryuu: *whispers in Li Hazara's ear*
  • Ouryuu: Now is a perfect time to take revenge on Kouka.
  • Li Hazara: Now is a perfect time to take revenge on Kou---wait, how long have all these Sky Tribe soldiers been here!?
  • Soo-won: Amazing. I half-expected this was some kind of ruse, but your quick thinking to light the beacon saved all of Kouka, Taejun. You'll always be remembered as a very important person to this country.
  • Taejun: ..........
Yona ch.138 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 138 “Disturbance” summary with pics

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What do these females have in common?

They’re all Pakistani.

This is why there is no such thing as someone “looking” Pakistani.

“Pakistani” is a nationality, not a race or an ethnicity.

It is similar to someone being American or Canadian…yes, there are dominant races & groups of people that exist in larger numbers and hold more socioeconomic power than other ones…yes, there are indigenous Pakistanis & migrants…but to hold certain groups of people as the “ideal” Pakistanis is wrong. It denies the existence of marginalized minorities who are still getting persecuted. It overlooks their struggles. It helps the dominant groups of people in power stay in power.

Just because the Pakistanis in your country or on TV look similar does not mean everyone in Pakistan does. To assume this is similar to assuming all Americans are white. 

So instead of telling your friends they do/don’t look Pakistani, how about you raise awareness about what’s happening to actual Pakistanis who don’t “look Pakistani”? Start off by discussing the Hazara genocide, maybe?

so hazara shias in pakistan are 

1. being killed by sunni supremacists for just existing 

2. having their documents put on hold by pakistani gov because of “suspicion” they may be terrorists 

there has never been a terrorist attack on pakistani soil that was committed by a hazara person. not only are they killed in line trying to seek national ID cards–which they are literally entitled to as citizens of pakistan–but they are denied their rightful documentation if they can actually make it out of those offices alive 

maxpowersimpsonskywalkerspock  asked:

Hi! I read that post questioning if Yona was doing the right thing,and totally agree with it. I believe that flaw would make Yona an even better character than she's,if addressed by the narrative. Yes,Yona's point of view is totally valid,and the ordinary citizens are the ones who suffer the most in wars. However,I don't believe that hatred nurtured during years would be erased by a little party with the "enemy". Not to mention how she probably "invited" enemy attacks with her false alarm.

“Yona is doing the right thing”

Yona wishes to avoid a bloodbath for the ordinary citizens.

If we think that common soldiers originate from the “normal people” of the tribes and are 100 % sure to die. I ve never heard of a battle without any casualities.

Besides foreign soldiers often raid villages to gain supplies for their troops.

In the arc in Kin province it was demonstrated how easily the soldiers let out their frustration on ordinary, defenseless citizens.

Yona is a good catch as a messenger

Yona has some advantages another messengers doesn t have concerning Soo Won.

a) Soo Won knows her since childhood and he wishes her to stay alive.

b) Yona is a part oft he royal family and he couldn t neglect her as easily as another messenger.

c) Yona changed and Soo Won hadn t noticed it before. (I will talk in the second half a little more about it)…

 d)and her being the reincarnation of King Hiryuu also helped to interrupt Soo Won s thought process.


Yona is pretty naive in handling the situation

1.Her first naive act was when she faked an attack of Li Hazara. Soo Won actually moved a part oft he troops tot he fire tribe. If  messengers of Li Hazara s fraction had witnessed that, they could use this opportunity to start a war or really interpret it as a hostile movement in Kouka.

So the trick could have backfired and Yona would have started an even bigger war. The conflict with Kouren would have been still present , plus the battles with Li Hazara.

2. She rates Kouren s character, when she barely knows her or princess Tao.

She just talked once with her and is able to 100 % predict what Kouren wishes, and will do? Based on what? Is my question.

She couldn t estimate Soo Won s character, even now.She was shocked during the little talk with Soo Won in chapter 141, when she heard that he actually accepts his father s deeds. And Soo Won…she knows him her whole life.

3. She thinks she knows why her grandfather chose her father and not Yu hon.

There are far more possible reasons which could have played a role in King Ju nam s decision.  I numerated a few. So it could be very well be possible that Yona in fact knows nothing on that matter.

By the way I doubt that she estimated the character of her grandfather. Yona is not even able to memorize her mother so well…


„Yona s meddling in political decision s is naive as well. Yona is not fit to be the queen“

I doubt that statement. She experiences things  Soo Won hasn t and gained information. But she lacks proper education, knowledge how to handle certain situations.

If she knew a little more about those topics, she would have not be as naive in the points above.

 So in fact further character development were pretty desirable. I am just afraid that the mangaka will let Yona stay like this…Since she pretty much didn t much suffer bad consequences because of her behaviour.

Though it could still be that the tides are turning the table once again.

And maybe one day… 
I'll take you, to my Punjab; 
Which is divided by rivers but not soul. 
Maybe one day,
I'll take you, to Takhat Hazara 
And you'll become my Ranjha
And I'll become your Heer.
Maybe one day,
I'll take you, to the shore of Chenab 
And our love will blossom like Sohni-Mahiwaal.
Maybe one day,
I'll read you, Shiv Kumar Batalvi
Whose poetry soothes my soul.
Maybe one day,
I'll read you, Bulleh Shah's kaalm 
Whose poetry runs through my each and every pore.
Maybe one day,
I'll read you, Amrita Pritam's poetry 
Who made Waris Shah alive once again.
Maybe one day,
I'll learn how to, flow my ink strokes into Shahmukhi.
Maybe one day,
I'll take you, to Nanaka Sahib in Lahore
Where Guru Nanak was born.
Maybe one day, 
I'll take you, to Khair-ud-din Masjid in Amritsar. 
And maybe one day… 
I'll take you, to my Punjab; 
Which is divided by rivers but not soul. 
—  Rupinderkw

Today, ISIS claims responsibility for two attacks in Afghanistan that targeted the country’s Hazara minority. So far over 80 people have been killed. The Muslim apologists are quick to jump in with the typical embarrassing statements of, “ISIS is killing Muslims, we are the victims, hence ISIS is not Islamic”. But what they will not tell you is, the Hazara are Shi’a Muslims, and hence the reason they are targeted by ISIS, as they had been by the Taliban well before most people in the West heard the name “Taliban”. At any other time, even many so called “moderate” Sunni Muslims consider the “Shi’a” to be nothing but heretics and infidels, or at the best, ‘not real Muslims’, but when the Shi’a are slaughtered by ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other Sunni extremists, then they are used for an agenda! So what exactly do typical Sunni Muslims think of Shi’a? Well, let us have a look on what they say on regular basis, not when dozens of Shi’a are slaughtered:

anonymous asked:

And terrorist hezbollah & Assad's terroist regime are self-proclaimed Shia Muslims. I love how your silent on Shia terrorism considering how we've seen it in action in Lebanon/Iran and now Syria. Your silence speaks volumes considering how you always seem to bring up Sunni Muslims to downplay it. We know Sunni Islam is a problem but so is Shia Islam albeit not as big but still a bloodthirsty/barbaric and violent problem so where does that leave you?

it’s always really funny to get these messages because they serve no purpose other than silencing anti-shiism. i’ve talked about this extensively on my blog and yet sunnis can only peddle this out in reaction to their blatant support and silence during shia genocide. 

hezbollah is 30 years old. using Assad’s being Alawi as a component of his regime to desperately try and minimize anti-shiism is almost pathetic. 

anti-shiism has existed for centuries before hezbollah, before assad and before the Iranian government we are familiar with today–how do you justify our killing then? 

Forget the fact that I actually do talk about these issues–you need to remind yourself i have 0 responsibility to “talk about” shia terrorism when Pakistani shias (like myself and my family) are being murdered without any connection to these “Terrorists” you talk about–they have no connection to hezbollah, assad or iran, so how then are you going to justify their murder? Nigerian shias are being killed simply for existing without any connection to “terrorism”–how are you going to justify their murder? Hazara people are being slaughtered daily without any connection to these groups–how are you going to justify their murder? Shias in China were traded as slaves and had no connection to any of these folks–how are you going to justify their murder? 

you guys are running out of ways to say “i support shia genocide and my feelings are hurt whenever you bring it up”