As much as I’d like to see Harry and Louis be together in public, as an actual couple. I think it’s a good thing they’re not atm. One Direction are so big atm that if the media was to know - it could potentially break them up. The amount of celebrity couples that split bc the media starts gettin in their business: A FIGHT, IS THIS THE END? HARRY CHEATS ON LOUIS! 1D SPLITTING UP BC OF THIS? It’s sad but true. I wish they didn’t have to have beards etc, but they should deffo enjoy this time they have, with their relationship hidden from the media, for as long as they can. You can’t have your whole life and career under a microscope, adding your relationship with your band member to that too. If that makes sense… - Anon


So I got this anon message yesterday and it made some pretty good points. This actually has crossed my mind before. When H & L come out, the media will be all over them, especially if the band is still together (though I highly doubt that’s even a possibility). I mean the media is all over their every move as it is now. But we see it with Hollywood couples all the time…the media constantly starts rumors and plays up the drama with any celebrity relationship and a half the time they break up ahem Miley and Liam :(  As much as I hate that Harry and Louis have to hide right now, I understand why they have to do it. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I get it. And while they certainly face challenges because of it, they at least get to spend some alone time together without being scrutinized by the public. It’s kind of a lose/lose situation for these two. Poor boys :(

When they do come out, that will be a whole new level of pressure. I can just see the headlines now as my lovely anon mentioned “A fight. Is this the end? Harry cheats on Louis!” I would hate to see that kind of thing happen. Basically the media sucks and they take harmless situations and turn them into something awful. But hey that’s just how society is these days. I’d like to think that if Harry and Louis’ relationship can withstand everything they’re going through now, then they’ll be able to handle the public eye somewhere down the line when they’re out. I’m also hoping that by that time 1D will have lost relevance and it won’t be quite such a huge deal that two ex-boyband members are in a relationship and the only ones who will really care about it are the people who are supporting them now. Time will tell I guess.